A Northamptonshire Theatre Wedding with a Pantomime Dame Wedding Cake

Today I thrilled to share this gorgeous Northamptonshire Theatre Wedding with hints of blue and a Pantomime Dame Wedding Cake.

Images of the day were captured by Beki Young Photography.


Sally and Sam Wedding-, beki young photography


Beki Young is a  Dorset Wedding photographer and a bookbinder and she is mega into what she does.

She doesn’t believe in following the rules of traditional wedding photography and portraiture.

She is an artist and approaches every wedding with a free and creative energy.

She believes it is a huge privilege to photograph a wedding and she works hard to be unobtrusive but to also make everyone feel relaxed and have fun whilst  she is taking their picture.

This is how she believes you get good shots and people are comfortable enough to reveal who they are.

She is crazy about Fleetwood Mac, photographing in the evening light, anything that your granny may have in her house, making friends, making things andsheI would do anything for thicker hair.

She lives in Dorset with her Boyfriend in an old do-er-up-er cottage.


Beki says of the couples day…


“Well it was a first for me…  last November Sally and Sam did getting wed on stage in a beautiful theatre, in front of an audience of their friends and family, incorporating the event into a pantomime – yes with Fairy Godmothers, Buttons and singing!”

“Their totally unique wedding was so full of fun and joy, we laughed danced and were super merry.”


I now hand over to beautiful Bride Sally…


How did you meet?

“Sammy was the year above me at university.”

“We met when Sam showed my dad and I around on my open day – he was the silly one in the Santa hat.”

“A year later, we were both involved in a project putting a show on at the beautiful Minack Theatre in Cornwall.”

“The day before we left, Sam joked and said we should get married at the theatre…!”

“If only we knew then that 6 years later we would be getting married in a theatre.”


When did you get engaged?

“We got engaged on the 8th December 2012.”

“I have always been a bit of a London Transport geek, so imagine my surprise when I turned around outside a west end theatre to see an old open top double decker routemaster bus with ‘Will you Marry Me?’ Emblazoned across the front!”

“It was incredible, the bus drove us around London lit by Christmas lights for two hours, then we had a beautiful dinner and he’d booked a hotel in the centre of London to top it all off.”

“He’d even organised cat care for the night – what a perfect man!”


Tell us about your wedding planning journey

“We loved our wedding planning journey. We both wanted to be involved equally.”

“All decisions were made together and we had so much fun!”

“All my friends and family were expecting the bridezilla moment but it never arrived.”

“We decided early on to enjoy ourselves and trust the professionals, so I didn’t get stressed about the venue or the food, the flowers or the photographs because these people do it for a job, they’ve done far more weddings than me so I may as well let them get on with it!”

“We loved finding our suppliers and having fun with our theatre theme.”

“We’ve been part of a theatre company for years so this process was so similar to putting on a show.”

“We needed the technical crew, the actors, the publicity, marketing and merchandise.”

“It all slotted together well and we loved every minute!”


When did you get married?

“We got married at the Royal & Derngate Theatre in Northampton on 16th November 2013.”

“Our reception was at the Guildhall which was a beautiful two minute walk away from the theatre.”


What was the best bit of your day?

“The best part is really tough to pick.”

“I loved the time before the ceremony when I was sat with my gorgeous bridesmaids and my dad getting ready to go inside the auditorium.”

“We were just chatting and laughing. I wasn’t nervous or scared, just eager to take it all in and remember every second.”

“We both loved our standing ovation after the show had finished, we’d said our vows and sang the finale.”

“It was amazing to see all our friends and family on their feet clapping, laughing and smiling with us.”


What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

“Stay calm, enjoy yourself with your partner, trust your suppliers – they know what they are doing!!”

“And delegate jobs – people love to know they’re helping.”


Sally and Sam Wedding-16

Sally and Sam Wedding-19

Sally and Sam Wedding-26

Sally and Sam Wedding-38

Sally and Sam Wedding-46

Sally and Sam Wedding-49

Sally and Sam Wedding-53

Sally and Sam Wedding-61

Sally and Sam Wedding-89

Sally and Sam Wedding-108

Sally and Sam Wedding-120

Sally and Sam Wedding-124

Sally and Sam Wedding-144

Sally and Sam Wedding-150

Sally and Sam Wedding-177

Sally and Sam Wedding-179

Sally and Sam Wedding-181

Sally and Sam Wedding-184

Sally and Sam Wedding-239

Sally and Sam Wedding-280

Sally and Sam Wedding-325

Sally and Sam Wedding-341

Sally and Sam Wedding-356

Sally and Sam Wedding-365a

Sally and Sam Wedding-392

Sally and Sam Wedding-418

Sally and Sam Wedding-431

Sally and Sam Wedding-438

Sally and Sam Wedding-454

Sally and Sam Wedding-490

Sally and Sam Wedding-496

Sally and Sam Wedding-497

Sally and Sam Wedding-499

Sally and Sam Wedding-510

Sally and Sam Wedding-516

Sally and Sam Wedding-527

Sally and Sam Wedding-531

Sally and Sam Wedding-533
Sally and Sam Wedding-535

Sally and Sam Wedding-539

Sally and Sam Wedding-541

Sally and Sam Wedding-552

Sally and Sam Wedding-634

Sally and Sam Wedding-659

Sally and Sam Wedding-668

Sally and Sam Wedding-695

Sally and Sam Wedding-719

Sally and Sam Wedding-733

Sally and Sam Wedding-743

Sally and Sam Wedding-745


Thank you so much to Beki for sharing this fabulous theatre wedding, and her stunning photography.

I also want to thank Sam and Sally for sharing their creativity…I love the West end musicals table plan, and their cake is absolutely glorious in its nod to pantomime and its vibrant colour.

What a fun day for guests and amazing to be able to sing part of their ceremony, amazing.


Wedding Suppliers

Venues – Royal & Derngate Theatre Northampton &  Northampton Guild Hall

Photography- Beki Young Photography

Flowers – Sweetrose Florists

Dress – Serendipity Brides, Weedon

Jewellery- (Brides mums friend) Susie McKay

Hair- Stacey & Jade’s Salon –  Northampton

Caterers – Cloverdale catering

Theatre Wedding Planning- Sweet Events

Reception Planning – Guildhall


To Contact Beki Young Photography

Website: http://www.bekiyoung.co.uk

Email: beki@bekiyoung.co.uk

Phone: 07584 677 171

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bekiyoungweddings

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bekiyoung1



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