A Northumberland Wedding with Maps and Cricket and a touch of DIY!

Today it gives me great pleasure to share this lovely Northumberland Wedding with Maps and Cricket and a touch of DIY!

Images of the day were captured by Jamie Penfold of Memories and Emotions Wedding Photography.



Jamie Penfold is an award winning Photographer based in Tyne and Wear with a reputation for creating stunning, eye catching images.

He creates images that reflect the soul, emotion and magic of the day and delivers across a range of styles.

His approach puts people at ease which allows for natural looking images that have the “wow” factor, and he has affectionately become known as the Converse behind the camera in the Wedding Industry.


Jamie shares his recollections of  Rachel and Liams fabulous day…


“There I was at the Wedding Wonder Show at St James’ Park in Newcastle last October, talking to couples and having a laugh with my usual neighbours at the event, Mooshki Bridal.”

“Things were starting to quieten down when I started talking to a bride to be and her mum. ”We’re going to have a marquee in Corbridge at the cricket club”.

“WOW!!!! I was blown away from that point on. It was going to be very much a DIY wedding.”

“So here is the story of Rachel and Liam’s wedding featuring Corbridge Northumberland Wedding.”

“Early October. Corbridge in Northumberland. A bit of cloud but relatively warm.”

“If you haven’t been to Corbridge I suggest you do. It’s beautiful. So close to Newcastle but a million miles away from the urban hustle and bustle.”

“Over the previous 12 months I’d got to know Rachel and Liam well and the plans for the day were sounding better and better every time I spoke to them. It was going to be a superb day!”

“At their house, Rachel was upstairs getting ready. Make up and hair was being sorted but the mood was light hearted.”

“Downstairs, Rachel’s mum was making adjustments to her dad’s suit while he tried to open a bottle of bubbly. This was all very relaxed.”

“With everything now in place we were ready for the off. With the church being only a few hundred metres up the road, Rachel opted for walking to the church, walking in the middle of the road for the final part of the journey.”

“I think we all wanted a traffic stopping moment but in reality this was rural Northumberland and the whole village had stopped for the wedding anyway so there was no traffic!”

“Piped into the church, Rachel met Liam at the bottom of the aisle. His smile said it all really.”

“As the first hymn was sung they chatted to each other. The ceremony itself was a mix of sentiment and humour.”

“The vicar was hilarious slipping in little jokes here and there. I should also point out that he was also pro-photography. Such a breath of fresh air.”

2After the ceremony and confetti, the guests made their way across the Tyne to the cricket club where the marquee was set up.”

“Meanwhile, Rachel, Liam and I spent some time on the bridge and then up into the hills over looking the village. They sipped champagne in the back of their VW Camper Van whilst being driven around.”

“The marquee was decorated with detail made by Rachel and her friends featuring new and old Ordnance Survey Maps.”

“Flowers were by Wildflower. It looked like an English Country Tea Party.”

“The marquee was set up next to the pavilion and dressing rooms which displayed all sorts of cricket memorabilia from people such as Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff. ”

“The guests were treated to a BBQ grill meal (I have to say, the food was outstanding!). And then the speeches started.”

“Funny doesn’t cut it. There was a lot of emotion but you can’t get away from the dry humour of this gang of people I’d spent the day with.”

“When The Heed (The best man) got up I had to remind myself I was there to work. I was creased as he told a story of Liam’s family’s Rotweiller’s affection for him.”

“This wasn’t so much a best man’s speech poking fun at the groom…he was poking fun at himself. Genius!”

“Into the evening, the band warmed up and then the first dance took place under the stars. This part of the marquee looked mind-blowing.”

“Blacked out with lights dotted around the ceiling. Add to that the uplighting and you were left with an effect that looked similar to the Northern Lights at times.”

“It wasn’t going to take much to get the dance floor full here. As soon as the invite was there everyone was up dancing to Chain Reaction.”

“I departed to the dressing rooms where I spent the following 2 hours or so staging a cricket themed Photo Booth. I’m glad I don’t shock easily! It was hilarious!”

“Just an amazing day and I was so pleased to be part of it.”


corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-002 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-003 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-004 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-005 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-006 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-007 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-008 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-009 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-010 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-011 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-012 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-013


corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-015 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-016 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-017 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-018 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-019 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-021 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-023 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-024 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-025 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-027 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-028 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-029 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-030 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-031 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-032 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-033 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-034 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-035 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-037 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-038 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-039 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-040 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-041 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-042 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-043 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-044 corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-045jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-046

jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-047 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-048 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-049 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-050 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-051 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-052 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-053 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-054 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-055 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-056 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-057 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-058 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-059 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-060 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-061 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-062 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-063 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-064 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-065 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-066 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-067 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-068 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-069 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-070 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-071 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-073 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-074 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-075 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-076 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-077 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-078 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-079 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-080 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-081 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-082 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-083 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-084 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-085 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-086 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-087 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-088 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-089 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-090 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-091 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-092 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-093 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-094 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-097 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-099 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-101 jamie-penfold-corbridge-northumberland-wedding-photography-105

cricket-photobooth-corbridge-wedding -photography-1

cricket-photobooth-corbridge-wedding -photography-2cricket-photobooth-corbridge-wedding -photography-6


Thanks so much to Jamie for sharing this gorgeous Northumberland Wedding.

I love the community feeling you get with the wedding with the walk to the church, and being so close to the countryside and the venue being not the conventional sort of Wedding venue .

THE D.I.Y decor by the bride and her friends is fantastic and so creative.

I also love how the grooms Scottish roots and the brides English roots are so well balanced in table names, wedding beverages, and the funny little scottish/english translation sheets…just too cute.



Photographer – Memories and Emotions by Jamie Penfold

Marquee – Olympus Marquees

Caterers – Jacob and Tori catering

Band – The Funky Bumpers

Florist – Wildflower

Cake – Sarah Harper Cakes

Cars – Canny Campers

Stationary – C-Front

Sweets – Skrumshus of Corbridge

Bride’s dress – Leigh Hetherington Bridal

Piper – Jim Richardson

Favours – Josie’s dragonfly trust

PA System – Essential Sounds

Groom, Best Man and Usher’s outfits – MacGregor and MacDuff (Glasgow)

Bridesmaid dress – Debut from Debenhams

Rings – Kirsty Taylor Jewellery based in Corbridge

DIY Decor – Bride and friends


To Contact Jamie Penfold Photography

Website: http://memoriesandemotions.co.uk/

Phone: 0191 270 8385


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow

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