A gorgeous “glitter fabulous” rainbow inspired Wedding in Atlanta

Today I am thrilled to share the gorgeous “Glitter Fabulous” rainbow inspired wedding of Kate and Caroline in Atlanta.

Images were captured by You Are Raven Photography.

rainbow inspired wedding - You are Raven Photography


Raven Shutley is an alternative wedding and portrait photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia focused on capturing emotional, honest, and candid moments


Gorgeous Bride Kate tells us all about the couples glittery rainbow inspired wedding day…


How did you meet?

We were introduced by Renee, a mutual friend who counts us proudly as the third couple she’s successfully matched.

Renee invited us both to brunch at a dim sum restaurant — I knew it was a setup and Caroline did not, which was exactly the correct way to do it.

I later slipped Caroline my number on a Band-aid in its wrapper (the only piece of paper I had in my purse at the time) and the rest is history.

Tell us about the proposal…

We’d already had The Talk about where the relationship was headed and life plans re: children and marriage and whatnot, so it was well established that someone was gonna ask someone else something sometime soon.

We also had a long-running joke argument about who was the moon reflecting the light of whose sun.

We went up to our friends’ mountain cabin in northwest Georgia to see the 2017 total solar eclipse, and just as the eclipse ended, I brought two simple silver wire knotted rings out of my pocket and popped the question.

I had a little speech prepared about how we make each other stronger, and it ended with, “I love you in your totality.”

In that moment, in the strange midday twilight of the eclipse, the whole crowd around us faded away and somehow, in our swimsuits and cutoffs, on a hillside by a lake with a hundred other people, we had one of the most private and intimate minutes of our lives together.

Tell us about your wedding planning journey…

In a lot of ways, we started from scratch.

As a queer couple, getting married was not something we had always counted on doing.

It wasn’t fully legal in the US, including our state, until 2015 (two years after we started dating).

So we didn’t have years of childhood dreams about special days and Pinterest fantasy wedding boards or other preconceptions about what our wedding would be like.

We also didn’t even know if we even wanted to have a wedding, because maybe it was all a load of cisheteronormative nonsense anyway.

The key for us was deciding why we wanted to get married.

We wanted to hitch our lives together, and for us, that meant hitching our communities together.

So once we knew that, the wedding became a way to bring all our people together to celebrate us coming together.

The A Practical Wedding planner was our planning bible for our rainbow inspired wedding — it does a great job at giving you practical advice on event logistics and planning priorities without being prescriptive about what a wedding has to be like.

As seasoned nonprofit professionals, we found our “wedding mission statement” to be very helpful.

When we found ourselves getting hung up on some dumb detail like napkin colors, we could remind ourselves that if it didn’t serve the mission, we didn’t need to care about it.

Any special touches/DIY?

We kept the DIY decor to a minimum by choosing a venue with a distinctive aesthetic, so anything we added was just a bonus.

A couple things stood out:

– We made table place cards with trivia / fun facts about us as a conversation starter.

Folks were going around the room trying to read all the cards, which made for better circulation and conversation between groups.

– One of the favours was hyacinth bulbs, carefully chosen by Kate’s mom to coordinate with our wedding colours.

We still get the occasional photo from people of the flowers blooming in the spring, two years later.

– We brought a “thank you” letter banner and took a photo with it to use for our thank you cards.

– We snuck out on the morning of the wedding to buy flowers from our favourite farm at a local market.

Caroline’s sister arranged a gorgeous bouquet of dahlias for Kate to carry, and we brought coxcomb for the decoration on the cake, with little sprigs topping the gold paper napkins at each place.

What was the theme /colour palette of your Big Day?

The theme was “glitter fabulous.” And we really stuck to it — we spiked one venue because their event policies banned glitter on the grounds.

We centred most of the colours around indigo blues and fuchsia pinks (our respective favourites), with a heavy dose of rainbow and gold glitter accents.

Our wedding party, a shared group of 6 friends we called the Board of Directors, wore mismatched dresses that together made a rainbow.

What was the best bit of your day?

We had talked about our vows in the general sense, but kept the exact vows a secret until the ceremony.

So finally hearing each others’ promises was a big deal to us, and we occasionally quote them back to each other, including on every anniversary since.

Is there anything you would do differently?

We regret nothing from our rainbow inspired wedding. Maybe even more rainbows and glitter!!

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

You can solve any wedding planning problem with one of three things: money, time, or not giving a shit.

Set your budget and choose your priorities early on, and don’t let other people add theirs.

Also, a good day-of coordinator is worth their weight in gold. Don’t spend your wedding being the showrunner.


Take a look at the Film by Libba Beaucham….

Wedding Vendors

Venue: Paris on Ponce  –  Atlanta (Sadly, the building was destroyed in a fire about a year later; the owners have since opened up a new event space with the surviving furnishings and decor, La Maison Rouge.)

Photography: You are Raven Photography

Wedding Dress – (Kate’s dress) – White by Vera Wang

Attendant Gowns: Various — we just assigned each of our six attendants a colour of the rainbow (of their choosing) and let them pick a dress from anywhere they wanted. This meant that everyone could choose something that suited their taste / body type / budget, and also that years later we can still introduce them to other people as “the orange bridesmaid” or “the green one.”

Custom Suit: ( Caroline)  Bindle & Keep

Cake Maker: Little Tart Bakery

Florist: Kate’s bouquet was flowers from 3 Porch Farm, via the Freedom Farmers Market booth / Attendants carried colour-coordinated faux flowers from Michaels

Videographer: Libba Beaucham

Rings: Worthmore Jewelers – Decatur

Stylist/Wedding Planner: We did our own planning and styling, but our day-of coordinator Donna Weber and the venue co-owner / event coordinator Nicolette Valdespino were invaluable.

Stationery: Caroline, who is a professional designer, did all the invites, signage, website, program (on paper fans), etc. for the event. Everything paper was printed via VistaPrint.

Make up/Hair stylist: Lindsey Ewing 


To Contact You Are Raven Photography

Website – https://youareraven.com/

Email – Raven@YouAreRaven.com

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