A beautiful Ullswater Wedding with Coral details at the Inn on the Lake

Today I am thrilled to share this beautiful Ullswater Wedding with Coral details at the Inn on the Lake.

Images were captured by Jeff Turnbull Photography.

Ullswater Wedding - Jeff Turnbull Photography

Jeff Turnbull is an Essex Wedding Photographer, also covering Suffolk, Herts, London, UK and foreign wedding destinations.

His photography style is about creating photographs that are natural, artful, and timeless. He is inspired by films and cinematic photography and loves to capture the special moments and the loving connection between two people.


I hand over to gorgeous Bride, Clara…


How did you meet?

Nick and I met at good old Jazzmins in Bromley!

Nick wasn’t supposed to be in Bromley that night but a wardrobe misdemeanour meant that entry to his original destination was refused.

After going home and borrowing some jeans off of best man Steve the only place left to go was Jazzmins.

Nick made a beeline for me straight away on his way to the bar!

Succumbing to this handsome creatures charms, I was enticed to the bar where we got acquainted.

At first it seemed that Nick was throwing out the usual blags that most do when trying to woo a pretty young girl.

Telling me he drove me favourite car, and he was soon to depart to America as he was a racing driver.

Not only that, but he knew and used to share the same profession as my mother.

To top it all off Nick had left his phone in his other jeans so couldn’t even take my number!

Still there was something there that just couldn’t be ignored, and I gave my number to Steve, so Nick could call me later.

I was somewhat surprised when Nick did text later that night, as promised, and that in fact everything he said when they met was true!

After a first date the very next day, Nick jetted off one week later to the States to drive the said race car!.

Tell us about the Engagement…

(Nick) 7 1/2 years later…and it was time to pop the question! I knew exactly what I wanted to do but it would require some planning and some serious diversionary tactics!

Whilst holidaying in Mexico we had experienced a dinner close to the beach upon a stilted retreat which screamed PROPOSAL!

However it was not the time. The idea however was logged however.

When the time eventually came there was only one destination that would cut the mustard…….the Maldives.

After arranging the holiday it was a race against time to get the ring made. Some cunning moves along the way saw me get the ring sized and hand made in California and back in time for the holiday with about 3 days to spare.

Once on the Island I went hell for leather without Clara’s knowledge to get the beach location that I so desired.

It really was not straight forward though, however bribery and blaggery (2 things I happens to excel in!) managed to get me the beach I wanted to myself completely.

Clara had no idea what was going on at any point. After being told she needed to be ready by 7pm sharp so we could eat dinner and make karaoke, we were collected by the concierge in one of the islands golf karts.

When we pulled up to the beach, the table was set and surrounded by lanterns in a heart shape.

As we sat down Jack Johnson was playing, and after a short time literally sitting in paradise, I asked a question that would change both our lives forever……..

Tell us about your wedding planning journey…

When we got engaged it was exciting to think that I was now going to plan our Wedding.

My initial priority was the invitations, they are the first impression you make on your guest and set a precedence moving forward.

I am very creative and so wanted to make the invitations myself. It was actually very enjoyable as both my husband and parents got involved in putting them together (with the help of plenty of alcohol!)

We came up with the idea to get married on our 10 year anniversary as it was just a great date.

Firstly as it was an amazing way to celebrate our ten years together, plus it was in the middle of summer!

Furthermore it gave two and a half years to plan and our subsequent wedding anniversaries would be on our actual anniversary.

What was the theme /colour palette of your Big Day?

I always knew I wanted a light coral colour for my Wedding and when I found some ribbon in that colour that was it!

That piece of ribbon was the basis for the invitations, bridesmaids’ dresses and flowers.

We also wanted to incorporate cars into our Wedding as my husband is a professional racing driver and as such cars play a huge role in our lives.

What was the best bit of your day?

(Bride) The best part of our Wedding day was my dad walking me down the aisle.

Just over a year prior to our Wedding my dad was diagnosed with leukaemia and had a stem cell transplant 8 months before the big day.

It was an uneasy time but I know that our wedding was his main focus and he was so looking forward to it.

For those unaware, a patient that has had a stem cell transplant is in grave danger of infection.

Human contact is to be kept to a minimum including touching i.e holding hands. With this in mind I had planned on wearing some lace gloves so that I could hold his hand for the walk down the aisle.

However to my delight he said not to as he wanted to hold my hand and walk me down the aisle traditionally. I was the only person he touched that day. It made my day and I will never forget that moment and I will cherish it forever.

(Groom) Wow! The best part of my day…? Well there were actually two bits that stand out for me.

The first was when I opened the curtains to see the day that morning. I had woken at 6 a.m. after sleeping surprisingly well considering what was due to take place that day.

Obviously we were in the Lakes and getting married outside was either going to be spectacular or a total bust. The weather in the Lakes is unpredictable to say the least.

We had arrived on the Wednesday before and it had rained almost solidly the entire time!

My only two concerns for the wedding were the weather and the speech!

With such an amazing setting it would have been absolute heartache if we had to get married inside because of the weather!

The rain had eased off on Friday afternoon and so I was hopeful for a dry day. When I pulled those curtains back at 6 a.m. and saw a clear blue sky with some wispy light clouds dotted around I was absolutely stunned and overjoyed!

That for me was just an incredible moment and just set the day up perfectly.

The second and what was the absolute stand out moment was first seeing Clara as she made her way down the aisle.

I have honestly never seen anyone look so beautiful in all my life. She quite literally took my breath away. I will never forget that.

I can remember her walking down the aisle and although completely in ore it was as though I was walking with her step by step keeping her steady in those heels!

Finally when she made it to me she was doing her absolute best to hold it together but tears were imminent!

I remember telling her breathe and demonstrating how to inhale deeply and exhale fully like she had forgotten!

But in that moment, despite standing in front of 70 friends and family it felt as though we were totally on our own. Just two souls about to embark on one of life’s most precious adventures, it really was an absolutely amazing moment.

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

Remember that your Wedding is about you and not your guests.

Please make sure too that you take 10 minutes to yourselves on your Wedding day so that you can reflect on what you have just done.

This advice was given to us by our photographer and I’m so glad that he did that for us. It was a magical moment that we could reflect on the day that we had been planning for the past 2½ years.


Wedding Suppliers

Photographer – Jeff Turnbull

Venue – Inn On The Lake – Ullswater

Dress – With Love Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaid Gowns – bespoke bridesmaid dresses

Suit Hire – Moss Bros

Cake Maker – M&S  (very tasty and everyone loved it! No-one could believe it was the High Street)

Florist – Coach House Flowers – Penrith

Rings – Bride’s wedding and engagement rings – Tacori & Groom’s ring – Merida Diamonds

Stationery – Bride  (Handmade invitations and individual menu choices)

Hair stylist – Brides friend – Sarah Laws.

Make-Up Artist – Anna Cordelia Mason


To Contact Jeff Turnbull Photography

Website – https://www.jeffturnbull.co.uk/

Email –  jeff@jeffturnbull.co.uk

Phone – 07961 100 580

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