A gorgeous rustic handmade Wedding with a blush pink, gold & cream palette

Today I am thrilled to share this gorgeous rustic handmade Wedding with a blush pink, gold and cream palette.

The Couple are Natalie and Aaron and they were married at The White Hart Inn in Lydgate, Saddleworth.

Images were captured by Rachel Joyce Photography.

rachel-joyce-photography-handmade-wedding-vintage-wedding, rustic-handmade-wedding

Rachel Joyce is a documentary style wedding photographer covering Lancashire, Manchester and Cheshire, the Lake District with the occasional jaunt into Yorkshire.


Rachel says of the day…

“The couple spent a year planning their wedding at the White Hart Inn at Lydgate.”

“They chose the venue because Natalie used to work there and they knew the staff were amazing and the food delicious.”

“It also fitted perfectly with their rustic handmade wedding theme and being a very creative person Natalie decided to turn her hand to the decor.”

“She did an amazing job and pretty much everything you can see on the tables was made by Natalie, including thousands of paper flowers.”

“It all came together beautifully and perfectly suited the surroundings of the country inn.”

“Aaron admitted, when we met, that he really wasn’t looking forward to having his photograph taken but these two were actually really natural in front of the camera.”

“It was a beautiful and day and we were treated to a stunning sunset in the evening. It was the type of light that us wedding photographers get really giddy about!”


I hand you over to stunning Bride Natalie…

How did you meet?

“We met about 14 years ago at local pub where I used to work.”

“He used to come in with the rest of his rugby mates after games on a Saturday.”

“Think he was too shy to ask me out on a date back then!”

“After I stopped working at the pub we lost touch.”

“It was only when we reconnected on Facebook just over 3 years ago did he finally pluck up the courage to ask me out on a date.”

Tell us about the Engagement?

“Being rugby fans we had acquired tickets to the England v Wales World Cup match at Twickenham so we decided to spend the Saturday at the game via London and spend the Sunday afternoon in Windsor.”

“Of course the rugby result did not go well but the surprise I got the next day in Windsor more than made up for the disappointment. ”

“We queued for 40 minutes to get into the castle. Aaron had planned to propose on the long driveway leading up to the castle.”

“After paying our entry we were lead through to what only can be described as airport type security!”

“I guess you are technically wandering round the Queen’s house so it’s to be expected.”

“It was at this point that Aaron said he had began to get worried as he didn’t want me to see the ring that was concealed in his pocket.”

“In an attempt to not spoil the surprise he suggested a race through security, him taking one line and me, the other.”

“To add further panic he had set the alarm off twice because he forgot to take his phone out of his pocket!”

“I was none the wiser collecting all my things.”

“Aaron finally got down on one knee and proposed, not on the driveway – that was outside the castle after all that, but in the beautiful gardens of the castle.”

Tell us about your wedding planning journey

“We didn’t want to have a long engagement so began looking for venues fairly soon.”

“We really wanted a barn style venue with exposed wooden beams and that was light and airy.”

“The White Hart Inn had all the elements we were looking for.”

“Having worked here in the past I knew the venue well and knew the food was amazing.”

“We wanted to create a wedding day that was personal to us and something we could make our own.”

“We decided that anything we could do ourselves, we would. I love any opportunity to be creative.”

“This started with our invitations then quickly evolved to making, light up letters and pretty much all the table decorations including lacing jars and hand making less than 1000 paper flowers.”

“We had settled on a rustic/vintage theme using lots of wood, lace and twine and focusing on blush pink, gold and cream for our colour scheme.”

“Keeping within budget was important for us. We spent a lot of time finding the perfect vendors within our budget.”

“We found spending less didn’t mean we had to compromise on quality. We just had to shop around a lot.”

“Our vintage VW camper van was amazing and a fraction of the average price.”

“Similarly with our venue dresser who dressed the room wonderfully.”

“We took a trip down to the jewellery quarter in Birmingham for our rings. Well worth the miles for the huge savings.”

“We spent some time trying to find the perfect photographer and it was one area we didn’t consider going with the cheapest option.”

“Documenting our own wedding day the way we wanted was really important to us. Rachel was the perfect choice for us.”

“Most of the planning was done in the month or two after getting engaged and the month or two before the wedding.”

“A lot of time was spent on the decorations but we were so pleased with the results on the day.”

“Where possible we wanted to involve people with businesses that we already knew.”

“The cake, suits, DJ, hairdresser and bridal flowers were all perfect and everything we wanted for our wedding.”

What was the best bit of your day?

“There are so many things we could say that we loved. We loved every single moment.”

“Some stand out memories for us were when we saw each other for the first time.”

“For me Seeing Aaron just melted away any nerves I had. I was just so happy to see him.2

“Aaron forgetting his lines also made for a few laughs!”

“Having our children involved in the day was important so having them bring up our rings was also a lovely part of the day.”

“We also loved spending time with our photographer; the right photographer really does make your day.”

“She made us both feel so relaxed so we were just able to enjoy it where we would otherwise have felt quite nervous about posing for pictures.”

“At the end of the night when all our guests had gone we spent some time alone in the hotel bar.”

“We both said the next day how much we loved that moment together where we could just reflect on the day and just be together.”

“We also enjoyed taking our two children to release the balloons the next morning. It was just a perfect family moment to end the perfect wedding.”

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

“There are so many amazing suppliers out there that really do suit all budgets and offer amazing quality so definitely shop around. Google and visiting wedding fayres worked perfectly for us.”

“If you have time and are quite creative, making things yourself not only gives your wedding day a very personal feel it can save you heaps of money! IKEA, Dunelm and The Range could be your new best friend!”

“Find a photographer who you feel comfortable with. You spend a considerable part of your day with them and your photographs are your lasting memory of the day and are worth every penny. Especially as they know the ins and out of wedding and can really help you get through the day.”

“On the wedding day our advice would be to just relax and enjoy yourselves. It’s true what people say; the day goes by so fast.”

“It is busy and you want to speak to all your guests but try and make time for each other throughout the day and spend some time alone at the end of the night to reflect on the day.”

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Thank you so much to Rachel for sharing this stunning rustic handmade wedding.

So much creativity has gone into this beautiful day with the couple showing their heart, and personality.

Love the soft blush and gold palette bringing warmth to the celebration, and also that the location hold special memories for the Bride.


Wedding Suppliers

Venue – The White Hart Inn

Photographer – Rachel Joyce Photography

Wedding Dress – PronoviasBliss Bridal – Bolton

Bridesmaid Gowns – Coast

Suit Hire – Denis Hope – Rochdale

Cake Maker – Rocco Cocoa Cakes – Rochdale

Florist (Bridal bouquets) – All About Flowers

Rings – Hockley Jewellers & Marlow’s Jewellers – Birmingham

Venue Dresser (Chair covers & Beam Dressing) – Special Days Events – Cheshire

Stationery – Bride and Groom

Table decorations – Bride and Groom

VW Camper – Great White Occasions

Hair stylist – Charlotte Yarwood – Rochdale


To Contact Rachel Joyce Photography

Website: http://www.racheljoycephotography.co.uk

Email: rachel@racheljoycephotography.co.uk

Phone: 07807 112608

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