A hauntingly romantic Halloween Wedding with glowing pumpkins, magical forests and gorgeous spooky details

When you mix a beautiful love story with glowing pumpkins, magical forests and gorgeous spooky details you get a hauntingly romantic Halloween Wedding.

Cody and Chelsea’s stunning seasonal celebration was captured by Through the Looking Glass : Artistic Imagery.

Aleigha Jade Kelley is Through the Looking Glass : Artistic Imagery,  a unique and imaginative natural light photographer based in the upstate of South Carolina specializing in concept/fine art photography.


The couple share their love story…


How did you meet?

We met by working together at Applebee’s restuarant, we were both servers there.

It was late 2014 when we started catching each other’s eye.

Cody was very flirtacious with me, and he always managed to make me smile and blush.

We complimented each other so well that falling in love was inevitable.

Tell us about your proposal….

It was early 2017 and we were going through a lot with the hardships of a custody battle for Codys son from a previous relationship.

As summer approached, we were invited on a beach trip to Ormond Beach, Florida, USA.

Cody sought out this stunning Botanical Gardens to take me to, to distract me from the struggles we were facing, all while I was pregnant with our little girl.

He led me down a “Labrynth path” where he knelt at the end with a handmade ring from flowers since he had forgotten the real ring at home.

He made me feel so beautiful and special without spending a dime.

Ever since we have conquered so much together, even gaining full custody of our son in 2018.

Tell us about your wedding planning journey…

We immediately began planning as we knew we would have to pay for the Wedding ourselves.

Chelsea started a Pinterest board so she could save any and all ideas she saw fit for our big day.

I knew her favourite colour is black, so this big day was going to be far from traditional. That’s just one of the many reasons I love her.

We spent 2 years planning and slowly buying.

Any special touches/DIY?

Yes, nearly everything was DIY by me. It was our cheapest option and I am rather crafty.

I reinvented a chandelier that was used at my baby shower, painted it black and put pumpkins where the lights went.

It was elegant, cheap, and a wonderful centrepiece.

What was the theme/ colour palette of your big day?

Our Halloween wedding theme was like no other. I was aiming for a dark, elegant, black tie masquerade. I am certain we achieved the look.

Our colours were black and white stripes, then plum and gold to clash with everything else.

What was the best bit of your day?

Honestly, we just loved seeing those we love celebrate with us and be happy. the joy is priceless.

Of course Chelseas favourite bit was how I reacted to seeing her all dolled up in her gorgeous dress.

Any advice you would give to other couples getting married?

Save accordingly. Find the style you both love , what represents you both, and run with it, even if it is different, untraditional, or just plain odd.

It is your one and only day. Just relax cause things will come up, finances, broken decor, unexpected “uh-oh’s” , but inevitably it will come together.

Stand tall, hold hands, kiss, and conquer all things that come your way.

The most fabulous weddings are the ones that the couple pour their personalities into, after all why do it anyone elses way when you do you spectacularly!

And with Cody and Chelseas day the creativity and imagination put into it is off the scale!

Now, when you think about holiday weddings, Halloween probably isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind… but these two are here to show you how ‘spooky’ & ‘romantic’ can actually blend beautifully together!

With a bit of a Gothic aesthetic mixed with seasonal detail this is a Halloween Wedding at its very best!


Halloween Wedding Vendors

Venue: Lodge Montagna – Georgia – USA

Photographer: Aleigha Jade Kelley  –Through The Looking Glass: Artistic Imagery – South Carolina

Wedding Dress: Ebay.

Bridesmaid Gowns: Maudress – Amazon / Maid of honour – MISS SHOW – Amazon

Suits: Barry’s Better Menswear

Cake artist: Cathy Jo Brown – Belton – South Carolina

Florist: Chelsea (Bride)

Rings: Silver Treasures.

Stationery: Chelsea (Bride)

Hair/ make up artist: Desiree Armstrong ( Brides sister) – Athens – Georgia


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    That was beautiful just like the bride. I remember when she broke her wrist at my house on the 4 wheeler. I love you kiddo

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