A Cheshire Wedding at Didsbury Parsonage with sunflower details

Today I am delighted to share this gorgeous Cheshire Wedding at Didsbury Parsonage with sunflower details.

Images were captured by Venn Photography.

Robbie Venn is a wedding photographer mainly based in Manchester although he documents people’s biggest day all around the Northwest and the UK.


He says of the couples day..


Angela and Simon decided to get get married at Didsbury’s Parsonage Trust in South Manchester as they are in love with this historic building and the stunning Fletcher Moss garden that surrounds it.

Dated from 1650, The Parsonage Trust has transform the picturesque site into a blooming community hub where exhibitions, classes and other events take place regularly.

The ceremony was held in one of the historic rooms, featuring a large gorgeous window that brought the views of the gardens to the wooden interiors.

Simon was the first of the couple to arrive, and waited for the soon bride to be while greeting the guests. .

Breaking with traditions, bride and groom walked together into the handfasting ceremony taking place under the lovely natural light that came through the window.

They shared they vows in an intimate service and soon after, everybody left towards the Fletcher Moss gardens to greet the new marriage with confetti.

Later, the couple and I wandered in the gardens to take pictures of them alone. We walked further close to Didsbury Park where Angela and Simon wanted a wedding picture taken by a row of magnificent cypresses.

The reception took place in a different room, finely decorated with antique laces and crystal vases displaying wonderful sunflowers that matched the yellow palette of other decorations. Angela decided to include old pictures of her family, adding extra emotion to such an unforgettable day.

Lady Bird books on British peculiarities were available at the tables to big amusement of the Americans as the party continued with the hilarious speeches of the best man and the groom and people laughing and chatting, enjoying themselves as the day went on..


I hand over to beautiful Bride Angela….


How did we meet?

We met through the internet,  a rather popular concept.

Tell us about your engagement…

Simon and I had been together as a couple for a few years.

In January 2015 Simon’s mother died after a short illness. During August 2015 my mother died and in December 2015 Simons father died.

Each day of 2015 was filled with sadness but in early 2016 Simon unexpectedly proposed to me.

He said that we should create some happy memories for our future and that our parents would be proud of us both seeking happiness after such a sad year. ( I did not respond straight away but sent a text 24 hrs later – Simon works in IT I thought this would be one of the most appropriate ways to respond to an him…

Tell us about your wedding planning journey.

We had booked a long haul holiday to Cuba for 2016. As we are both older we decided that we could combine the holiday with a wedding.

So a few weeks before we were due to depart, I scanned and emailed birth certificates to the wedding planner at the hotel and all was organised by her.

Lovely weather, we had a wonderful day, getting married in the middle of the lake in a pagoda just the two of us.

Still a very emotional day, but filled with great dreams and hopes for our future.

In my defence I discussed having a get together as we did not tell many people about going off to get married.

So on our return friends and family from across the world were invited to a celebration in 2017 ~ airplane, train and metro link tickets were booked.

The venue was easily chosen. Simon had spent many happy days walking and visiting the Didsbury Parsonage with his family.

This is a beautiful 200 year old house, full of authentic rustic charm, set in its own small walled garden. Artists and philosophers now use this building with its stained glass windows and wood panels to create beautiful pieces of art, creative writing and poetry.

The venue created the atmosphere for a party to thank all who have support Simon and I for 20 years or more.

All had met our parents and are people that we know we will continue being friends with for the rest of our lives.

My dress was simple, but had to be lace and long with a little bit of bling (it also had to be a bargain as homage to my mother who liked a bargain).

Three of my girlfriend gave their honest opinion non-verbally on my choice of dresses and the final choice won approval from all.

Simon dresses down on all occasions, a 20 minute visit to a suit emporium and we had completed our outfits. A total of 4 hours was spent choosing a dress and suit.

What was the theme/ colour palette of your big day?

The venue belonged to Simon’s mom.

My mother loved crystal and lace; therefore lace table cloths dressed the tables and chairs. Tables were adorned with crystal vases, filled with sunflowers, gysphalia and eucalyptus.

Sunflowers are bright like the Caribbean (my heritage) and are Simons favourite flowers).

Sunflowers were visible throughout the whole venue bringing colour, light and celebrations of happiness.

What was the best bit of your day?

Two parts – one was family and friends from across the globe attending and having an amazing time.

Everyone wanted to adopt my American relatives who are beautiful inside and out. Simons family who are very humble, made it also a very special day.

Two, we choose to seal our wedding with hand fasting, amazing as we chose colours to represent our lives and loves ( blue, cream and yellow – sea of the Caribbean, cream as a new beginning and yellow for a bright and happy future).

We choose my aunts and my mother’s best friend to support this ceremony.

All were so moved and it meant so much emotionally to Simon and I to have them involved in this.

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

I would advise as a friend said to me ‘enjoy your day’.

The day goes by so quickly enjoy and celebrate. Enjoy life together each moment is precious.


Wedding Suppliers

Photography: Venn Photography

Venue : Didsbury Parsonage

Celebrant – Lisa Bradley

Dress:  Pronovias from Altrincham Brides

Rings: Steven Stone – Hale

Flowers – Majong

Cake – Homemade by family

Catering – Thyme out Didsbury



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