A gorgeous rustic DIY Wedding with a pretty pastel palette

Today I am thrilled to share this gorgeous rustic DIY Wedding with a pretty pastel palette.

Kelly and Aaron were married on a beautiful May day with a ceremony at Fountains Abbey before a reception at Hill Top Farm.

Images were captured by Robin at 83 photography.


Robins of 83 Weddings interest in Photography began when he  studied it in college; he  was hooked from day one and it felt very natural to him to be behind the camera.

He went on to complete a Degree in Photography where he was given the freedom to develop and hone his skills.

After University he worked in studios doing mostly commercial shoots for TK Maxx, Dorothy Perkins and Crombie.

He always had that niggling feeling that he wanted to branch out and spend more time on work that was both inspiring and creative.

At the time he was doing bits and pieces of freelance work for more artistic clients, such as Vidal Sassoon and music photography which appeared in NME and Rock Sound magazines.

In ’09 he shot a wedding for a family friend – and that’s where it all started.

He created 83Weddings to cater for those who wanted a break away from the traditional approach, to have an informal and personal touch to their wedding photography.

He loves to capture natural shots from the day, the moment’s people don’t always get to see and experience.

Wedding photography is a wonderful opportunity to document a unique place in time, to tell a narrative of the day that will remain as a keepsake.


I hand over to gorgeous Bride Kelly…


Tell us how you met…

“Myself and Aaron went to the same high school together but it wasn’t until 8 years upon leaving that we got back in touch when I moved back to Bradford and the rest is history!”

The Proposal…

“7 years down the line  Aaron proposed on a lovely dry but cold weekend in in November.”

“We were away for the weekend and Aaron suggested we go to the coast to watch the sunset we were walking and he picked a quiet area on the promenade and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him there and then.”

Wedding Planning Journey…

“I spent 18 months planning our wedding from the moment we got engaged.”

“My new reading was wedding blogs and wedding magazines and I was constantly on the search for new creative ideas from Pinterest to bring our DIY wedding vision a reality, my weekends were also spent visiting wedding fairs.”

“We would not change anything about our day with it being a DIY wedding it meant that every detail was very personal and true to us and our personalities which was reflected throughout the day.”

“It was a lot of hard work but the day went better than we could have hoped for everything went perfect but it just went over too far quick.”

The Venues…

“We choose two different venues, we fell in love with Fountains abbey to hold our wedding ceremony in the Hall due to the beautiful grounds and gardens.”

“Aaron loves the mod era so as a surprise I arranged for a friend’s father to set up his collection of scooters when he arrived at the venue, it made for brilliant photographs.”

“After the ceremony we enjoyed drinks and canapes in the beautiful secret garden.”

“We then went on to our reception venue which was held at Hill Top Farm which is a working farm in Masham.”

“We loved the venue because it was so unique and created a blank canvas that we could put our own stamp on it, it also created the relaxed atmosphere for our guests which we were going for.”

“We really liked the contrast between the two venues. Fountains Abbey, especially the gardens, gave us a great backdrop for the official wedding pictures.”

“The perfectly sculpted gardens and lakes of fountains abbey changed to the wide open views of the North Yorkshire countryside at the farm.”

“As dusk hit the fire pits were lit in the barn and it was lovely to see our guests sat outside watching the sunset whilst enjoying the food and drink.”

The Décor and Theme…

“The reception drinks for guests was on a small area at the entrance to the farm (named Up Yonder!), about 100 metres or so away from the actual barn.”

“We created seating from hay and served ice cream and personalised cocktails here together with garden games.”

“Luckily the weather was great and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves here while we were having our pictures taken at Fountains Abbey.”

” For us it was all about ensuring our guests had the best day and party whilst creating a relaxed but personal day , it really was a DIY wedding.”

“I decided I wanted a rustic / vintage theme and the colour scheme was pastel colours, we hired our initials in lighting for the dance floor and a friend made metres and metres of beautiful pastel bunting and decorated over 100 jam jars to go around the barn.”

“I loved that every detail in the décor was created by ourselves and family and friends being so creative and assisting with our wedding from making a fire place which included a timeline of pictures of us as a couple, cocktail stand, signs and tables all made out of wooden pallets.”

“From handmade favours for the ladies to the table plan and table setting, I painted photo frames with chalk paint to create signs.”

“We had a photo area, a couch made from hay bales, with a Polaroid camera for our guests to take selfies with and stick in our guest book.”

“It was a difficult day not having my parents at my wedding day, its every parents wish to watch their daughter get married so it was important to me to incorporate them throughout the day.”

“From having their initials embroidered into my wedding dress, close to my heart, I had a charm on my bouquet and I had my mums engagement and wedding ring hung off my bracelet that I was wearing, to having a memories corner dedicated to them and a family tree of photographs to remember them by.”


“To fit with our relaxed day we went for a stuffed hog roast and we had a pizza van serving for supper.”

“Both having a very sweet tooth we wanted more than just a wedding cake, a friends mum baked our delicious wedding cake and other goodies and other family and friends were asked to bake and bring cakes and buns which made for a delicious dessert table.”

“Being big Disney fans we had to include this into our wedding by having Wall-E cake toppers.”

Wedding Attire…

“I was very lucky to have two wedding dresses, I wanted to have two completely different looks.”

“The first was a beautiful lace fitted dress with a beautiful long train.”

“Following the speeches and before the first dance I changed into my second wedding dress which was a beautiful tea length dress to allow me to dance the night away.”

“I  choose to match my sash with my blue shoes, which was my something blue . Aaron had a bespoke suit made it was important to me that we both felt the best we have ever felt on our wedding day.”

The Entertainment…

“My nephew played acoustic guitar during the ceremony and as I walked down the aisle, he also played alongside my brother who sang our first dance which is one of my favourite memories of the day.”

“We hired a live band for the evening which was a revelation they played a set of soul Mowtown and then moved to 90 Dance they kept our guests up dancing all night.”

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Thank you so much to Robin for sharing this stunning rustic DIY wedding.

Love the delicate pastels hues which flow so seamlessly through the styling and what about those amazing blue shoes.

So many pretty details from the glorious florals to the lovely cake with fabulous Disney topper, and creativity abounds from the miles of bunting to the favours for the ladies to the table plan and table settings, and the hundreds of jam jar t lights illuminating the beautiful space.

Also really like the cocktail stand (genius) and the photos all around.

There is a real sense of togetherness and fun too making for an incredible celebration.


Wedding Suppliers

Ceremony Venue: Fountains Abbey

Reception Venue: Hill Top Farm – Masham

Photography: 83 Photography

Wedding Dress: Inbal Dror Bridal  – Stockist – Morgan Davies London

Evening Dress: House of Mooskhi Bridal – Stockist – Lace and Co Boutique

Head piece: HF Couture Accessories

Bridesmaid Dresses: Abigails Bridal

Groom Suit: Owen Scott

Usher Suits: Next and Ted Baker

Make Up Artist: Olivia Naylor

Rings: Rox – Leeds

Florist: The Greenhouse Florist

Camper Van: Liberty Campers

Mopeds: Friends Father & collector Alan Broscombe

Ice Cream Bike: The Wheely Nice Ice Cream Tricycle

Caterer: Happy Hogs Catering

Pizza Van: Artisan Pizza Company

Band: Alison David & House Jammerz


To Contact 83 Photography

Website: http://www.83photography.co.uk/weddings/

Email:  robin@83photography.co.uk

Be Social:  Facebook Twitter  Instagram


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