A Fun handcrafted Garden Wedding in London with Doctor Who Elements

Today I am thrilled to share the fun handcrafted Garden Wedding of Rebecca and Tristan in London with Doctor Who Elements.

Images were captured by Babb Photo.

Laura Babb is a UK and destination wedding photographer based in The Midlands specialising in beautiful, alternative creative wedding photography across the UK and beyond.


I hand over to gorgeous Bride Rebecca …


Tell us your Love Story…

We met in California in 2004 when Tristan accidentally threw a beer on me while trying to look cool.

We dated long distance for two years, then spent another two with me gradually moving over here, and then a fair number of years just living together.

Tristan proposed in 2015, and we got married in 2017 in upstate NY, however due to injury and an  international adoption, a good number of our immediate family were suddenly unable to make it.

In view of this we threw a second wedding this year to be able to celebrate with them (and all of our friends who weren’t able to come to the US).

With all the legalities out of the way, the goal for this event was to make it a lot of fun!

Tell us your Wedding Planning journey…

We were already legally married, so we chose to have the ceremony in our back garden, partly for convenience, and partly because it’s actually pretty lovely and we wanted to fully use it for once!

Streatham Wine Bar, where we had our reception, is just around the corner from us and we spend a lot of time there, so when we decided to do this,

it was an obvious choice – plus their wine selection is amazing and the staff are all friends!

Tell us what you wore… Your outfits & accessories…

I was pretty sure I didn’t want a white dress and then I tried some on, and they just weren’t me!

Plus, I’m not a fan of either lace or sparkles, so that all added up to custom.

I found an amazing dressmaker who has done a lot of work with historical-inspired dresses, sent her about a hundred photos with labels like ‘I like the neckline on this one’, and ‘that thing about a third down the skirt is pretty’, and she was able to take all of that and drew up the perfect dress in one go!

I loved the colour, I loved the fabric embellishments, I loved the way the corset works with my shape to be really flattering but not really uncomfortable, I loved the way I feel Victorian but modern at the same time when I wear it!

Tristan looked at the black and white drawing of the dress concept, thought about the likely weather when we were planning to get married, and decided to go for something that would stand up to hot weather, so he went looking for seersucker.

He wasn’t having much luck, but then a new tailor opened up down the road from his office with a grey seersucker suit in the window, and he was sold!

My mother covered a cheap tie with leftover fabric from my dress and made a pocket square, and I found some braces to match, to surprise him on the day, and he was set.

He loved the fact that he looked a little bit country in his outfit, and he felt very special having accessories that no one else will ever have. He also loved his really comfy shoes.

Tell us about your Decor and styling…

In thinking about a garden wedding in the city, I thought first, what do we have?

We had a bunch of carpets from when I used to work in rural Turkey, so that became the aisle.

My mother made amazing bunting to hang in the tent at the first wedding, so we figured out how to hang it this time.

I left at 4:30am on Thursday to go to New Covent Garden Flower Market to pick out flowers, and my mother arranged them into a collection of glassware that we had saved and bought over the preceding six months.

We spread that all out throughout the house and patio, where it fit in with the plants I had planted that were blooming, the plants in bloom that I bought earlier in the week, and the turf I laid down as a pathway.

I commissioned an artist on Etsy to make a ‘cake topper (too nice to put on a cake if you ask me) of us in our outfits with little science fiction bits that we love, and put that on the table with the guest book, which was also from Etsy and made to look like the Tardis. Since we wanted to spend some time in the garden,

I thought funfair and lawn games would be fun to play with to if conversation lagged, so I made a coconut shy and a ladder golf set and got some skittles.

I thought it would be really nice to have pictures of everyone goofing around, so I made a paper moon for the photo booth, and with a digital camera, a flash, and my laptop set up an inexpensive photo booth in the dining room.

I painted a bunch of signs for everything so it would be clear what they were and what to do.

I think in hindsight the photobooth should have been more clearly sign-posted as not that many people used it, but they did enjoy the games.

We also opened an enormous bottle of champagne, and had a pinata.

At the wine bar, we hung more of the bunting, and put out more of Mom’s flowers, which, with a sign, the cake, a pile of mismatched antique plates I found on eBay, and their normal fairy lights, was really all we needed.

In the evening we had a playlist on speakers with dancing.

Tell me about your Ceremony including any readings, any special moments and your vows…

Everything about our garden wedding ceremony was tailored. Lenna did a fantastic job with a fairly short script, and while we could have had the same readings and done the same vows as last time, I thought because some people were coming to both, we should take the time to find new material.

We kept them a surprise for each other, and tried to have a mixture of fun and sentimental, because neither of us wanted to cry during the vows. Tristan is a big Dr Who fan, so he worked that prominently into his vows, while I referenced a couple of different elements in mine!

Our friends did readings with Matt Barnes reading Neil Gaiman’s speech on marriage and Laura Barker-Rowe reading Steve Scafaldi’s ‘Prayer on a marriage’.

What was your favourite part of the day and why?

I absolutely adored Tristan and his enormous bottle of champagne!

Four or five different people desperately trying to get it open and failing – it was both hysterical and completely typical of him.

Any words of wisdom to a couple planning their marriage and wedding day?

Relax. At the end of the day, even if everything goes terribly, odds are high that you will end up married.

And remember that something always goes wrong or gets forgotten, and those things will eventually become fun stories, not the major disasters they may feel like on the day.

If I had all the money in the world, I would have had someone take care of all the little details our garden wedding the  day before and the morning of – but in the end, spending that time working with my family and friends was probably more fun than sitting around aimlessly with them would have been (or all of us sleeping in and not getting together at all!).

As far as I’m concerned, good photography is the thing to spend up on, because aside from your spouse, that’s the only thing you will have in later years.

Also, remember to eat, or you will be starving at the end of the day and not remember why you spent so much on food!

Thanks so much to Laura and the couple for sharing this super fun garden wedding.

Isn’t the couples day absolutely lovely?

Love the relaxed air of their day and the focus which is firmly on family,  a banging good time and being together making memories.


Garden Wedding Vendors

Photography: Babb Photo

Ceremony Venue: Garden at home and Reception Venue: Streatham Wine House

Officiant: Lenna Cumberbatch

Dress: Felicity Westmacott

Necklace: Vintage (Victorian)

Shoes: Doc Marten

Earrings: Tiffany

Hair/Makeup: Nicki from Pretty Me Vintage

Veil: family heirloom (I’m the 8th person to wear it over the last 45 years, all but one still married)

Shawl: by Kristin Coon

Suit: Choppin & Lodge ( no longer trading)

Shoes: Johnston & Murphy

Bouquet and Boutonierre: Lisa Carr – The Flower Sanctuary

All other Flowers: New Covent Garden Market (arranged by Susan Daly)

Canapes: Canape Box

Chairs: Chair Hire

Cake topper (on table): Artifice Producciones

Tardis Guest Book: Notebooks for Geeks

Photo Booth Software: DslrBooth

Bride’s Cake: Joanna Smith

Groom’s Cake: Tristan Walker-Buckton


To Contact Babb Photo 

Website: https://www.babbphoto.com/

Email: laura.j.babb@gmail.com

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