A Love that starts with Haribo – Chic City Wedding – Images by Priti Shikotra

When a Wedding proposal includes Haribo & the Wedding is accentuated with colour pop Origami birds then I get a wee bit excited…..
Not to mention big huge balloons and Vivienne Westwood shoes and even cuter, little girl Vivienne Westwood shoes !
Today I am ecstatic to be able to share the beautiful work of Priti Shikotra, and the beautiful Wedding of Melissa and Tony.

origami birds


Based in the North West, PSHIKOTRA Photography specialises in Music Photography /Portraits/ Wedding Photography/Editorial and Headshots.

Priti shares a wee bit about her blossoming Business,

“I started out with photography on the cusp of 2009 – 2010. Always had a passion for capturing live music even from a young age on a point and shoot camera.”

“I got my first DSLR in 2009 and I started practising by photographing gigs.”

“In 2011 I took a year away from the UK and lived out in Australia for 7 months then headed on to travel aorund Bali , Thailand, Tokyo & Hong Kong before heading home for Christmas last December.”

“I’ve always wanted to work for myself,  and my mum was probably the inspiration for this as she’s always worked for herself and been successful at it too. She’s a Seamstress and works with indian fashion garments,  something she has done for years.”

“Anyway, I came back from travelling and threw myself into photography, with the year away giving me a chance to reflect on what I wanted to pursue and music photography was my passion, this graduated into Weddings.”

“I’ve started in the wedding industry this year, and I’m passionate about documenting, like a journal, but visually, the processess and encounters of the day. It ties in very well with weddings – and naturally I have started attracting couples which are big fans of music…”

Melissa, the Bride now takes over our tale of how their love grew…

How they Met

“Mine and Tony’s love story goes back in time to 2002 when I was 15 and Tony 16.”

“After a year of so of  Will we, Won’t we, being friends and a not too successful First Date we fell out of touch until one evening in 2005….”

How we got together

“After those few years apart, Tony now lived and worked in Spain as a dive instructor. I saw him on a night out in Southport in May 2005, and we sat chatting in a bar for hours without a thought about the world going on around us.”

“I remember thinking that night that it was such a shame that he was going back to Spain in a couple of days, and that I had a boyfriend as I could see us being great together and it was obvious that both of our shyness had disappeared.”

“But it wasn’t to be until 28th October of that year, I was out with a colleague after recently getting dumped and trying to forget about my ex when I saw Tony in a bar.”

“Like the night in May we spoke for hours and at the end of the night ended up back in the spot where we’d first met 4 years earlier, this was where we then had our first kiss, it felt right and neither of us are sure who made the first move all that matters was that it was right for us both at that time. And that was the beginning of our relationship.”

“I wont go into too many details but as I had recently come out of a relationship and I didn’t want to jump straight in so we took things slow and met once a week, all my friends knew was that I had a man who came round on a Sunday but nothing else until New Years when we shocked quite a few friends by sharing a New years snog.”

“The rest is history and Tony never went back to Spain!”

5 Years passed without a Proposal, and then Tony was drafted away for a few months with the Navy…

The Proposal

“So this wasn’t as simple as you’d expect a proposal to be, while Tony had been away for the month he had decided that now was the right time to get engaged as we had been through so much together.”

“He had been in touch with the shop where we had picked my ring 6 months earlier and had reserved it but in the meantime while it was getting resized he got a little carried away and hence I  had a week of proposals!”

“After teasing me for months Tony finally decided it was time to seal the deal but not without a few hiccups along the way……”

“On the Tuesday Tony put some fluff on my finger and jokingly asked me to marry him, I told him to bugger off and shrugged it off as a joke – turns out this was Tony’s way of testing the water!”

“On the Wednesday Tony couldn’t hide his excitement of secretly ordering my ring so placed a Haribo ring on my pillow. When I noticed he put it on my finger and asked me to marry him again, this to me was the perfect proposal. We decided to keep it secret until we could tell people face to face.”

“On the Thursday Tony decided that he’d gotten carried away the night before and wanted to propose the traditional way so told me I had dreamt the Haribo proposal that I loved so much, this made me very angry and cue a very uncomfortable ride to  a friends house.”

“I was understandably upset and was having a little shout at Tony when he pulled over it quite possibly the most unglamorous area of Liverpool and confessed ‘I have a ring, will you marry me?!!!’ to which I called him a very rude name!!”

“On the Friday we announced our engagement and started the planning, also on this day my sister gave birth to Gabriel so in all it was a very good day!!”

“Finally on the Saturday Tony took me to Southport where he was due to collect the ring he’d ordered earlier in the week but pretended that it wasn’t ready so made them walk around town for a hour.”

“All this time I knew the ring was in his pocket but didn’t want to ruin the moment so gently guided him to a spot where we used to meet all those years ago, it was here at the band stand on Lord Street that Tony finally asked me to marry him again but this time with a ring and no drama.”

The Big Day

“We knew the wedding was going to be in Liverpool, and to be honest i knew that the ceremony venue had to be Liverpool Town Hall from the minute we got engaged.”

“I work on the same street as the Town Hall and I’d walk past It everyday and just stare into it. As neither of us were religious a church was not a option and I didnt fancy a hotel ceremony so the Town Hall was a no brainer……”

“It would of been amazing to have a summer wedding in August but there was a possibility that Tony would be deployed with the Navy over the Summer so we had to work the wedding around that.”

“We knew the deployment would be from mid June until mid September so we came ended up with the first Friday in October and kept our fingers crossed that he’d be home by then. As it turned out that was also a year to the day of the haribo proposal so that was a nice touch. Luckily he came home on September 15th so we had 3 weeks to get used to each other again before the wedding.”

“If you are not familiar with Liverpool then Hope Street is the street that has 2 cathedrals on and is very chic.”

“Our Venue, The Hope St Hotel is a great example of old vs new. What I loved about Hope Street Hotel is the various spaces that they can easily adjust to fit the vibe of your day.”

“The room we used for the wedding breakfast is called The Fifth, this has floor to ceiling windows on 2 sides and the most spectacular views of the city that I’ve ever seen. The view is what sealed the deal. The fifth is white and airy and perfect for what we needed, what we wanted was 1 large table for all guests.”

“We  had a small wedding of 25 people only. We decided to keep it small as Tony hates being the centre of attention and having 70 people would of been un comfortable for him plus the fact that I was not willing to host a wedding for people that we never see.”

“As far as I am concerned a wedding should be what the bride and groom wants and not about anyone else,  and so if you want a small wedding stand your ground!!”

“So we had a very traditional ceremony at Liverpool Town Hall followed by a light and airy wedding breakfast at the Fifth.”

“The next part of the wedding was the evening reception. Luckily Hope Street Hotel also has a fab bar in the basement which is all steel poles and exposed bricks, perfect for what we wanted in the evening.”

“We invited 130 people in the evening as we wanted to have a big party with live music and good food.”

“During the day the decor was minimalist  with just a few posy’s of flowers along the table and candles. The evening was all about the party though and with around 130 people coming it was be completely different to the day.”

“The venue was be decorated with 1000 origami crane birds strung along the room along with 3ft giant balloons to give colour and interesting shapes.

The bands, including Just by Chance Band and friends were set up at one end of the room with the dance floor flowing from there through to the bar area, at the other end of the room and an area with a grand piano and leather sofas for relaxing.

“Focal points included our Tower of cheese and our cake, with a Miss Cake name topper.”

“Then tucked away in an corner we had a DIY photo booth area with a curtain of origami behind it so people could have fun.”


miss cake cake topper

origami birds

origami birds


I love this whole Wedding, its just delicious. Beautiful detailing with lots of colour.

The origami Birds were created by Melissa as its something she had been doing since she was around 9 and thought it’d be nice to include it in the wedding, and I think she did an incredible job.

I love both intimacy of the Day but also the fun and sharing of the Evening.

And what can I say about the Shoes…Vivienne Westwoods and even cuter….Little Viviennes !!!

Thanks to Priti for letting me share her gorgeous images and the couples special moments.


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