A pretty Afternoon Tea inspired Essex Wedding with blush pink, grey and blue detail

Today I am thrilled to share a pretty Afternoon Tea inspired Essex Wedding with blush pink, grey and blue detail.

Images were captured by John Woodward Photography.

John is a Cambridgeshire based UK wedding photographer that captures those moments that make you smile.

He likes to shoot the slightly different, the fun aspects of weddings, and looks at things with a slightly sideways glance to get creative.

It’s a relaxed style, energetic and less formal, but capturing moments that you wouldn’t normally see.

Different, unconventional, friendly, helpful and always going the extra mile, laid back and hopefully creative and a bit awesome too!


I hand over to beautiful Bride Anne to tell us the couples love story and about their pretty afternoon tea inspired Essex Wedding…


How did we meet?

We lived two doors down from each other, I quite fancied Ian so after a girl’s lunch out my friends, they dared me to ask him out.

I had nothing to lose. I knocked on his door and asked if he was free for a drink that evening. He said yes.

Ian was quite taken a back that his neighbour asking him out for a drink, but loved the bold approach, as he would never have done that.

Tell us about the proposal…

I thought he was joking.

It was on the longest day of the year, we had both been out all day with our respective families & we had not seen each other all day.

We walked to our local pub for a glass of wine and catch up.

We sat in the beautiful garden on an amazing evening and Ian said out the blue “Will you marry me?”

I ignored him the first time because I thought I misheard him, so he asked again, I was speechless.

I remember looking down at my feet and thinking this is not just about me (we have three children between us from previous marriages) but when he asked again, I said yes.

Ian – I had spent the day wanting to be with Anne, I felt this overwhelming need to let her know how much I loved her and wanted to be with her.

We were talking about us living in next door to each other and our families. I just knew what I had to ask. I remember asking Anne to marry me, and remember that she seemed to be thinking about it.

Tell us about your wedding planning journey…

The hardest thing to organise was the church.

We had both been married before & I was aware that that this particular church is a very high church, so their views to second marriages wasn’t going to be straight forward.

We had to have an interview with the Vicar who in turn asked us questions about our faith journey, our previous marriages and how we felt about each other.

It was quite intense interview, he took notes of which would be submitted to the Bishop for the outcome.

I think we both felt like we had just gone back in time to our school exam days.

Permission was granted, which was fantastic news, and then we were invited to attend a marriage course which was run by the diocese.

We got to meet all the other couples getting married that year, all different ages and stories, it was lovely.

Any special touches…

This was all tied in to the church. Not only was this the beautiful setting for our special day but it was the place I grew up,

I had lived opposite it for most of my life, played in the church grounds, we were all christened there our school plays, village fetes ect.

So the lovely lady vicar who married us is a friend of my Mums, the Lady who organised the church flowers and music (still no singing in June 2021 in church due to Covid) a friend of the family, the church warden, yep a friend of my Mums. Then the bell ringers, guess what….. Yep they are all friends of Mum.

What was the theme of your big day?

Afternoon tea and family!

We knew it was going to be small so I wanted everyone happy, eating cake and the children completely relaxed and enjoying our day.

Colour wise, it wasn’t really a theme, I LOVE flowers so I had to really reign myself in.

I always knew I wanted lily of the valley in my bouquet, as I love their simplicity and yet they smell incredible.

I wanted my Daughter to pick whatever she wanted for her bouquet so again she felt special.

Our florist was amazing; she went through lots of different options with us and was so helpful.

Did Covid have any impact on your wedding planning?

We had to postpone to a year later. I remember the day before what would have been our wedding, having a little cry.

My Mum had been in hospital just the month before with horrible side effect from Covid, I just reminded myself that Thank God I still have my Mum & the following year we could celebrate.

Our unpleasant experience because of Covid was due to a wedding supplier.

On our ordigal date I had the lovely John Woodward booked, we just clicked (pardon the pun).

We had met in 2019 & he just seemed to understand we wanted and just seemed to be on our wavelength.

Unfortunately with our postponement couldn’t re book John as he had already got a booking for that date the following year, I was gutted.

I managed to book another photographer who I found online but unfortunately, we never got to meet due to Covid.

We had put my trust in websites and reviews, but no personal recommendations.

So I paid a deposit & then a few months later I kept getting email offers if we paid in full then we would receive a discount. Thankfully, we didn’t pay in full.

It got six weeks before the wedding and I hadn’t heard anything, so I started calling the photographer, he never called back.7

I got other people to call but we never heard from him again.

I was so upset, we had lost money and we were only weeks away from our wedding.

I emailed John with the subject title I KNOW THIS IS A LONG SHOT……

He called me back and by the grace of God had had a postponement, he could fit us in.

So it all came good in the end, we had the photographer I could trust and we are both delighted with the end result.

What was the best bit of the day?

Anne – I have best bits.

Having my children with me in the morning and all getting ready. Then traveling to the church, the three of us together it felt it was so special.

When Ian and I got to the high altar, he said to me “ we just got married”. It took my breath away.

Having my picture taken with my Mum outside the church, we just turned to each other and knew what we were thinking, John captured it. We made it….

Ian – All of it. I would do it all again if I could.

Is there anything we would differently?

I would have put on each table a little note, asking everyone to send them their pictures of the day.

We went straight from the church away to the Cotswolds, so for two days I didn’t get pictures, and I forgot to pack my phone charger! That didn’t help.

What advice would we give to other couples?

Relax and enjoy. Second time around made a big difference to me, I was so worried about my guests first time around.

Oh and make the most of the WHOLE day, from the moment you wake until the moment sleep!

Afternoon Tea inspired Essex  Wedding Suppliers

Venue: St Mary’s Church –  Radwinter

Photographer – John Woodward Photography

Wedding dress – Jitka Made to Measure 

Sons Suits / Bridesmaid Gown – Next

Cake Maker – Joanne

Florist – Heidi Appleyard

Make up – Flash Kate MUA

Hair – Nutters Hair (Julie)

Caterer – Joanne Sitkiewcz


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