A gorgeous wild, happy and colourful bohemian inspired elopement in Ontario

Today I am thrilled to share this gorgeous wild, happy and colourful bohemian inspired elopement in Ontario.

The couple are Florist Allison and partner Amy whose participation in an elopement styled shoot took an unexpected turn, with them actually eloping.

Images were captured by Nicole Alex Photography.

Nicole is an adventurer with a passion for exploring new places with her husky, Keno + fiance, Chris.

As a Canadian Elopement photographer and guide she truly loves small weddings and elopements because it allows couples to create a day that reflects on their relationship and no one else.


I hand over to Bride Allison to tell us all about her amazing colourful bohemian inspired elopement…


How did you meet?

Amy and I met online while we were both living in Toronto! I feel like that is the case for a lot of couples these days (especially in Covid times).

I liked her profile and messaged her first, and after a few days of chatting we went on our first date at a sports bar.

We wanted to meet in person as soon as we could because we didn’t want to get to know each other through texting.

It was truly love/connection/fireworks from the first date and we’ve been together ever since.

Tell us about the Proposal…

Amy and I now live in Muskoka, Ontario, but at the time she proposed we were still living in Toronto.

We were up in Muskoka for a long weekend visiting my family, and after a day spent attending a beer festival, we went on a short hike to our favourite waterfall near my family’s home.

While we were down at the falls with our feet in the water, Amy pulled out a beautiful wooden box and asked me to marry her.

It was relaxed and beautiful and very much our style.

When we went back to my family’s home, there were quite a few close family members and friends waiting there for us to get home and to celebrate.

To note – a lot of our wedding photos are also taken down as the falls where we got engaged, and any of the photos by water are in the same location.

We got engaged on August 3, 2019, and were married on August 3, 2020 (completely by chance honestly that the styled shoot turned elopement fell on the same day).

Why we chose to elope?

Our wedding was originally supposed to be a styled shoot that we modelled for.

The incredible planner, Bryn Armstrong of Primp & Pop, half-jokingly said that we could also just get married at the styled shoot (which was in two weeks when she suggested it).

Something about the idea stuck – we had been trying to come up with a plan for the wedding in 2021 for a year and no idea seemed to stick or feel quite right for us.

Everything seemed too extravagant, too expensive, too complicated or too stressful. I think also because I work in the wedding industry, I’ve seen so many different options for weddings and had a hard time deciding which one could work well for us and still feel unique and special.

As soon as Bryn suggested the shoot turned elopement, we knew it was right.

Additional signs that it was the wedding we were destined for were that Bryn had already asked the wedding photographer we had planned for our day in 2021 to document the styled shoot (Nicole Alex Photography), and the shoot fell on the one year anniversary of our engagement.

I was able to find a wedding dress to rent from Daughters of Indie (a new local business that has beautiful dresses to rent) that fit perfectly, and Amy was able to rush ship some custom suspenders and a straw hat for her ensemble.

I sourced all of the flowers from a local farm and then came up with the wild, happy, colourful palette and designs quite quickly (I had been dying to do a “flower tree” install and this seemed like the perfect time to do it).

The stars just all seemed to align and we pulled all of the details together in two weeks.

Ultimately, we are so happy we eloped. It removed so much of the expense and stress from the day.

There was no strict schedule to follow (it was supposed to rain so we made the ceremony an hour earlier and it wasn’t a big deal), we could follow or knix whatever traditions we wanted, and we were able to celebrate with our very close family and friends.

We didn’t have to worry about making other people happy or spend hours scrutinizing over a guest list. It was just easy, laid back, fun and full of love.

We aren’t traditional people by any stretch of the imagination (the whole being lesbians thing makes the traditions and gender roles of weddings feel like they aren’t made for us anyways) so once we decided to stop worrying about traditions and wedding norms,

it became much easier for us to make decisions and be excited about our colourful bohemian inspired elopement.

To note, I don’t mean to diminish large weddings – I’ve been a part of/done the flowers for many beautiful and incredible large weddings.

I just encourage everyone to do what feels best for them and to not do what they think they need to do to meet society’s expectations.

What’s crucial is to celebrate your love for one another and just genuinely enjoy your day.

That looks really different for many people. I’d encourage everyone to explore elopement and see if it fits for them!


Wedding Vendors

Photography – Nicole Alex Photography

Planning – Primp and PopĀ 

Celebrant – Julie Grigg Mori

Bridal Gown / Bridesmaids Gown – Daughters of IndieĀ 

Flowers – Floral Design by Allison

Wedding Signs – Jess Brommet

Vow Cards – Beetle and Quill

Catering – Well Fed Muskoka

Cake – Comfort Bake Shop

Decor / Props – Ebb and Flow and Rented Gatherings


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