A gorgeous colourful intimate New Years Wedding in Alabama

Today I am thrilled to share this gorgeous intimate New Years Wedding in Alabama at the Burning Tree Golf Club with vibrant pops of blue and berry tones.

Images were captured by Creatve Dust Photography.


Creative Dust Photography is Dustin Mitchell.

Her style has a happy candid vibe that’s bursting with colour and she is really attracted to vibrant aesthetics.

Photographing every detail on a wedding day or capturing  a persons spirit and sass during a photoshoot is her expertise.


She says of the couple and their New Years Day wedding…


A mutual friend introduced the couple when they were out watching a singer/songwriter that they liked, and it went from there

Jimmys proposal was kind of mean in that Rachels daughter Shelby was in on it.

He went to ask her permission to marry Rachel, and they both decided it would be funny to come home and tell her that she said No.

Rachel understandably was upset and trying to get him to explain what happened but he refused to talk about it..

Next thing Rachel knows, he was proposing  to her and Shelby and William jumped through the door yelling “Gotcha!”


When Shelby contacted me about capturing her Moms wedding I was especially pumped about it because number one, I just love Shelby, she is a SUPER talented makeup artist who I really enjoy working with.

Plus I’ve become connected with her through small town mutual friends. There is just great friend chemistry there.

Number 2, I thought it was so sweet that Rachel and Jimmy were getting married  as we brought in a New Year and decade.

It’s wonderful seeing who God brings together and getting to capture it.


Fast forward to their day which was gorgeous and intimate New Years Day with their family at Burning Tree Golf Club, Alabama.

I was thrilled to capture the pretty details, and their beautiful ceremony, some portraits and the couple as they drove off into their new life together on a golf cart.

After that they relaxed at their home with family over a private meal.


Wedding Vendors

Photography – Creative Dust Photography

Venue – Burning Tree Golf Club – Alabama

Hair / Makeup / Florals & Wedding Day Coordination – Shelby Sasser 


To Contact Creative Dust Photography

Website – https://thecreativedust.com/


Be Social –  Pinterest Instagram


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