A colourful eclectic Cambridgeshire Wedding at South Farm

Today I am thrilled to share this stunning colourful and eclectic Cambridgeshire Wedding at South Farm.

Images were captured by John Woodward Photography.


John is a Cambridgeshire based UK wedding photographer that captures those moments that make you smile.

He likes to shoot the slightly different, the fun aspects of weddings, and looks at things with a slightly sideways glance to get creative.

It’s a relaxed style, energetic and less formal, but capturing moments that you wouldn’t normally see.

Different, unconventional, friendly, helpful and always going the extra mile, laid back and hopefully creative and a bit awesome too!


He says of the couple and their beautiful Cambridgeshire wedding day…


I met Andrea and Steve  in a Cambridge pub about a year ago. And we got on from the first minute.

Andrea and her upbeat, fun, cheeky Spanish disposition and Steve, the chilled, laid back one…..they just made such a perfect couple. We had a blast, hit it off from the start.

We ended up, through entirely fortuitous events shooting TWO pre-wedding shoots before the big day, so we definitely got to know each other quite well before the actual big day at South Farm.

The day at South Farm itself was perfect. Not too sunny or warm, not rainy or overcast. South Farm itself was in full bloom and looked even more stunning than ever!

I met Andrea as she was getting ready with her make up and hair team, the lovely Braid and Bloom (comprised of Kerry of Blue Vanilla Beauty and Candra of Wild Rose Hair) taking care of all of this expertly.

I had the lovely fortune to work alongside Mark, a mate of mine, of White in Motion taking care of all the videography and adding his little special something to the day.

The atmosphere was relaxed, open, fun, and this was going to be a good day.

Steve was just as chilled….smart suit sorted, ready to go, a picture of calm.

The ceremony was gorgeous. Uplifting, intimate, funny, just lovely.

Then we came to the the group photos…When you have a bunch of dancers who want to get creative and a bit of a crazy family….well, “formal” kind of went out of the window…..what a giggle!

Then to the speeches….heart felt, emotional, but fun and honest, both hilarious and moving at the same time.

First dance? Well…..two professional dancers, an empty dance floor and creative minds….never, ever have I seen the South Farm dance floor be graced by something so special.

Graceful, beautiful, intimate and a real show stopper with a finale very few could pull off, it was absolutely out of this world. I suspect South Farm may never have seen anything like it before and possibly never again.

And then the rest of the dancers got going…..wow…..its always good to see people having a great time on a dance floor, it. was like watching something from a professional Strictly Come Dancing routine…..the dancing was off the charts! What an awesome dance floor!


I hand over to gorgeous Bride Andrea…


How did you meet?

When I moved to UK back in February 2012 I wanted to continue doing dancing as I have done since I was 4 years old.

I decided to give Latin dancing a go and went to my first lesson at Wolfson College Cambridge.

That week they were teaching Bachata, and after the class a guy asked me for a dance.

I struggled to understand his accent but  just tried to smile when he was talking and after the dance I left as it was getting late.

I came back the next week and on this occasion they were teaching salsa.

To my surprise I realised the guy I had danced with was the salsa teacher!

According to Steve, the very first time I went to Wolfson he noticed me as soon as I arrived but what it attracted him was that it was miserable weather and I was wearing a very bright colourful top.

So apparently he waited patiently to the end of the classes to ask me for a dance.

And that was the beginning of what it would be our story, quite complex and loads of challenges but in the end he fought for me, and glad he did it!

Steve trained me in Salsa and now we teach together. As well as this I decided to go above and beyond with my dancing, and run a dance team who perform nationally and internationally.

Tell us about the proposal..

It was very intimate and personal and with those most important in our life…our cats and the memory of all my pets and our trips!

I came back on Saturday afternoon from my dance rehearsal  and as I opened the front door I realised it was quite dark as all the curtains were closed.

I was not in a great mood due to some issues at rehearsal so I was about to telling Steve off when suddenly I see our black cat Osi coming from the bedroom and he sat in front of me showing off his chest.

There was something hanging on his chest….A blue ribbon with a note. I approach and read the note: Marry Me? YES /NO

I smiled and I asked my cat: Where is Papi…and he just lead me to the bedroom where I found it in candlelight and covered in pictures of our trips and all my pets from Spain and UK with us-

He knows I’m very attached to all of them, and the last months had been hard for me as my old pets in Spain passed away one after another.

I was so emotional I didn’t realise he sneaked out from the bathroom behind me and when I turned around he was there kneeling, wearing a suit and said in perfect spanish: “Andrea, quieres casarte conmigo.” (Andrea, do you want to marry me?)

I jumped on him and kissed him.

After all the emotions of the moment, he told he packed some clothes as we needed to leave for staying somewhere during the night.

We stayed at the gorgeous St. Pancras hotel! We got an upgrade as it was our engagement! We then celebrated with a lovely dinner.

The following day I already had booked some dance classes in London with my team so in the morning I was dancing, and then we carried on celebrating with our close friends in London .

It was perfect, romantic, intimate and simple but with loads of thought, which is all that really matters.

How was your wedding planning experience?

It was amazing! Not stressful at all and it was really good fun.

I used Wedding Wire for organising all the tasks and I did loads of research on suppliers.

I manage a team at work and I m manage a dance team and dance events so organising a wedding was really simple and very enjoyable!

I loved every bit and I have met so many amazing people and professionals! I have huge respect for all of them

Did you have a Wedding theme or colour palette?

We did not have a colour scheme at all but having instead many bright colours everywhere as I am known as a colourful person.

The Bridesmaids were all wearing whatever they wanted and my only request was if it could be bright colours and look beautiful.

The best man is from India and one of the ushers is Scottish so they looked absolutely fantastic in their traditional gear.

Similarly we asked the florist to use colourful and bright wildflowers for all the arrangements and bouquet, without any set colour scheme.

BUT we decided that each table will have one theme that is especial for me and my husband:

Science because I am a scientist

Dance that’s how me met and our passion

Travels we both love travelling and discovering new places

Video games, 80s and technology we both grew up enjoying video games and technology in the 80s and 90s

The arrangement in each table were in flasks, test tubes etc, but then elements form specific theme.

Our table had a mix of elements for all those 4 topics.

As well one of the main and common things for all tables was that instead of table numbers they had my pets names and pictures.

As mentioned 2018 was really sad for me as I lost my last pets that were at my parents house, closing a chapter of my life.

I loved them very much  and I was quite sad for a while. So I decided to honour all the pets that were in my life since I was born.

What were the best bits of the day?

Everything was perfect for us, we were in a high!

The decorations we did with our friends help were great, the florist did an exceptional job with all the flowers-almost like a dream!

I had a great time getting ready with the girls that did my make up and hair and with John the photographer and Mark the videographer around.

We shared some chocolates and laughs during the prep!

I really loved the ceremony because we chose all the vows, it was a very especial moment to share with all my beloved family and friends.

And definitely the DANCE! For us it was almost like another event we organise but with all our family too and dressed beautifully :

Best thing I did was being myself the DJ. I could change music whenever I felt like doing it and my friends could as well do it themselves.

What advice would you give to couples getting married?

Be a team, support each other and have fun together but as well never forget your identity.

For loving a person you need to understand and accept that person and be together as a puzzle that just fits.

You should never change your loved one but improve and learn together to be always the best version of yourself.


Wedding Vendors

Venue: South Farm

Photography: John Woodward Photography

Dress: Yolan Cris at Mirror Mirror – London

Suit: Moss Bros – bespoke ( we chose colour and fabric to the stitches and buttons with a crazy colorful interior for jacket and waistcoat and personalisation in the stitching with our names and date of the wedding)

Hair and Make up: Braid and Bloom

Videography: White in Motion

Various stylings: Dottie Events/ Dolly’s Vintage Tea Party/ Poppy and Pipkin/ The Write Girl/ Wild Calligraphy

Florist: The Basement Florist


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