A Gloucestershire Wedding at the Over Barn with beautiful rustic details

Today I am thrilled to share this Gloucestershire Wedding at the Over Barn with beautiful rustic details.

Images were captured by Emma Gardiner Photography.

Emma Gardiner satrted her photographic career by moving to Edinburgh in 2006 to study Photography, at Edinburgh Napier University.

Her work focused on film photography, studio and darkroom processing.

She was introduced to digital photography but produced all projects on film.

After graduating, she picked up digital, lived in Edinburgh for a couple more years and then moved back to Hereford.

Nowdays she captures beautiful Wedding days as well as photographing portraits of loved ones and pets, more often dogs and horses in an informal and documentary style.

When she is not taking photos she is outdoors, practising violin, at gigs or watching a good film with some cheese and wine.


I hand over to gorgeous Bride Hannah…


How did you meet? 

“We were both out for drinks with friends and met through a mutual friend. We got chatting after that evening and hit it off!”

“This was the summer before I left for Chester University and we spent weekends travelling back and forth to see each other over the next 3 Years!”

Tell us about the engagement…

“I had planned a surprise long weekend away in London for Rich’s birthday, meeting a group of friends for a cookery lesson at Jamie Oliver’s cookery school, Recipease, as well as eating our way around London from Borough Market to restaurants we have talked about visiting.”

“Rich knew nothing we were doing until we arrived at each place, however it turned out he had the biggest surprise of all!”

“He had tried to sneak in a proposal after a few too many beers raised his confidence on the Sunday evening.”

“Luckily, on announcing to our friends whilst I was at the bar, “I’m just going to ask her now” – my brother convinced him to wait until it was the two of us.”

“He instead chose to propose at our final restaurant, Fifteen, on his birthday!”

“The ring was so beautiful, a dark blue sapphire between two sparkly diamonds, he did a great job choosing it!”

Tell us about your wedding planning journey…

“Choosing the Church and venue was easy, Highnam Holy Innocents Church is not only the most beautiful church but is the Church in the village Rich spent his life growing up.”

Over Barn is a beautiful rustic venue just minutes away from the Church which provided the casual, outdoor and rustic space we wanted to celebrate with our family and friends.”

“Luckily we had similar visions for our big day.”

“We both wanted to enjoy a relaxed, sunny day surrounded by our fantastic friends and family, celebrating with good food and drinks, laughing and dancing the evening away!”

“This is exactly what we had and it was more amazing than either of us had imagined!”

“All the elements of the wedding seemed to fall into place luckily without too much searching or stress!”

“I really enjoyed planning it all and luckily had my mum to help me.”

“I tried to involve Rich as much as I could in the decisions but his only contributions really were choosing his suit, deciding on the food and deciding he wanted a ninja turtle wedding cake..! (He did not get a ninja turtle cake, just a small model hidden amongst the fruit.)”

“We were lucky to have lots of skills within the family or friends who were able to help plan or do things for us.”

“My cousin is a bespoke illustrator and created our gorgeous invitations.”

“My other cousin is a film editor and asked if he could film our day, this isn’t something we had considered, however having so much of our day captured on film has been fantastic.”

“To be able to watch back elements of the day we had missed or forgotten is great and it’s especially fun to watch back the Church service! That part of the day went so quickly!”

“One of my bridesmaids sang Snow Patrol’s ‘Chasing Cars’ whilst we were signing the registers and then, as a surprise for Rich, she sang ‘Three Little Birds’ by Bob Marley – one of his favourite songs.”

“It was such fun to have a little dance and relax whilst listening to her sing.”

“Mum and her best friend handmade metres and metres of gorgeous bunting to decorate the barn, as well as making mini bunting to spruce up the family Defender which was our wedding car.”

“Rich, his mum and my mum made all the food for the evening, we had 3 different curries!”

“We are both from very ‘foodie’ families and Rich is a fantastic cook!”

“We wanted a relaxed meal so decided to have canapés whilst everyone mingled as a starter then enjoyed incredible pulled pork and pulled brisket with dauphinois potatoes a selection of salads.”

“Mum and I made all the desserts for the day. Rather than settling on one or two desserts – we had 4 varieties of mini pudding served on afternoon tea stands with big bowls of summer berries.”

“Together we made the wedding cake using the tin from my parents wedding cake for the bottom layer.”

“Mum was a real hero, building and hand making pretty much everything for the day!”

“From signs made out of old pallets to the flower bouquets, button holes and table flowers.”

“Mum and I heard a brilliant band playing one day as we walked past The Live Lounge in Cardiff – popped in to find out their name and booked them up!”

“The Spokes enhanced the evening celebrations with a top selection of songs which kept everyone on the dance floor until the early hours!”

“They brought glow sticks, glow glasses and light sabres which encouraged a whole new level of hilarity to the dance floor!”

“We won a Facebook competition for £300 of free decorations from a fantastic local business, Aisle Hire It. They were so kind and helpful, providing us with large letter lights and gorgeous big lanterns.”

“The only time I remember feeling panicked was when I heard my dressmaker had broken her wrist with my dress and 4 bridesmaids dresses still to make!”

“This didn’t stop her though and she went above and beyond, fitting and making my final bridesmaids dress the Thursday before the wedding.”

“We weren’t sure she would be there at all as she was heavily pregnant but gave birth to her gorgeous baby boy on the Monday before!!”

“This meant our youngest guest was 5 days old!”

“I can’t put into words how special his arrival was, we had been sure that she wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding, it wouldn’t have been the same without her or her partner or their daughter, our god daughter and flower girl!”

“Many elements of the day linked to family and friends which was really special and personal for us both.”

“Even traditions, such as the sixpence my Grandad had given to my mum on her wedding day, was the ‘some thing old’ for our wedding day.”

What was the best bit of your day?

“The Church service was such fun and obviously was the main event!”

“Rich was extremely nervous waiting for me to arrive.”

“I got increasingly more excited as I got closer to arriving at Church as couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle to see Rich, knowing he would be so nervous!”

“It felt brilliant walking into a Church with my Dad, filled with all your favourite people who are full of love and excitement for you as a couple.”

“The rest of the day just got better and better, we wouldn’t change a thing!”

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

“Enjoy it! Enjoy the planning and enjoy the day! Make it your day!”

“Take time out on the day to take it all in and to speak with everyone.”

“Our vicar allowed us to stand facing our family and friends for a lot of the Church service, rather than with our backs to everyone.”

“This allowed us to laugh and smile with everyone through out and made it really special for us.”

“We would recommend this to others, it wouldn’t have been the same with our backs to everyone throughout.”

Wedding Suppliers

Venues: Highnam Holy Innocents Church and Over Barn at Over Farm

Photographer: Emma Gardiner Photography (she is super fantastic)

Wedding Dress: Cathedral Belles in Worcester and then altered/top of the dress made by Susie Ballinger. She also made the bridesmaid dresses.

Suit Hire: The Grooms Room – Gloucester

Wedding Cake: Made my bride and her mum. Fruit on this was kindly given by Brides Dad’s company Haygrove.

Florist: Flowers arranged by the brides mum – button holes & bouquets & flowers outside church and table flowers. Flowers inside Church arranged by Sue Jones, a family friend.

Caterers: Yvette from Harts Barn Cookery School as well as ourselves making desserts and evening food.

Videographer: Harry Crossman and Ben Elliot (brides cousin and his friend)

Band: The Spokes

Rings: Ernest Jones

Wedding Stationary: Polly Crossman Illustrations (Brides cousin)

Make up: Hayley Johnson – Mobile Beauty Therapist

Hair: Brides friend Lizzie


To Contact Emma Gardiner Photography

Website: http://emmagardiner.com/

Email: emma@emmagardiner.com/

Phone: 07730571882

Be Social: Facebook    Instagram


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