A gorgeous Scottish micro wedding at Harlaw Reservoir

Today I am thrilled to share this gorgeous Scottish micro wedding with the scenic backdrop of Harlaw Reservoir.

Ashleigh and Ally combined pretty DIY decoration with the beauty of this stunning outdoor space which lies at the foot of the Pentland Hills near Edinburgh.

Images were captured by Eilidh Sutherland Photography.

Eilidh Sutherland Photography is Eilidh and Lloyd, a husband and wife photography team based in Perth.

They capture wedding, family & couple photography in a beautiful natural style in the epic landscapes of Scotland and beyond.


Bride Ashleigh says of the couples love story and their wonderful Scottish Micro wedding…


How did you meet?

We actually met in Church after a mutual friend of ours introduced us.

I had gone to school with this friend, and my husband had gone to University with her.

She didn’t live near by and had only come down for one weekend so we felt like it was really meant to be, that we were all in the one place at the same time.

Tell us about the engagement…

From the start of us dating my husband knew that from a very young age I had wanted a pretty big engagement, and boy did he manage to pull it off.

Unbeknown to me, Ally had been planning it for weeks, messaging people and making sure that everything would be perfect.

When the morning came, I had a sly suspicion that it would happen that day, but he had just told me we were going strawberry picking so I was thrown off the scent slightly.

I received a video message from my best friend telling me that ’today was the day we had been waiting for since we were 12’ and giving me an instruction to head to my favourite coffee shop down the road where I would receive a croissant and chai latte (my favourites!).

Once at this cafe, I was given a clue to work out where to take me next.

I assumed this was where Ally would be waiting. I was sent to our favourite coffee shop in South Queensferry where we had spent many a happy afternoon dating.

I was shocked when I got there to find another of my best friends who I believed was in Aviemore at the time.

After I had coffee with them and I’d gotten over the shock I was given another clue which this time took me to the top of Craiglockhart Hill, where Ally had asked me out 2 years previously.

I was hoping I would find my husband to be here, but again I was met by a close friend of ours who gave me my last clue – To meet Ally at the reservoir where we’d had our first date sitting in a rowing boat under the stars.

I knew this would be where he was and I was so excited to see him and receive the biggest question of my life!

Right at the spot where we had had our dreamy first date, Ally got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and of course, I said yes!!

I have never been more excited!!

How did Covid change your wedding plans?

Our wedding was meant to be 27th July 2020 at Hartree Estates.

The weekend before we went into lockdown, we very quickly realised that all our plans could be altered drastically.

Hartree were great and rang to chat through everything that same week and pencilled us in for another date in July 2021.

We decided at that point we would just get married as soon as we possible could and so put in our marriage papers to the registry office two days before they closed down.

We were hoping at this stage we would be married within the month but then the big blow came.

No weddings were to take place until we were out of a national lockdown.

This was gutting for us and the worst part was we had no idea of timelines.

I eagerly awaited every announcement hoping that they would say weddings would go ahead.

It wasn’t until the beginning of June, 4 months down the line, that we received the eagerly awaited call from the registry office allowing us to go ahead with a small wedding on 10th July 2020.

We were only to have eight people at the wedding but to us that was enough, all we wanted was to be husband and wife.

At this point we only had 4 weeks to pull everything together for our Scottish micro wedding.

We had already decided we wanted to get married beside water as this had been my dream from a young age and after being told we had to stay within the area of Edinburgh Council we decided on Harlaw Resevoir.

We decided to do everything very DIY but I knew that I wanted to have great pictures to really capture the day so we asked Eilidh Sutherland Photography if she would be free and thankfully she was!

We made the arch for the background ourselves and used my parents rug as somewhere for us to stand on.

We also used the gin bottles that we had collected for each table piece to create an aisle running from the woods down to the waters edge.

We both decided that we didn’t want to wear our actual wedding outfits as we wanted to save them for our big party next year when everyone would see them.

Ally  just wore an outfit that he already had in his wardrobe and I ordered my dress and accessories from ASOS.

My shoes were actually heels that were 3 years old that I already had in my wardrobe too.

Our minister Wayne Sutton married us from Carrubbers Christian Centre.

And I did my own flowers. As we are still planning to have a big party next year at our venue we tried to keep this years costs down as much as possible.

Despite the day being so so far from what we could have imagined when we first started planning our wedding day, it was magical and so us!

We couldn’t have asked for a more special wedding ceremony!

What was the best bit of your day?

The best part of our Scottish micro wedding day was just being able to actually get married in front of God and our family after waiting all those months!

I also got very overwhelmed when I came round the corner of the woods and saw my husband waiting for me at the top of the ‘aisle’ and just the whole setting.

It was everything I’d every dreamed of and I would do anything to go back to that very moment.

What advise would you give to couples getting married right now?

Just do it!

I see so many people getting stressed out and postponing their weddings for the fourth time.

We plan to have a big party next year (hopefully) but the pressure is off as we are actually married now and so if the party can’t happen for another 5 years, it’s not such a big deal.

Also you can get so caught up in the planning of your wedding that you forget that the actually vows is the most important part, the big party is just a massive bonus!

Wedding Suppliers

Venue – Harelaw Reservoir

Celebrant – Wayne Sutton (minister) – Carrubers Christin Centre

Dress & Accessories – ASOS

Groomswear – Own suit

Decor / Flowers – Couple


To Contact Eilidh Sutherland Photography

Website: https://www.eilidhsutherland.com/

Email: hello@eilidhsutherland.com

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