A gorgeous same sex London Wedding at Islington Town Hall

Today I am thrilled to share a  gorgeous same sex London Wedding at Islington Town Hall.

Images were captured by Luke Holroyd Photogtraphy.

Luke Holroyd is a Professional Photographer  based in Leeds capturing Weddings across the UK & Overseas.

His work is both imaginative and natural and he absolutely loves doing something that I can be so creative with.

Most of the couples who choose to book him for their big day are looking for a photographer who is a little bit more relaxed and creative than the traditional approach to Wedding Photography.

He loves capturing couples who really enjoy being creative, surrounded by their awesome family & friends


I now hand over to beautiful Bride Hayley and Nicola…


How did you meet? 

N: We both ended up on a night out in London when neither of us were in the best place to start a new relationship.

We were both there with friends and met by chance. It wasn’t until we started talking online and by text after that we started to get closer really quickly.

I never thought it would go anywhere but here we now, 7 1/2 years later!

H: We’d both just come out of long term relationships and mentally definitely weren’t ready to start another.

We were both dragged out by friends one evening and ended up in the same venue. We spoke on the night but things progressed more once we started talking on social media afterwards.

Everything and everyone was against us in the beginning but we’ve proved them wrong!

When did you get engaged?  

H: We got engaged in June 2015 which was also the year we both turned 30.

We always said we’d go somewhere in America to celebrate our birthdays but I always knew it was also when I wanted to propose.

We decided on New York and during our trip I’d arranged for us to go to the top of the Rockefeller Centre at night.

I found a secluded corner and after a very babbled speech I got down on one knee.

To this day nothing has ever made me as nervous as that moment! We celebrated with a bottle of champagne on the top floor restaurant after overlooking the city.

N: Her proposal was perfect… it felt like we were the only ones there and it was so magical. We were in our own little engagement bubble for the rest of the holiday and New York will always be a special place for us now.

Tell us about your wedding planning journey

N: We actually didn’t find the process too difficult or stressful, but that could be because it was quite a small do.

We didn’t have any arguments or disagreements, and we seemed to have very similar, clear ideas of what we wanted.

We had about 9 months to plan our wedding, so I guess we didn’t really have time to stress about it! We had a few hiccups with the venue but it didn’t matter on the day, everything was perfect.

H: As I suffer from anxiety the planning process and actual wedding day was something I was always worried about.

But I didn’t have any! We both had the exact same idea of what we wanted and we were really lucky in finding everything for the day.

We worked on everything together and even though it took up most weekends for 9 months, I sometimes actually miss aspects of the planning. (Which I NEVER thought I’d say!)

When did you get married?

H: We got married on 23 September 2016, it was a lovely sunny day which just made the whole day even more amazing.

N: It’s funny because the number 23 keeps cropping up in our lives, and we didn’t even realise we’d chosen the 23rd until later on during the planning!

What was the best bit of your day?

N: It was hard day as well as a lovely one for me as my Gran passed away in the morning, and we found out just before the hair and make-up artist was due to arrive.

It was really lovely having everyone rally around us and we all took it as a sign that she was with us.

It made the everyone so much closer on the day and every part of it was that bit more emotional.

I was really nervous and emotional taking my vows, so my favourite part was during the reception – I took a moment to stop and look around, seeing all these people that had come to celebrate with us, dancing and having an amazing time – I felt really grateful.

H: It’s actually difficult for me to pinpoint one part of the day that was my favourite as every part was so different and so lovely.

I had a lovely half an hour in the midst of all the morning chaos where my Mum and I had a quiet moment alone in our hotel room and we just sat and had a cup of tea and chatted (complete with rollers in my hair!).

I really appreciated that time with her. Seeing Nicola walk down the aisle to me made me feel emotions I didn’t know existed, I crumbled immediately and up until that point I’d been absolutely fine!

Spending the evening dancing and laughing with all the people we loved and cared about was amazing and the perfect end to a perfect day.

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

N: It doesn’t matter what happens in the lead-up, everything will be perfect on the day. And the cliché is true – it really does go by so quickly, so make sure you take in every second!

H: I second Nicola’s points but for those who struggle with anxiety and are worried about planning or the day, you will be absolutely fine and you can do it! It’ll be the best day of your life.


Wedding Suppliers

Venue: Islington Town Hall 

Photographer: Luke Holroyd

Wedding Dresses: Nicola – Berketex Bride (Leeds) and Hayley – Monsoon

Cake: Tessas Sweet Treats

Stationery: Ginger Ray

Hair & Make-up: Kelly Harrington

Flowers: Dandie Creations  



To Contact Luke Holroyd Photography

Website: http://www.lukeholroyd.com/

Email: luke@lukeholroyd.com

Phone: 07853225411

Be Social: Facebook  Twitter  Instagram


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