A gorgeous rustic intimate woodland wedding at Blue Moon Rising

Today I am excited to share this gorgeous rustic intimate woodland wedding at Blue Moon Rising.

Images were captured by Sandrachile Photography.


Sandra Villarroel, the eye behind the lens was born and raised in Chile, but now lives in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania (USA).

She is a passionate rabbit lover, a ferocious advocate for animal welfare, and a supporter of conscious living.

She is in love with taking pictures of fascinating individuals, who are free spirited, wanna travel the world, like to laugh out loud, wanna eat without gaining weight and most of all, want to never be silent about things that matter.

She specialises in photographing FUN couples who like to do things a lil’ bit different, who treat their wedding day as a chance to celebrate their personalities, and who celebrate their personalities by embracing the spontaneity of life.

When you hire her, you will have a photographer who “gets you” like a friend would, someone who understands that you are passionate about living, and will capture this special day with the intensity and creativity that your soul deserves.


Sandra says of the couples day…


In 1997, I was 15 years old when I decided that I no longer wanted to live with my mother as we had a very volatile relationship.

We had a long conversation, and she said: “The door is wide open if you don’t like it here, leave”…

So I left, and I never saw her again.

At first, I couch surfed with friends and distant relatives until, eventually, I ran out of people who would let me sleep on their couch and ended up living in the street, in something that Chileans called “caletas”, which are small groups of teenagers living under bridges or by rivers.

As a homeless I was a nomad for about 2 years, moving from one city to another, it was way before I moved to America that I had already learned how to live out of a carry on suitcase.

It was in the midst of this “adventure” that I met my husband..

I would have never imagined that 6 years later we would end up married!

My life back then consisted of surviving on a daily basis, I was too busy thinking about where my next meal was going to come from, or where was I going to sleep to think about the real future.

Yet Nick and I bonded because he brought a little sunshine during one of the darkest times of my life.


I would have also never guessed that 18 years later I would meet Tina, who on the opposite side of the world, had a similar story to mine.

Tina was another free spirit girl, full of bravery and resilience, who in her homeless lifestyle, would climb trains to move from one city to another, until one day she fell down and the same train that enabled her to move around, left her without a leg…

Tina and Josh met when Tina was recovering from that painful train accident that left her with a prosthetic leg and emotional scars that she still deals with today.


The couples day was a small intimate celebration of overcoming huge difficulties and making an amazing future.

They wed at  Blue Moon Rising located in Deep Creek Lake Maryland, a place that is dedicated to cultivating economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

In the creation of these vacation rental properties the earth and its resources were put first, and it provides a one-of-a-kind vacation and wedding experience that leaves as little impact on the natural landscape as possible.

The wedding ceremony took place in what is lovingly referred to as the “Universal Evergreen Chapel of Earth”.

Wrapped by towering Pine trees, the ceremony site is one of a kind woodland setting.

During their vows, Tina acknowledged meeting Josh at her lowest and darkest time and falling in love with him because he brought some sunshine into her darkness.

While she read her vows, I shed more than a few tears thinking how grateful I was to be there.

Following the ceremony the reception was held in the tipi tent which was a gorgeous rustic space to continue festivities and celebrations into the night.


When I lived in the street, I never imagined living in the USA, or even owning a camera, but here I was, being the photographer of Tina’s wedding, marrying the one that brought the hope back to her life, the one who sustained her at her lowest, and the one who stopped his own journey to walk one with her.

I’m not sure of much in life, but the one thing I am absolutely certain of: is that our lives are proof that no matter what, there is hope hiding behind every sadness, there is a Josh for every Tina, and a Nick for every Sandra.

Our lives are proof that no matter what, there is a purpose for each life on earth, we just have to wait until life unfolds because it sure will show us the rainbow after every storm, no matter how sad you are today, you will rejoice in joy tomorrow.




Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Sandrachile

Venue: Blue Moon Rising

Caterer: Harvest Moon Market

Bride’s Dress: BHLDN

Shoes: Keds

Groom’s outfit: Macys

Flowers: Farmhouse Fete

Hair and Make Up: Alexis from JL Studio

Cake: Prantl’s

Officiant: Pete Finney

Bar: Wigle Whiskey

Favors & styling and decorations: Bride


To Contact Sandrachile

Website: https://www.sandrachile.com/

Email: sandra@sandrachile.com

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