A gloriously colourful Gloucestershire Wedding with a Benjamin Roberts Dress and paper cranes

Today I am thrilled to share this gloriously colourful Gloucestershire Wedding at the Matara Centre with a Benjamin Roberts Dress and paper cranes.

Images were captured by Camilla Reynolds Photography.


Camilla Reynolds is based in Stroud, Gloucestershire and photographs weddings in the Cotswolds and beyond.

She has been a professional photographer for five years and specialises in wedding and family photography.

She also has a degree in fashion design giving her an acute attention to detail.

She loves capturing genuine emotions in unobtrusive relaxed way.



Camilla says of the couple and their day…


“Katy and Alex contacted me via email and I was immediately draw to them.”

“We met at a local bar to discuss their wedding plans where they were very easy to talk and were really lovely.”

“I literally could not wait to photograph their colourful wedding!”

“Katy and Alex’s wedding day was an absolute pleasure to photograph despite the soggy weather. It was raining heavily just minutes before the ceremony, but luckily the rain stopped just in time!”

“After the civil ceremony Katy and Alex had a handfasting ceremony in the woods.”

“After tying  the knot Katy and Alex had their wedding speeches in the same magical woodland setting which felt very special and unlike any other wedding I photographed before.”

“The Matara centre is one of my most favourite wedding venues: It’s beautiful, spiritual and unique.”


I now hand over to gorgeous bride, Katy…


How did you meet?

“We met just over 12 years ago rehearsing for Shakespeare’s The Tempest. It was an outdoor production in the Cotswolds and we were romantic opposites Miranda and Ferdinand.”

“It turns out that our great reviews had less to do with our acting skills and more the fact we had fallen for each other in real life.”

“We had thought we were being very discreet and were successfully keeping it hidden, in hindsight I think not!”

Tell us about the Engagement?

“I asked Alex! For years we had always said that we would probably get married when things felt right.”

“One day I sort of felt I was ready, so decided to ask him (We don’t really go into dropping hints). ”

“As it was a leap year I waited until the 29th February and made a pie and cake with ‘Will you marry me?’ on it.”

“It took me all day as I made everything from scratch so by the time he got home I was so nervous I ran upstairs and hid! I shouted down the stairs what his answer would be and he said yes!”

“We then spent the evening eating the pie and cake with lots of beer! It was perfect for us.”

Tell us about your wedding planning journey

“It was relatively stress free. Once we had found our venue, which we fell in love with straight away, all the other elements fell into place.”

“For the amount of guests we had, our budget was pretty small so we worked with the Matara Centre to arrange a Wednesday wedding so we could have the day we wanted.”

“Although not naturally inclined to craft activities I decided to make cranes which was pretty enjoyable.”

“Even better, I was able to share these with my friend getting married earlier in the year meaning they had two outings  instead of one.”

“We near exclusively used suppliers from the local area including the flowers, rings and of course the booze which made the run up easy as everything was nearby.”

“We avoided things that made life difficult, for example we had no table plan, and made decisions that would allow us to have the wedding we wanted on the budget we had.”

“It was very much a joint activity and we really enjoyed it.”

What was the theme /colour palette of your Big Day?

“Bright! Alex has always dreamed of having a purple suit (inspired by The Joker from Batman), so this was our starting point.”

“Our bridesmaids each wore a different block colour and a dress of their choice.”

“I didn’t like the idea of dressing them in matching clothes as they are all women with clear and strong personalities that it was good to reflect.”

“We both love colour and it was wonderful to be surrounded by such vibrancy.”

What was the best bit of your day?

“This is really tough. We had so much fun! The ceremony was really special.”

“I hadn’t seen Alex’ outfit until that first moment and he just looked brilliant!”

“It kicked off a fantastic day. You also cannot beat dancing away to your favourite tunes with your friends.”

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

“Try not to stress!”

“There is a lot of pressure to do things in a certain way or for others to make you feel like you should be worrying about this or that.”

“But just remember, it is a day about celebrating you as a couple – which is just a wonderful thing”

“Do what will make you happy. Also don’t underestimate how much people love a wedding. Accept help – they wouldn’t offer unless they meant it!”


Wedding Suppliers

Venue – Ceremony and Reception – Matara Centre

Photographer – Camilla Reynolds Photography

Dress –  Benjamin Roberts from Lauren Charlotte Bridal

Bridesmaid Gowns – various high street (each chose their own)

Bridal bespoke accessories (hair piece, belt, also mother of the bride’s hair piece) – Gemma Sangwine 

Suit Hire – Rupert the Tailor

Cake Maker – Helen Costigan (Katy’s Mum)

Florist – Saltbox & Co

Rings – Richard Mellish (Katy’s wedding band inherited from great great grandmother)

Stationery – self designed and printed via vista print

Make up/Hair stylist – Julia Finch

Ice Cream Van – Winstones Cotswold Ice Cream / Cotswold Vintage Scoop


To Contact Camilla Reynolds Photography

Website – https://camillacreativephotography.com/

Email – camillacreativephoto@gmail.com

Phone – 07758891210

Be Social – Facebook   Twitter  Instagram


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