A Handmade Wedding in a Village Hall with a Jenny Packham Dress and a Crocheted Veil

Today I am thrilled to share this pretty handmade Wedding in a Village Hall with a Jenny Packham Dress and a crocheted Veil.

Images of the day were captured by Take Aim Photography.


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Take Aim Photography is Amy who specialises in colourful, personal, honest wedding photography and who is based inStratford, East London.


She says of her work…”I love everything about weddings! I shoot editorially and capture a true reflection of the day, the joy, the nerves, the excitement, and all of the little personal touches that tell you about the couple and their journey.”


“I met Crysta through a blog we both were a part of and got to know her on Twitter – there was a group of ‘twitter girls’ at the wedding which was lovely.”

“She actually announced her engagement to me by filling in my online enquiry form! Many happy tears were shed on both scores.”

“Crysta and Corey’s wedding was so lovely – there were many things that made me omit little squeals (the other hotel guests probably thought a mouse was on the loose!) but I especially loved the beautiful crocheted flowers and veil that Crysta made, and their matching red shoes.”


I hand over to beautiful Bride Crysta to tell the couples story…


 How did you meet?

“Corey and I met on our first day at university.”

“We’d both applied for different accommodation, but had sent our information in a little late and were put into the same self catered house.”

“As I was unpacking my stuff, two of the other housemates came up to say hello.”

“The first housemate is now one of my best friends and was one of Corey’s ushers. The second was Corey.”

“We became friends, then slowly started falling in love without realising the other person felt the same way, until one night he plucked up the courage and kissed me.”


When did you get engaged?

“We got engaged on December the 2nd 2014, nearly 9 years into our relationship.”

“I was sitting on the floor in the living room cutting up snowflakes for Christmas decorations.”

“Corey came in with a bag and asked me if I’d like one of my Christmas presents.”

“He handed it to me. Inside there was a large box and in that there was the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen.”

“I looked at him, not quite sure what to think, at which point he told me that I was the best thing that happened to him, and then he asked me to marry him.”


Tell us about your wedding planning journey

“We got married a little over 6 months after we got engaged, so our wedding planning was rather rapid and a little chaotic!”

“I knew I wanted to get married in Our Lady and the English Martyrs, Cambridge, where I grew up and where my parents still lived, so the first thing we did was arrange a meeting with the priest.”

“Neither of us wanted a long engagement. When the priest suggested May we agreed, thinking, rather naively, that it wouldn’t be too difficult to plan a wedding in 6 months.”

“I also knew straight away who I wanted to be our photographer.”

“My friend Amy had just set up her photography business. She was one of the first people, after close family and friends, who I told about our engagement.”

“I knew that she would document our day perfectly, leaving us with pictures that would make us grin with joy.”

“It meant I had the added bonus of having a friend around me all day, which was incredibly reassuring.”


“We had quite a small budget, but a pretty large guest list, which threw up a lot of challenges.”

“We needed a venue that was large enough to hold everyone, that allowed us to bring in our own catering and that wasn’t too expensive.”

“Corey managed to find a village hall that was absolutely perfect, and his parents discovered that the local butchers would do a barbecue and hog roast.”

“I enjoy knitting and crochet, and soon after we got engaged I knew that I was going to try and knit my own veil and make the bouquets for myself and my bridesmaids.”

“My bridesmaids in turn threw themselves into making and sourcing decorations for the venue.”

“My Dad and uncle offered to run the bar, and my Dad offered to be DJ for the night.”

“Our wedding day was a real community effort, with so many friends and family helping out before, during and after the day.”


When did you get married?

“We got married on the 23rd May 2015.”


What was the best bit of your day?

“There were so many wonderful parts to the day. Corey’s gift to me and the card that came with it made me even more certain I was marrying the right man.”

“The ceremony was light hearted at times, meaningful at others, and the hour we had together having our photo’s taken around Cambridge, with people smiling and congratulating us, was really special.”

“The best bit, though, was after all of that. Once the speeches were done, and the cake was cut, we were both able to relax and have fun.”

“We had our first dance, then barely saw each other for the rest of the evening!”

“I was on the dancefloor, and Corey was outside talking to people for most of the night. It meant that we both have very different memories of the evening, which is actually quite wonderful.”

“I thought that we would spend the evening mingling with guests together. Instead we’ve been able to share our different stories from the night, making it that little bit more special.”


What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

“Things will probably go wrong during the planning, and possibly even on the day, but in the end they won’t matter.”

“For us it was the religious paperwork. As I’m a Catholic and Corey is not, we needed certain permissions in order to get married in the church we wanted to marry in.”

“We were only told about some of this in April, at which point we very quickly sorted things out.”

“However the week before the wedding the paperwork still hadn’t turned up.”

“Having the priest email you to tell you that the paperwork wasn’t there the Monday before you get married isn’t really what you want to hear! Luckily it turned up that Thursday and everything went beautifully on the day itself.”


Crysta & Corey-1

Crysta & Corey-11 Crysta & Corey-21

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Crysta & Corey-82

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Crysta & Corey-88

Crysta & Corey-90

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Crysta & Corey-501

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Crysta & Corey-526

Crysta & Corey-540

Crysta & Corey-566

Crysta & Corey-571

Crysta & Corey-626



Thank you so much to Amy for sharing this beautiful handmade wedding.

I love the detail, love and attention that has gone into crafting such pretty bouquets and veil which will be an amazing keepsake of a memorable celebration.


Wedding Suppliers

Venue – Arkenstall Village Centre

Photography – Take Aim Photography

Dress – Jenny Packham (bought on PreLoved two years before engagement!)

Bridesmaid Dresses – Ebay and Monsoon

Bride & Bridesmaid Bouquets – Crocheted by Bride

Groom’s Suit – Moss Bros

Decorations – Made or sourced by Bridesmaids

DJ – Brides Father

Bar – Brides Father  & Uncle

Catering – Waitrose and Marks and Spencer – buffet – Hog roast and barbeque – Harnies Hog Roasts

Cake – Precise Cakes


To Contact Take Aim Photography

Website: http://www.takeaimphotography.co.uk/

Email: takeaimphotography@gmail.com

Blog: http://www.takeaimphotography.co.uk/#!blog/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/takeaimphotos




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