A breathtaking Isle of Skye Elopement with blue and green elements and 18th Century influence

Today I am thrilled to share this breathtaking Isle of Skye Elopement with blue and green elements and 18th Century influence.

Images were beautifully captured by Andrew Rae Photography.

Andrew Rae is a Wedding photographer based in Scotland.

His approach is based on capturing those moments and memories – not just pretty pictures.

Whenever you look back at them he wants you to remember exactly how you felt at the time.

Like the way a song makes you feel or a certain scent reminds you of a particular time in your life.

To him wedding photography is so much more than just being there with a camera. It’s telling the story of your day through the camera lens, making photographs that show real moments and emotions.


Andrew says of the couples Skye Elopement…


Pete & Leah came over from Portland, Oregon USA.

They eloped with such a lovely intimate ceremony by Mark The Humanist and it was perfect.
Their clothes were all handmade by Leah in 18th century Scottish style and looked incredible, and the styling is all your Outlander and Merida dreams combined.


The couple say of their incredible Skye Elopement…


How did you meet?

Pete: I met Leah at ceilidh dancing class, a little over 4 years ago, and was immediately attracted to her genuine, kind, and vibrant personality and fiery red hair.

We greatly enjoyed dancing together and our relationship took off and blossomed from there.

Leah: Pete was the first person my age that I saw take an interest in the dancing class I was a part of and he was a welcome sight to see.

We started dancing together in weekly classes and monthly ceilidhs and as we visited with each other during class break times and after classes over coffee in cafes.

We quickly realized that we had a lot more in common with each other, which was such a pleasant surprise for both of us.

Tell us about the Engagement…

Pete: I was looking for a meaningful way to purpose to Leah and I wanted to do it in a way that was referential to us.

The night sky and moon imagery are very close to us and so it was important for me to incorporate them into my proposal to Leah.

I proposed to Leah on in July 2019 on the 50th Moon Landing Anniversary.

We travelled to Kennedy Space Centre in the state of Florida where the Apollo moon rockets launched from back in the 1960’s.

It was the same time, 50 years later when the “Eagle” touched down, in 1969, on the surface of the Moon, that I asked Leah to marry me.

It was a total surprise for her as she just thought we were taking a fun trip to visit Kennedy to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

I proposed to her under a Saturn V rocket (the type of rocket that was used to get to the moon in 1969).

I equate Leah as my moon and I thought it was meaningful to propose to her on the 50th Lunar Landing anniversary under the Saturn V Rocket .

Hard work and ingenuity got the astronauts to their goal of landing on the moon and I felt some parallels with that and my relationship with Leah and wanting to marry her.

It was symbolic because I have been trying to get to and marry my moon, Leah, over the past few years by cultivating a strong, loving relationship that culminated to this moment where I asked for her to join me on a new life adventure of marriage together.

Leah: Pete surprised me when we were exploring The Kennedy Space Centre.

It was such a fun day of exploring all the exhibits together and getting to celebrate the half a century celebration of an amazing historical accomplishment.

We both really enjoy the moon and space so it was such an incredible adventure to go on this journey together. I was very excited

Looking at all of the exhibits and in awe of seeing a complete Saturn V rocket suspended above our heads in one of the exhibit buildings.

I remember having a moment with Peter where we were looking up at the rocket and he hugged me and told me that he had something important to ask me.

Then he proceeded to reflect upon all the hard work that went into landing on the moon and how he sees a parallel to that in all the hard work, adventures, relationship building, triumphs and adversities we have gone through as a couple.

He then proposed to me right there and it was such a beautiful moment. I had no idea that this was going to happen so I was completely caught off guard and speechless for a few moments, but really happy and enchanted with the thoughtfulness of what Peter had said to me and planned.

It was such a meaningful way to propose that really reflected us and who we are as a couple, I absolutely love that.

After I gathered my thoughts I figured out on the spot a fun referential way to responded to Pete. I said, “Yes, I want to take that next giant leap with you.”

The ‘next giant leap’ is in reference to what the first person on the moon, Neil Armstrong, said when he first stepped on the moon, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

So that is in a nutshell how we embarked on that next leap into marriage together.

Why did you choose to elope?

Leah and Pete: We love adventures, new experiences, romance, and doing things in our own way so eloping was a wonderful option that fit us as a couple.

We chose Scotland for our Skye Elopement not only for its beauty but also for our family heritage.

It was a place we both have wanted to travel to for a long time and going to get married there felt like a wonderful idea.

Another reason for eloping was us wanting to get married as soon as possible and finding a fun, intimate, and romantic way to do that.

The timing fit and we married on the winter solstice where the night was the longest and the moon shines the longest in the sky.

The solstice was important to us because it is symbolically a time of great transformation. That is the time of the year where the days will start to get longer.

We felt that the idea and energy of transformation during the winter solstice was a lovely symbolism/parallel of us entering into married life and dedicating our lives to each other; a moment of great transformation.

Our Skye elopement was intimate and helped us focus on just the two of us and all of the other stresses fell away with that choice.

We wanted to have a lot of fun, be out in nature, make the day about us and our relationship, see where the day would take us, and have it be stress free, so eloping was a way to achieve all of those things for us.

Tell us about your outfits and accessories…

Leah: I handmade my wedding dress for our Isle of Skye Elopement. I really enjoy the style of 18th century dresses so I decided to try to my hand at making one for the very first time for our wedding.

I only had about a month to make all of the components of my dress and it was quite a massive undertaking, but I had a fun and memorable experience.

As a little quick background to understand some of the elements of my dress.

The blue in the dress symbolizes Pete (the starry night sky when the sun is setting and you get a pretty deep blue in the sky) and the grey colour was for the moon which is me.

I was trying to incorporate both of the colours so that it was like the sky, Pete, was wrapping around the moon, me. This was to symbolize our union in marriage.

My starry crown and moon earrings were also added symbolism for the night sky and moon imagery that is important to us.

The red lacing on the front closure of the bodice symbolizes our heartstrings (love for each other) intertwining together.

I wanted to have part of my mother with me on our wedding day so she knitted me a pair of grey elbow length arm warmers that had some knot work on the cuff to symbolize the union of Pete and I.

A little secret with my dress is that to achieve the shape/silhouette of an 18th century dress style I had to make a wee bum/hip bustle.

I made the bustle padding out of black cat and pumpkin fabric because I am a huge lover of autumn and Halloween. It is not visible to other people but it was a fun little thing I could add for personality and an aspect of me to my wedding dress. I knew it was there and it made me smile.

I wore bright blue stockings and hiking boots so I was prepared for wherever the wedding day adventure took us.

The boots I wore I have had since I first met Pete; they have been with me hiking up many mountains and trails, and on all sorts of outdoor adventures that I have had with Peter.

It was lovely to bring them along so they could have yet another wonderful adventure on our wedding day out on the Isle of Skye. We had no idea what the day would have in store for us so I wanted to have shoes that could handle mud, puddles, climbing, you name it, haha.

An accessory that we both had was our wedding rings. The rings were designed and specially made for us.

There are 3 components to our rings: the rings have a band of stardust and a band of moon dust from a lunar meteorite.

Between those two bands is a metal band that is made up of metal from “The Eagle” lunar lander that was brought back to earth after the lunar landing mission.

The ring is symbolic of us, our night sky and moon symbolism, as well as the wedding proposal adventure.

Pete: For my wedding day attire I wore a great kilt/belted plaid to go with the 18th century style clothing that we wanted to have for our wedding.

We like history, the idea of time travel, as well as vintage things such as clothing and music so we wanted to go with an older style for our wedding outfits.

The green kilt/belted plaid I am wearing is the MacLean family tartan.

Leah has ancestors from the MacLean clan and so I wanted to have her clan tartan as symbolism of Leah welcoming me into her family on our wedding day, just as Leah had the symbolism of me, the night sky (blue element of her wedding dress) wrapped around her.

I also took Leah’s surname of Rivendell as my new name so it is another added layer of symbolism with the MacLean tartan.

We wanted to have elements of each other in our wedding attires. Both Leah’s dress and my plaid are wool because we wanted to make sure to stay nice and warm on our winter wedding day as we explored Skye from sun up to sun down.

Other than the plaid I had vintage knee high boots to be prepared for our adventures exploring Skye together.

I had a wool beret made in Scotland to keep my head warm and dry, a vintage wool military jacket, and Leah made me a neck stock tie that matched the vintage shirt I was wearing to help complete my 18th century look.

What advice would you give to couples getting married?

Leah and Pete: Our advice to couples who are getting married is do what makes the two of you happy because at the heart of it all, is the two of you.

You are the ones who are building your life and future together and only you two know what is best for the both of you.

Enjoy your wedding, enjoy each other, smile and laugh often, and have an absolutely wonderful time celebrating all that is you as a couple in your own unique way on not only your wedding day, but every day.

Other advice we have is it is truly worth it to get a good wedding celebrant, and photographer who both understand you as a couple and what you are looking for on your wedding day.

We chose to do a Humanist wedding ceremony and it was the best choice for us for our Skye Elopement because our celebrant, Mark Reilly, created a wedding ceremony that was truly personalized and special.

We will never forget how beautiful and unique our Skye elopement ceremony we were able to have thanks to him. He took the time to get to know us as a couple before we got married and created a ceremony that reflected our personalities and deeply resonated with who we are.

Our photographer, Andrew Rae, was amazingtoo.

He really understood who we are and what we value so we were able to have a marvellously fun day with him just being ourselves and doing what we enjoy doing.

We wanted to have our wedding day captured true to who we are and not pictures that were orchestrated nor forced poses.

Andrew captured our genuine spirits, love for each other, and our whole wedding day from start to finish.

He was there in the morning as we got ready, when we got married, on our walks together as a married couple, during a picnic we had, as we skipped stones in a babbling brook, as we danced on hillsides, and all the other fun adventures of the day.

It is so important to have a photographer that you can connect with so your wedding day is stress free and full of fun. We truly appreciated how Andrew was up for adventuring with us and seeing where the day took us as it unfolded.

Skye Elopement Vendors

Photography: Andrew Rae Photography

Celebrant: Mark the Humanist from Humanist Society Scotland Ceremonies

Bridal Gown: Made by Bride


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Website: https://www.andrewrae.com/

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