A Commitment to Love and a Commitment to Family

Becoming a step family can bring lots of challenges. From a new partner being introduced, to getting to know each other, to considering commitment, to marriage and preparation for the future.

Sometime it brings chaos for a while, and it can feel that a way of life is being turned upside down.

But its not only a partner that you have to make a commitment to when coming to a marriage.

Children need and deserve solid grounding forces in their life that love them, care for them, and that they know has their back in everything, .

Family like relationships need to be nourished, have strong foundations of trust and communication.

Patience and understanding are key to grow together as a blended unit.

This makes this story all the more special.

Images were captured by Abigail Gingerale Photography.

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Abigail Gingerale Photography is Abigail and Andy, a New Jersey based husband and wife team who have a passion for creatively and artistically telling their clients stories.


They say of their couple…


Jimmy and Kelsea have known each other since preschool but were always just friends.

They hadn’t spoken in 10 plus years but then Kelsea noticed Jimmy liking posts on her Facebook.

On Christmas  2017 she messaged him and a week later they had their first date at Bernies and that was it.

They moved in together after a month and were engaged 5 months later.

Kelsea… “I pretty much knew the first night that he was the one. I never had any one treat me the way he did even in one night there was just something there that clicked and I just knew this was some thing more.”

Jimmy… “I knew after our first and few dates after. there were so many different feelings i never experienced before. i felt so loved and appreciated so soon.”

“Once i officially met Olivia and saw how Kelsea treated and raised Olivia it just made the decision in my head more solid.”

“After that it i knew she was the one and i would never let her go.”


The proposal happened after Jimmy took Kelsea and her mom and his aunt and Kelseas daughter Olivia to Longwood gardens for Mothers day.

He proposed to her there with the people that meant the most!


When it came to their Wedding Day Jimmy not only read vows to Kelsea, but he also read vows of commitment to his new stepdaughter Olivia during their wedding ceremony.

Everyone was in tears as they listened to what Jimmy had to say to the little girl..

This moment was absolutely adorable, and the images reveal the true depth of emotion in these moments.


Here’s Jimmy’s vow to Olivia…


“Olivia, from this day forward, I promise to remind you every day how truly loved you are. I promise to teach, guide, respect you for the rest of our days.”

“I promise to never treat anything less than my own you child. I’m very happy to say that you’re my daughter.”

“From this day forward, you will truly be my daughter and the other love of my life.”

“I love you, Olivia.”


The couple also picked out a personalised necklace which Jimmy gave to Olivia after he had said his vows to her, a really beautiful touch to help her remember the special moment forever.


This gorgeous celebration epitomises that in creating this blended family its important to acknowledge to children that you appreciate that they are sharing their parent with you, and you really value their acceptance and love.

Aren’t these sweet words of commitment just beautiful!


Wedding Vendors

Venue – Durham Hill Farm

Photography – Abigail Gingerale Photography

Dress Designer – Casablanca Bridal

Bridal Shop – Arielle Bridal Inc.

Florals – Petals by Stephanie

Hair – Brennan Beauty

Makeup – Kristina Wendel


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