A gorgeous Surrey Military wedding with a Sottero & Midgley gown

Today I am thrilled to share this gorgeous Surrey military wedding with a Sottero & Midgley gown.

The couple are Nicky & Alex  and they were married on 30th July 2016.

The couple met originally in the minibus on the way to an Army Reserve Adventure Training weekend to North Wales and the rest is history.

Their vision for their wedding day was Military fun.

Images of the day were captured by Jonny Barrett.


Jonny Barratt is a Cotswolds wedding photographer living in Gloucestershire, England.

Jonny describes his style as relaxed, unobtrusive and fun. Whilst he is well informed on who’s going to be where and the timings of the day, he doesn’t actually plan anything. he  prefers to be in the moment and let it happen.

Capturing the emotion and details of a wedding is done without bossing people around or setting up loads of equipment.

It certainly has its roots in photojournalism. It’s the photography that tells true stories, shows real life and genuine emotion. That is why he love weddings!


I hand over to beautiful Bride Nicky to  share details of the day…


“Our Wedding Ceremony was held in Royal Memorial Chapel, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst with a Reception at Macdonald Frimley Hall Hotel and Spa, Lime Ave, Camberley.”

“As commissioned officers in the Army Reserve we are privileged to be able to get married at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.”

“The Royal Memorial Chapel is a very special place, as much of a war memorial as a church and we were glad of the opportunity to be able to share it with our non-military friends and family who would otherwise not get to experience it.”

“It was the only choice for us really.”


“I wore the beautiful Francine low back in light gold by Sottero & Midgley.”

“Its a light gold satin dress with lace overlay and buttons up the back. I loved it and wish I could wear it every day!”


“Alex was very traditional and wore Military uniform – Full No1 Dress known as “Blues”


“I walked down the aisle to: Wagner’s Bridal March from Lohengrin. – the standard one and we had 2.readings: One biblical: 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 and also an extract from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.”


“We used our excellent pre-wedding photos from Jonny Barratt to create a jigsaw for people to sign the pieces and fit them together, to create our different kind of ‘guestbook’ and as a bit of fun.”

“We wanted to find some way to incorporate them!”

“For favours we had joke moustaches and facemats – again – to create the opportunity for guests to have fun!”

“Our Table names were inspired by a weekend visit to our home town of Northampton and desperately trying to find something to do there.”

“We found a list of the top 50 things to do on the internet – which genuinely included things like visiting the bus station and three different entries for shopping in different parts of the town. It was  a bit desperate!”

“It made us laugh so we thought it might amuse our guests as well!”

“For our cake topper we thought it would be nice to get a specific replica of us – which we can keep as a permanent momento as well.”

“For our first dance we had “It must be love” by Madness – light hearted and fun and that’s what we wanted.”

“It was a complete secret from everyone that only we knew we’d had lessons and practiced a routine.”

“We completely cocked it up because I’d obviously never done it in my dress and I tripped over it! But it was still a lot of fun to do!”


“We liked Jonny as a person. He was laid back and easy to get on with and enthusiastic for us and our day from the start – which was nice, because in the planning stages sometimes it’s hard to see through all the wedmin to feel enthusiastic yourself!”

“Jonny got natural shots of all the people we love. He captured all the key parts and the essence of the day without dominating it.”

“We really appreciated the pre-wed shoot – not just for the excellent photos but because it just meant that photography was something we didn’t have to think about or stress about leading up to or on the day – because we’d met Jonny we felt confident & knew what to expect on the day.”


“Alex says it was me walking down the aisle towards him!”

“My memorable moment is being 100% certain and happy standing next to my husband and making that commitment to him in front of all my friends and family.”

“I never expected to feel any different getting married but something definitely changed.”

“And I loved it. And I’ve loved it every day since.”


“People told me to make sure I took the time to enjoy it at different times during the day and I’m glad they did because it did fly past and I was glad I had taken those moments.”

“I got up and walked around all the tables to speak to people during the meal – to make sure I did speak to everyone. I was glad I did that.”

“Don’t go for a straight top table – it’s a bit rubbish for the parents, not conducive to relaxing!”

“Helpful venue staff make the process much easier – the groom says so does an amazing fiancé (he must want something!)”

“It may feel like a pain in the backside planning it – but if you do, on the day, it will all just be exactly what you love and want – the most perfect day with your friends and family – so make sure you enjoy every minute of it.”

“Relax – it will be fine.”

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Thank you so much to Jonny for sharing this stunning Surrey Military Wedding.

I love the blend of blues from the darker tones of the military uniform through to the soft blues of the Bridesmaid gowns, and the delicate cream decor throughout the styling.

Altogether a very elegant Wedding Day steeped in military tradition with fun and togetherness at the core of the celebration.


Wedding Suppliers

Ceremony Venue – Sandhurst

Hotel – Macdonald Frimley Hall Hotel & Spa – Camberley – Surrey

Photographer – Jonny Barratt Photography

Flowers – Sprinkles & Petals

Cars – Classic and Vintage

Dresses – Camelia Bridal

Band – The Startones – booked through the Alive Network

Lights and drapes – UK Uplighting – Mobile: 07778 345 738. Email: david@the-experience.co.uk

Cake Topper – Novelty CakeToppers

Love Letters – Locke and Busby

Dance lessons – Kristina Pfeffer School of Dance.


To Contact Jonny Barratt Photography

Website – http://www.jonnybarratt.com/

Email – info@jonnybarratt.com

Phone: – 07788 550622

Be Social – Facebook Twitter  Pinterest  Instagram


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