A joyous South London Wedding with pretty blue and yellow details

Today I am thrilled to share the joyous South London Wedding of Averial and Herman with pretty blue and yellow details.

As we grow and evolve in our life journey together there is one thing that will never change ..the ability to keep falling in love with our someone special.

Averial and Hermans 33 year old love story led to this beautiful day of celebration and the strengthening of their beautiful bond.

Images were captured by About Today Photography.

About Today Photography are Zoe & Tom, a husband and wife team and Wedding and portrait photographers based in Manchester.

They describe their style as artistic, contemporary, relaxed and colourful.


They say of the couple and their South London Wedding Day…


We first met Averial and Herman at their daughter Janice’s Wedding a few years ago.

Janice and Ryan’s wedding is to this day is one of our favourite weddings we’ve been lucky enough to capture, so we were overjoyed when Janice got in touch to say her parents were getting married and wanted us to photograph it!

It’s was a lovely day which centred on friends and family, so many guests had heart warming stories of how Averial and Herman had had a positive impact on their lives.

Seeing so many familiar faces from Janice and Ryan’s wedding from Pastor Beryl who did the ceremony for Janice was this time not only conducting the wedding but also sorting the catering.

We also got a chance to catch up with Janice and Ryan and see how Nubia and Xion are growing up.

When you get to capture someone’s wedding they are letting you in on a very intimate part of their lives and for most couples you might not see them in person again after their wedding day so it’s always amazing when we get a chance to catch up with a couple.

The whole day was vibrant and joyful.

Filled with colour and happiness, from the singers at the ceremony to the many, many, many speeches from friends and family and just the huge number of guests that were there to celebrate Averial and Herman’s South London wedding day.

Throughout the whole day it was clear how much Averial and Herman care for each other and how deep their affections run.


I hand over to stunning Bride Averial to share the couples story…


How did you meet

In November 1986 myself and a group of work colleagues went to a cricket presentation dance, where Herman was presented with several trophies.

We were having a great time, not realising that Herman/ my now husband had his eyes on me.

I later learnt that Herman had been given the low down on me by his friend/one of my work colleagues.

Although Herman and I didn’t communicate that night, a few weeks later while at home, having taken the day off work sick, the door bell rang. who was at the door?

My colleague with Herman in tow, and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

We were wed 33 years later.

Tell us about the proposal…

Over the years Herman wanted us to get married but I was comfortable as we were.

Sadly in September 2017 my cousin and brother passed away within 4 days of each other, it was a heart breaking time for me/us.

Still trying to come to terms with our loss, out of the blue 10 months later (July 2018) Herman’s mother also sadly passed away.

In October 2018, myself and 2 friends went to Barcelona to celebrate our birthdays,

On returning home Herman and I realised how much we missed and loved each other,cwanting to be together more than ever, especially after the sad events that we had gone through.

One Saturday evening in November 2018 while in the kitchen, I noticed that Herman was looking particularly down.

I hugged him and said ‘Lets get married’. The kitchen was probably not the most romantic of places, but its the heart of our home.

Herman opened his eyes wide and asked what I had just said, he thought he was hearing things.

I repeated myself, and he was so happy he wanted to announce it to everyone straight away.

In fact around midnight he sent a message to our friend, Pastor Beryl St.James telling her that I have said Yes!

On the Monday we started searching for reception venues, by the end of the week the reception was booked.

Tell us about your wedding journey…

Our dear friend Pastor Beryl insisted that we leave everything to her, she had been waiting for many years for our special day, she was ecstatic.

She took charge of almost every aspect, she was also the one who accompanied me to choose my wedding dress, she is a true friend.

She was our Officiant on the day, her company catered and they also decorated the church and the reception.

We were confident that she would make us proud, she surely did, going over and beyond.

Any special touches?

To our surprise on the eve of our South London wedding, we received a call from the wedding car company, apologising that there was a problem with the white Mercedes S class that we had booked.

However they told us they were giving us an upgrade at no additional cost, a white Rose Royce!

What was the colour palette of your day?

We chose Ivory, navy, gold & yellow as our colour scheme for the day.

What was the best bit of the day?

Although our seating plan went completely out of the window, over 300 friends/guests were seated in an orderly fashion.

Our friends/guests some who had never met, ended up socialising and exchanging phone numbers.

Friends/guests still talk about our day, commenting that it was wonderful,unforgettable, inspirational, it made a difference to be invited to celebrate a wedding rather than to attend a funeral, the highlight of their year.

There was so much love in the room, and that made everything special!

What would you have done differently?

The only thing we didn’t do and wished we had was to engage a Videographer.

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

Try not to stress, enjoy the day and engage a Videographer.

Wedding Vendors

Photographers: About Today Photographers

Church: Beulah Family Church

Reception: Imperial House Banqueting

Wedding dress: Next Fashion by Palter

Bridesmaid dresses: ASOS

Men’s suits: Debenham’s / M&S

Wedding rings: James Jewellers

Wedding cake: BleuBelle Cakes

Caterers: Caribbean Catering

Stationery: Optimal-Print

Hair: Perfect Blend

Make up: Sophie Danielle

Wedding car: Wedding cars for Hire


To Contact About Today Photography

Website: www.abouttodayphotography.co.uk

Email: abouttodayphotography@gmail.com

Phone:  07709122211

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    We my sister and I still talk about that fabulous day .What a day.I was so proud to be part of this day.It was like a fairytale day.The weather was good and the food excellent.I personally enjoyed that rum punch.I wish we could do it all again.Thanks for making us part of your day.Im still looking for mr right.Anything is possible love and respect Mr and Mrs panton.

  2. Reply

    The wedding was lovely , I can still remember the beautiful singing as we approached the church. Averial arrived it was so special watching her walking with her Son 💕 The girls in navy looked stunning. The photographers were on another level they captured the day beautifully 💯💜

  3. Reply

    If there was ever a curiosity on what enduring type of love looks like, this is it. One can’t read this remarkable love story and view the pictures without become tearful with joy. Congratulations to you both, I wish I could’ve been there to witness it, however this blog allows me to share in your beautiful day. Lots of love to my UK fam. This was beautiful.

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    Stunning wedding, a beautiful read with stunning pictures ❤❤❤

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    It was such a beautiful day for a truly beautiful and remarkable genuine couple. The pictures are beautiful, the food was delicious and the whole atmosphere was outstanding. I feel blessed to have been invited to celebrate this joyous occasion. This is what true love is all about.

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    Such a blessed Day ,Beautiful Bribe, Handsome Groom- make a lovely couple. Such a personal meaningful service, full of tears of happiness.
    Both blessed with ☀️ Amazing photos In the park.
    Fabulous reception great atmosphere full of love and happiness for the happy couple – this day was a long time coming – giving Thanks for the invitation to share it.
    Love to you both Mr and Mrs Panton, god bless your marriage with good health and happiness for your years ahead.
    love Denise ❤️🙏🏽

  7. Reply

    Many thanks to you all n also for leaving such lovely messages ❤
    Our day went by so so quickly
    I was really hoping n looking forward to the first year anniversary to have a little celebration 🍾with some off you wonderful friends to say thanks for the lovely gifts 🎁which were given to us , we really appreciate your kindness
    Stay bless 🙌

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