A modern elegant Melbourne Warehouse Wedding with beautiful botanical details

Today I am thrilled to share a modern elegant Melbourne Warehouse Wedding with beautiful botanical details.

Images were captured by Briars Atlas Photography.

Oli Sansom of Brairs Atlas is a Melbourne Wedding Photographer.

He turns up, mixes a dash of art with a dollop of anarchy, always focused on capturing the best of things, just as they are.

He photographs weddings and elopements in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and Worldwide.


Bride Anna says of the couples stunning Melbourne Warehouse wedding…


How long have you been together?

When we got married we had been together 4.5 years.

Tell us a little bit about the proposal…

How do we summarize this day. A comedy of errors really.

I (Anna Ashton) had planned a “surprise weekend away” which I had managed to keep under wraps for about 6 months.

However, the closer we got to the day, the closer Anna L came to sniffing something was up…she happens to have a great knack of guessing surprises then acting like she’s won the lottery which would drive anyone mad.

We arrived at our dear friend Kate’s vineyard on the morning of August 12, I was half nervous half still suspicious she caught on to my planned out weekend.

Kate was so excited that I had asked to propose at her property that she had come up with this grandiose idea of tying the packaged ring onto her foal Kara .

Anna and Kara had formed a bond that only they could explain, and now let me clarify, Kara is this beautiful little thing, who believes she is more of a dog / human than a horse.

So naturally, I laughed and agreed, as this would simply add a layer of entertainment which Anna would have never guessed was planned.

Upon our arrival, friends Peter and Janet took us down to the barn where an elaborate tasting was awaiting us.

They proceeded to pop some bubbles and attempted to not give anything away. However, the awkward conversations and bubbles were a little less than what we were normally greeted with.

By this stage though Anna L was a little confused as to whether or not it was actually happening.

We sat in the barn trying to keep the conversation flowing while Kate rained in Kara and tied the rings to her halter.

From a distance I could see a little bit of a struggle which luckily Anna L had her back to and was unbeknownst to it all.

Luckily, Kate managed to miraculously get it on and waved to signal the ‘go ahead’.

I took her cue and suggested to Anna L we go for a walk to see Kara. As we walked up Pete grabbed my phone and started recording the events that were about to unfold.

Kara was being her usual non-horse-like self, trotting up and down the fence line, neighing and rearing. We grabbed some carrot to lure her in.

Once we had her, the ring box was in sight, Anna L started to tear up whilst I yanked and pulled on the box trying to get it off the harness, little to my knowledge Kate had done some sailors number on me.

Once I managed to untie the box off Kara (who was not impressed), Anna L opened the box to reveal the ring and simultaneously replied “yes” to my question.

We celebrated for a little bit longer with them then headed off to Madden’s Rise as our family and friends were awaiting our arrival.

At this stage, the delay had caused us to be a couple hours late, leaving many to speculate Anna L to have replied “No”.

That was not the case thankfully.

Any funny stories from the lead up to the wedding?

AA – Mum getting into the wedding spirit after a few weeks of “you are meant to be saving for a house” and naming herself “M.O.B” in every store we went into. Well in fact, in day to day life too.

AL – Travelled for 5 weeks with AA’s MOB around Europe prior to the wedding and came back with 2 weeks to spare – that was something.

What led you to decide on your venue?

The lovely team consisting of Sam + Celeste Gant (Gather & Tailor + Pot & Pan Catering), Emily Bradbury (North St Botanical), Oli Sansom (Photographer) got together to donate some of their resources towards a Winter Wedding package to support the “Yes Vote” that passed in late December of 2017.

We were very lucky to have been chosen as the winners.

Previous to this  we had loved the look and feel of Gather & Tailor and they were on our radar of possible venues.

What was the inspiration behind your day?

We have always imagined our day to be spent with the closest people to us. Nothing too big or overdone.

A simple celebration of love and the coming together of our nearest and dearest.

We had envisioned our day to be rustic yet chic. We’ve always loved the idea of a raw space that can be used as a blank canvas to create a magical evening true to us.

Warehouse 2 of Gather & Tailor offered just that, Emily and her team did a fantastic job at filling the space with beautiful, romantic foliage with spots of winter warmth and Oli’s wonder skills with his camera captured the mood & feel quite brilliantly.

What are some of your favourite details from the day? 

For us, it was our vision of the space come to life. Anna and I had been planning the look & feel of the venue with the team at Gather & Tailor for a few weeks and together with Emily (and her team) that vision came to full fruition.

It was simply an incredible feeling to see it all come together and then see our family and friends fill the space.

Did you undertake any DIY projects?

The aesthetic of the venue, albeit cold on the day, was absolutely spot on with AL’s design (Tim Studios) elements finding their home for the night and peppered throughout the venue on tables and stands alike. It helps to have your partner be a creative!

AL was a DJ for 8 years in Vancouver prior to moving to Melbourne 6 years ago and couldn’t pass on the opportunity to DJ our wedding (@_annalot).

Talk to us about your dresses.. 

AA – I wore the Ellery Trumpet sleeved dress, it was love at first sight

AL – I wore the Dion Lee Column Dress. I knew I wanted to wear Dion Lee. I tried 3 different styles before I knew the Column dress was the one, for me it was love at first fit! So our process was quite easy and painless.

Where did you find your key vendors? 

Instagram mainly; however, DJ gear Anna L had used before, candles were recommended by Gather & Tailor, Lighting and curtain AA sourced locally.

What is your favourite moment from the day? 

Our Vows, we wrote our own which made the guests and each other laugh. It was perfectly unperfect and definitely one of our favourite parts of the night.

Mobile Interruption: Being interrupted during the ceremony by my (Anna L) mobile phone, being too close to the speaker and making little galloping noises through the speaker (I had curated a playlist on Spotify which was playing through the speakers) and although the music was paused the volume on the speaker was still on.. no one got up to turn it down or off so I excused myself from the ceremony to run up to it and turn it off.

I then ran back to Anna and we continued on with people laughing away and our celebrant just going along with the comedy it created.

Phil (Anna’s Father) needs to be mentioned for his 7 page speech which lasted a whooping 20+ mins!

To the point where Anna’s Mother (they’re divorced but friends) got up and started using the foliage as objects to throw at Phil, signalling him to take a seat.

This did not seem to bother him one bit as he kept on going.

The Elwood Choir which Anna’s mother is a part of was hands down the most beautiful and best entertainment of the ceremony.

It simply wouldn’t have been the same without their beautiful presence.. and ultimately their dance moves!

Any funny stories from the day?

The crazy rain and hail before we walked down the aisle. It was so loud it was deafening

The sun coming out and streaming through the windows as we walked by our guests, then the rainbow coming out to grace us with its presence as we said I do!

The ring bearers parents getting lost on the other side of town as the address they had typed in took them somewhere else. Luckily we had the rings on us.

Issues with the heating meaning our guests shivered whilst we plied them with alcohol and made them dance to fight off the numbing limbs.

What advice would you give to other couples planning a wedding?

Take 10 minutes to yourself on the day /night, as the day just flies by!

Try and savour the moment in some way.

Pick the right team of suppliers as it will make the day go smoothly. People love great food and great drinks, make sure you treat yourself and them!

Anything you are really glad you did? Or wish you didn’t do?

GLAD: Anna A’s mother had suggested getting the Elwood Choir to sing a few songs (as she is a part of the choir).

Both Anna and I were a little hesitant but decided that it would be great entertainment and a different way to have our favourite songs sang as we walked down the aisle!

It was by far the best part of our day! The mixed dance moves provided by the choir were just as much of a hit!

SKIP: We almost thought of getting a cake but quickly turned away from that idea. It was an extra thing we just didn’t have to worry about and something our guests did not miss. If anything start the dancefloor early and get a great DJ to entertain all different ages and crowds!

Any stand out vendors from your wedding? 

Gab our celebrant – words cannot explain .. she was our best match, kind, loving and a sense of humour that matched ours! We felt so at ease with her.

Oli our photographer – he is the bee’s knees. He made us feel so included from the beginning. He made everything SUPER easy and is such a great human! He knew exactly what he was doing and has such a great eye. His energy is infectious.

Emily at Gather  – again, made us feel very special during the process, organising things in relation to a wedding is a little daunting.

Emily was open with communication, told us how things were going to go and gave us faith she was going to absolutely run with her ideas and own it.

Made the whole process so easy and gave us confidence we were going to have the venue looking stunning.

Sam & Celest and their  catering team – Pot & Pan delivers on their culinary practice! Everyone still raves about the food!

What does marriage mean to you?

AL: Well for me always meant that I would be given the opportunity to ditch my last name.. which is sure not ever happening with Anna as we would then become each other!!

But all jokes aside, our marriage is promise we are making to each other to be there for one another through highs and lows, good and bad.

It signifies our love, and our rings are a reminder of our journey together.

Wedding Vendors

Venue: Gather and Tailor

Photographer: Briars Atlas

Officiant: Gabrielle Christopher

Dress Designer: Dion Lee

Shoes: Proenza Schouler / Nicholas Kirkwood

Floral Designer: North St Botanical

Design and Decor: The Supply Co

Equipment Rentals: DJ Warehouse Hire

Caterer: Pot and Pan

Ceremony Music: The Elwood Choir

Ring Designer: Julia Deville

Transportation: Uber


To Contact Briars Atlas Photography

Website: https://briarsatlas.com/

Email: enquire@briarsatlas.com

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