A gorgeous Perthshire Farm Wedding with beautiful rainbow colour details

Today I am thrilled to share this gorgeous Perthshire Farm Wedding in Dunblane with beautiful rainbow colour details.

Images were captured by Elaine Williams Photography.

Elaine Williams is a UK Wedding Photographer specialising in alternative documentary style photography that is creative, natural and modern.


Elaine says of the couples stunning Perthshire Farm Wedding…


Sarah and Eliot’s wedding perfectly complimented their vibrant personalities at her families farm in Dunblane.

Located near Kinbuck the farm is surrounded by the most amazing Perthshire landscape which made perfect for the fabulous wedding portraits.

Sarah is a talented artist who adores colour, so it was a given that the day was going to be super special, and very colourful.

From the beautiful vintage dress with all the Temperley London feels to the amazing bouquet created by local florist the whole day was stunning.

Both Sarah & Eliot got ready under the same roof, carefully avoiding each other while taking turns to look after their beautiful baby boy, Logan.

With Sarah’s good friend Jen on hand for the girls’ makeup, the morning was perfectly chilled.

The ceremony was short, but sweet and filled with laughter when little Logan decided he wanted to join in!

Sarah mentioned before the wedding day that the one photo that she really wanted was an amazing confetti shot.

Manned with the most vibrant flower petals I’ve ever seen, family and friends made sure her wish was granted and the throw was epic!


Bride Sarah tells us her and Eliots love story..


How did you meet?

Eliot and I met when I was 17 and he was 19 and I was sitting in a dodgy pub with a friend trying to figure out when a club opened.

This guy across the room was obvs a wee bit tipsy and he kept looking over constantly at us.

We were a bit weirded out by it and even more alarmed when he walked across the room, sat down next to me and said hello!

He seemed quite sweet and even though he was a wee bit worse for wear I gave him my number when he asked.

He seemed lovely but I thought he would forget all about our meeting because of the drinks, so I was so surprised when he phoned the next afternoon to chat and ask me out! It sounds crazy now “he PHONED you?!”

But it was 2008 and he seemed lovely so again I said yes.

We went on a few dates, but I was 17, and didn’t want to be in a serious relationship and that seemed the only way this one could go, plus it was the end of the summer before I was about to go to Uni so we decided to just be friends.

For the next two years, we both said we would date other people and stayed really good friends. I think we both knew it was always going to be more though.

We spoke all day every day via text, we would phone, he was absolutely my best friend and at New year in my second year at Uni Eliot phoned me at the bells and we spoke for 6 hours straight.

I never wanted to end the call and we still had so much to say. I remember at that point really knowing that I liked him far more than a friend.

When I was back for summer we went out for the day to catch up and a quick drink turned into lunch, turned into another drink, a walk, dinner and me catching the last train home after he kissed me goodnight.

And that was it for us. We never went back to being friends – I guess we were meant to be more all along. I’ve always been so glad I gave my number to the slightly drunken lad I met when I was 17.

Tell us about the Proposal…

We got engaged on a snowy night in November about 5 weeks after our son was born. It was so quiet and relaxed.

I was just home from seeing a friend for tea (the first time I’d seen her since our son was born) and Eliot seemed really
nervous when I got home.

I actually told him he was acting weird and to to just chill out!

We were both standing in jammies watching the snow and the stars and sharing a whisky and chatting and the next thing I knew he was on one knee.

It was absolutely perfect for us. Quiet, relaxed, nothing showy or fancy. Absolutely beautiful!

He knows me well – there was no ring when he proposed as he knew I would have more fun if I could design my own engagement ring so that was amazing!

I chose to create one based on the north star and a loose snowflake design and Katie Lees did an incredible job with it! She’s so talented.

Tell us about your wedding planning journey…

It was actually quite straightforward!

I have quite a strong visual aesthetic in terms of ideas so I knew quite quickly the kind of colours and design we were going for for our Perthshire Farm Wedding: relaxed day, wild florals, colourful as much as possible and in the countryside.

I’m a big believer in that if you hire a creative (photographer, florist etc) that you have to trust their process and ideas so that’s exactly what we did.

We discussed concepts with our florist and I gave them mood boards and they just went wild which was incredible!

It was so much fun seeing her add quirky things I had never thought of like mini pumpkins and lanterns! So magical!

Elaine and I clicked straight away and when she phoned for an initial chat we ended up having a 1.5 hour chatter on
the phone.

I love her aesthetic and knew it would work amazingly for the day we were planning.

She had such fun ideas for where we could take photos (best one I think was in a field with me in wellies under an approaching rain storm) and they turned out fab!

I loved her taking pictures of all the other aspects of the day we never thought to ask for either: raindrops on flowers, the leaves turning in early autumn, the confetti on the ground.

The food was great fun to plan too – my mum and I had a great day out tasting all they different offerings!

Any special touches?

My gran made our wedding cake which was so special! She is easily one of the best bakers ever and was so keen to do

She’s so extra she invited us to have a cake tasting session before we chose the sponge and she made all the sugar
flowers herself.

It was the cutest thing she was so excited to be asked, she brought out a photo album of all the designs she had ever made.

In the end, we just said she could design whatever flowers she liked and I loved having something so personal on the day.

Our Venue was also on the family farm so that was lovely, nice and relaxed and quiet which suits us down to the ground.

What was the theme / colour palette of your Big Day?

I’m an artist and work with a lot of colour so we decided to go with a rainbow colour palette which worked amazingly!

I had a lot of colour in my dress and having no restrictions meant we could make things as bold and unique as we liked without it being too controlled.

I decided as my dress had sparkles and colour that the bridesmaid dresses should be a dark grey to compliment their skin tone, but also so the day wasn’t too bright and OTT and these pops of colour against the dark were lovely.

What was the best bit of your day?

Eliot and I got our couples photos taken after the ceremony and it was so lovely having that little bit of time after the ceremony to just be by ourselves and take a moment on our own.

We loved the idea of  the confetti throw and really wanted bright colours so ended up going for specially dyed non toxic and biodegradeable flower petals. I loved that!

Oh and walking into a field with wellies on and a dressing gown to keep dry before the evening photos – we got them under an approaching rainstorm and I love how true to us those pictures are.

The food was insanely good too.

Is there anything you would do differently?

I would have got more speakers for the music! We created our own Spotify playlist and the speakers didn’t work as
well as they could have on the day.

Better quality (and more) speakers would have been fab but as it is, the music was quieter and everyone had a fab time anyway!

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

To find a portion of time in the day where its just the two of you. Its a busy day but having even an hour together with nobody else will be so magical!


Perthshire Farm Wedding Suppliers

Venue – Family farm: Lower Whiteston Farm – Dunblane

Photographer – Elaine Williams Photography

Wedding Dress –  Vintage from ebay! (It cost me £30 and was easily the most beautiful thing I’ve ever worn.)

Shoes – Rachel Simpson

Bridesmaid Gowns – Asos (I let the girls choose the shape of dress they liked as long as it was a dark grey, and they chose their own shoes which didn’t match each others (it looked ace) and colourful too.)

Kilt – Clan Kilts – Stirling

Cake Maker – Brides Gran  (Homemade Victoria sponge (Eliot’s fave) with handcrafted sugar flowers)

Florist – The Secret Garden – Dunblane

Food Supplier & marquee: Gourlay Events

Rings – Katie Lees Jewellery

Stationery – Bride made stationery to own design (I chose a rainbow because its my fave colour palette and I added three hearts in the centre: one for myself, one for Eliot and one for Logan, our son)

Make up/Hair stylist –  (close friend) Jennifer Mclachlan Makeup Artist

Hair: Hair Chair – Dunblane


To Contact Elaine Williams Photography

Website – https://elainewilliamsphoto.com/

Email – elainewilliamsphoto@gmail.com

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