A Garden wedding with a yellow palette and an Augusta Jones Dress

Today I am thrilled to share this gorgeous Garden wedding with a yellow palette and an Augusta Jones Dress.

Images were captured by Hannah McClune Photography.


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Hannah McClune is a wedding photographer covering Berkshire and the surrounding counties.


She says of her work, the couple, and their day…


“I just love weddings and being able to document couple’s celebrations is such a joy.”

“My enthusiasm and experience results in modern relaxed images of people having fun with those they love.”

“Jet setters Hannah and Michele met whilst working in Dubai, Hannah from England and Michele from Italy.”

“They’re still enjoying the sunny lifestyle in Dubai, but chose to come back to Europe to have their wedding day closer to home.”

“They pushed this further choosing Surbiton, Hannah’s home town. Then not to do things by half, decided on the fabulous family home as their reception venue.”

“Hannah’s favourite colour yellow cheerily decorated their garden marquee suiting the summer’s day wedding perfectly, a pretty accent to all the Italian/English touches they’d thought of and their beautifully detailed cake made by her talented mum.”


I pass over to beautiful Bride Hannah…


How did you meet?

“Shortly after I started working in the Crowne Plaza Hotel Dubai SZR, my future husband joined and became friends with my manager at the time.”

“It was my boss that kept on insisting that we went for drinks, and it was his perseverance over the course of 3 weeks that finally led us to agree to meet.”

“The rest as they say….is history.”


When did you get engaged?

” We got engaged on the31st July 2013 in Chianti, Italy.”

“It was a complete surprise to me (despite my 2 years of dropping hints and most of my friends telling me I would come back a fiancé).”

“This is how it went down: It didn’t go according to plan….”

“Having spent 3 hrs walking around the grounds of the most picturesque villa we were staying in (Villa Vignamaggio in Chianti), he chose a beautiful spot (rolling hills, overlooking vineyards, singing birds etc…need I say more).”

“Well we hadn’t eaten lunch and had done a wine tasting (for me guzzling) so when he took my hand for romance and to take in the view, I looked at him (not noticing ring, no clue of what’s happening) and said, “my love *insert dramatic sigh* can we hurry up and get to dinner I’m starving!”

“I finally noticed the ring and understood what was happening.”

“I started laughing, he took the right hand at first, then he started laughing, got my left hand but wrong finger (we were both shaking), finally right finger on right hand asked ever so gentlemanly, “Would you like to marry me?”

“To which I said yes repeatedly and proceeded to spend the rest of the evening taking photos of the ring.”

“To add to a truly special evening just after the sun set (not too long after the proposal) the sky filled with stars. Truly spectacular.”


Tell us about your wedding planning journey

“Wedding planning started the day after he proposed.”

“By 2 weeks after my husband proposed we had chosen colour scheme, main flowers and vase, bridesmaid dress, groom and bride party, location of wedding, and done guest list..”

The first item checked off the list was THE DRESS (believe it or not, the first dress I picked out from the first store my mum had an appointment with).”

“Originally we wanted to get married in Italy, but we were faced with 2 major problems 1) we live in Dubai and it would be hard for either of us to oversee things and 2) we are mixed denominations which proved challenging to find a church that would agree to our blessing.”

“So it was decided we would marry in England with a reception at my parents (my childhood) house and a wedding in the beautiful St. Raphael’s Church (thanks to my parents who booked it 3 weeks after we got engaged). ”

“All thanks to my parent’s quick action who had worked out a logistical list of main items we were able to get the ball rolling for our Garden Wedding.”

“In the end I had ‘wedding slaves’ (3 of my bridesmaids, both brothers and their partners, and my parents working with me till 2am the night before the big day), you don’t have as much time as you think you do.”


When did you get married?

“We got married on 23rd August 2014, the last summer’s day before the traditional English torrential downpour.”

“We had both English and Italian guest attend so were faced with the dilemma of a bilingual ceremony.”

“In the end it was conducted in English (as most guest spoke that language) with elements of Italian such as, readings in both languages, instead of hymns we had s string quartet play some italian classical songs ave maria and il mio babbino caro and an order of service with Italian translation.”


What was the best bit of your day?

Michele: “When my wife entered into the church and I saw her for the first time. Also, I felt most relaxed after I had done my speech. Then I could enjoy the after party”

Hannah: “There are too many for me to choose. Being zipped up in my dress by my maid of honor (official bridal moment), walking down the aisle with my daddy, looking directly into the eyes of my soon-to-be husband as soon as I entered the church, the speeches, to name but a few. I could go on and on, in a nutshell I would love to get married all over again (to the same man).”


What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

“It is impossible to please everyone. This day is all about you and your husband, so work out what your priorities are for you both and then take it from there.”

“Be flexible on the minor details and you will have fun. Don’t get caught up in the perfection of the day or details.”

“Some of the greatest moments or elements are the ones that you hadn’t planned for.”

“My husband and I were adamant not to have a line-up.”

“Surprisingly once we had exited from the church the manner in which the guests departed created an unofficial line (we were thankful to have the opportunity to speak with each and every one, to thank them for coming and hear their personal wishes and congratulations for us).”

“Lastly, try to be present in each moment. On the day you will be running on adrenaline and your emotions will be flying.”

“Take the time to soak up all your efforts, each other, the joy and all the love you are surrounded by.”

















































Thank you so much to Hannah for sharing this stunning garden Wedding.

What a special thing for a parent to be able to do to host the most important celebration of their childs life, and what a location to hold new memories from a place where your earliest ones were formed.

I love a yellow colour palette, its such a sunny happy colour and love the beautiful accents, from the floristry to the gorgeous handcrafted cake.

Particularly love the table plan with special family photos, and the chair back signs highlighting Italian heritage…glorious.


Wedding Suppliers

Venue: St Raphael’s Church and family home garden

Photography: Hannah McClune Photography

Dress designer: Augusta Jones from Berkertex Brides

Bridesmaids dresses: Dessy

Hairdresser: Choppers

Band: The Soulmates

Cake: Bride’s Mum


To Contact Hannah McClune Photography

Website: http://www.hannahmcclunephotography.com

Email: hello@hannahmcclunephotography.com

Phone: 0118 9887 988 | 0783 2254 187

Blog: http://www.hannahmcclunephotography.com/blog/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hannahmcclunephotography

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