A fun & colourful same sex wedding in Arundel with bursts of yellow and navy

Today I am excited to share this fun & colourful same sex wedding in Arundel with bursts of yellow and navy.

Images were captured by Zest Photography.

Zest Photography are Wedding and Portrait photographers based in n Sussex and covering Surrey, Hampshire or anywhere in the UK and abroad..

A husband and wife team they add benefit with 2 different angles of the day.

They offer traditional group shots blended with documentary ‘fly on the wall’ shots capturing the mayhem, laughter and emotional moments of your celebration.


They say of the couple and their day…


We met Annie and Kate at a wedding fayre and all four of us got super excited about working together.

Annie wanted a lift to the ceremony on the back of Rods bike which made his day, but unfortunately the dress didn’t permit this in the end!

These girls have been nut cases from the minute we met.

From the consultation at their lovely home and their pre-wedding shoot, their wedding was no different.

Craziness followed Annie wherever she went which included her sitting on the boot of her soft top ride to the ceremony waving and shouting to the general public. (they of course waved back)

Kate, by far the more grown up Bride (sorry Annie), emanated sophistication throughout and provided the calm to the chaos – a perfect blend in any relationship.

We loved their service.. so emotional as were there speeches under a star lit marquee.

But their procession through Arundel with all their guests following had to be the highlight of the day!


I now hand over to gorgeous Bride Kate…


How did you meet? 

We originally met at University, however it wasn’t until 10 years later that we started a relationship!

Tell us about the Engagement…  

I had originally planned to propose on a trip to Annie’s favourite campsite, and for our closest friends to be there on our return to celebrate with us.

However the forecast was for thunder and lightning all weekend so I had to postpone.

That summer we went to France on another camping trip.

Annie has always wanted to kayak along the Dordogne, so I thought here is my chance!

We were cruising down the river, the sun was beating down on us, it was bliss when we stopped at the side of the river for a snack.

There I found a small heart-shaped stone which I gave to Annie and told her I loved her.

Minutes later I found a large hand size rock in the shape of a heart.

I gave it Annie and again told her I loved her (I knew she would keep them so I had some time to use them in the plan)

Annie picked up a bit of shingle too, gave it to me and told me she loved me back!

Later on when we pulled up for lunch opposite Le Roque Gageac, with its stunning views.

I asked Annie to go and check the temperature of the water knowing full well it was warm.

While she did that I retrieved the ring, the rock and a board pen from my bumbag!

I wrote Will you marry me on the rock and put the ring on it.

Annie returned from the water and said she was going to have a sleep.

A SLEEP!!! I’m about to ask you to marry me!

However knowing that Annie is competitive I challenged her to a rock tower competition before she slept which she accepted.

After a few minutes I picked up the heart-shaped rock with the ring and writing on it, and asked her if she would like to use this rock.

She looked at it, and repeated the word NO approximately 17 times in utter disbelief before finally saying YES!

Tell us about your wedding planning journey 

Where do we start?…

In November I dislocated my knee on a trip to the trampoline park which left me housebound and bored.

After a week of daytime TV , Annie unfortunately contracted cellulitis in her left knee, so we were both holed up at home unable to drive anywhere for a good 4 weeks.

What better time to plan a wedding…

Some friends came round for dinner one evening and by chance they managed the local Lido.

They said there was a chance there would be a marquee up at the Lido for 2 weeks around Easter, and did we want it at a discounted rate.

That gave us 12 weeks to plan our wedding, and April Fools Day was a perfect date for 2 people who don’t take life too seriously!

We decided that our evening guests would be invited to our ‘Engagement party’.

Firstly because it was April Fools and secondly because we just wanted everyone there without the pressure of gifts, new dresses etc!

Weddings are expensive for everyone, including the guests so we planned a small ceremony of family and close friends and then a party after.

We booked Arundel Town Hall, registered our intention to marry and started making plans.

We went to a Wedding Fayre and thought ‘Oh there’s a lot to do, but we found our perfect photographers there who were amazing.

They genuinely got excited about our plans for the wedding, and we didn’t even look at anyone else after that!

We pulled in a lot of favours to try to keep costs down.

Kate’s mum made the most amazing cake, a friend of ours put all of our flowers together.

Kate made all the table decorations, with Gin bottles being made into vases (We carried 59 empty bottles home on the train from the Gin festival in London!)

This theme was carried through in the favours which were gin and tonic candles.

Invites were then sent out and it was real…we had planned our wedding in 12 weeks.

What was the theme /colour palette of your Big Day?

We had a navy blue and yellow theme.

Our bridesmaids all chose their own dresses in navy and they looked amazing especially with the yellow bouquets!

What was the best bit of your day? 

This is such a hard question!

We loved it all, but I guess if we had to choose one it was the ceremony.

We hadn’t told anyone but just before it was time to walk down the aisle we asked our bridesmaids and Dads to dance down the aisle.

They did it without question!

The whole ceremony was so relaxed and seeing people smiling and happy was amazing.

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

Don’t stress about the small things, only you notice the things you don’t like on the day!

Laugh everyday and choose Zest Photography as your photographers!


Wedding Suppliers   

Venue – Ceremony – Arundel Town Hall and Reception – Arundel Lido

Photographer – Zest Photography (Rod and Julie)

Dresses –  Velvet Bird Cage – Worthing (Annie) and Phase Eight (Kate)

Bridesmaid Gowns –  They all chose their own from the high street

Cake Maker – Kate’s Mum – Wendy Waite

Florist – Jamie Morgan (Friend)

Rings – Lucy with Diamonds

Make up – Make up Louise

Hair – Laura Grimwood


To Contact Zest Photography

Website – http://weddingsbyzest.co.uk/

Email – info@weddingsbyzest.co.uk

Phone – 0800 612 6092 or 07917 608278 (Rod) 07917 608277 (Julie)

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