A pretty and handcrafted Islington Wedding with grey and white details

Today I am thrilled to share a pretty and handcrafted Islington Wedding with lovely grey and white details.

Images were captured by Birgitta Zoutman Photography.

Birgitta is a Shrewsbury based photographer capturing informal portraiture, wedding and event photography.

She has loved photos and photography since she was a child and every summer vacation would spend hours leafing through her grandparents collection of photo albums.

When she moved to England from Holland photographs became even more poignant as they were my way of holding on to those moments and loved ones left behind after every visit.

Since buying her first DLSR 10 years whilst at university she has fallen ever more in love with the art of photography.

Her favorite photograph tells a story about its subject. It captures emotion and genuine moments.


I hand over to beautiful Bride Daisy…


How did you meet ?

We met in the classic way of friends. Not in a ‘you two should meet and date’ kind of a way but the ‘we are all sat in the pub and this is so-and-so’.

The friend that introduced us, I hadn’t known very long but had known Tom (my husband) for many years, followed up this introduction a few months later with a “you guys would be great together”

I don’t know what he was expecting but this was never going to work on us, Tom in particular is so frustratingly contrary. Something I now find absolutely hilarious.

So fast forward a few more months and, thanks to student accommodation, I had a week of being homeless and Tom had a spare room so I gave him no choice and we became a lot closer.

Follow that with two months of being apart, I was travelling a little, and apparently you have the beginnings of a great love story.

The day I returned to Cornwall we kissed and that was that, in my head it is this really romantic moment but in reality, we were both pretty drunk so, it was probably horrific to witness.

Tell us about the Proposal…

Originally Tom had always said that he would propose, but that was in the early stages of when you’re really, revoltingly in love.

We were on holiday end of last summer and I quizzed him on it, his response was far too sensible.

He wanted to wait till I finished my degree and blah blah blah.

But last September I was at a friend’s wedding, Tom is a musician so annoyingly had been booked by another wedding to play on the same day, and it hit me that he was the one and he’s stuck with me.

A week later was our anniversary; I bought a very simple silver band and turned our living room into a fire hazard with as many candles as I could muster.

I’m talking rummaging through our recycling and fishing out wine bottles/beer bottles and as many jars as to match the hundred or so candles (there was also genuine fear that the cat was going to set himself alight and take the rest of the house down with him), and waited for Tom to come back from work.

Of course, he ended up being late!

When he eventually came home to find me dripping with sweat, I went to ask him to marry me.

It was at this point that he insisted I get on one knee and ask him properly which I did and then the ring didn’t fit…

Tell us about your wedding planning journey …

Being based in Falmouth, Cornwall, we were going to take full advantage of rolling hills.

This changed very quickly when quotes were coming in and as the realisation that it wouldn’t be as easy or stress free as either of us were hoping.

We ended up picking London for the ceremony, so many gorgeous registry offices and so much easier for family to get to.

We, mostly I, picked Islington Town Hall. An easy spot to get to for most and surrounded by some lovely pubs, we chose the Cononbury Tavern, to hold the reception.

To my surprise organising from a far ended up being super easy and I only had stress when I was asked too many questions at once by about five people.

The guys at the Canonbury and our registrar at the Town Hall were amazing on the day, and leading up to it.

Even up to the morning of the wedding day I had everyone say “Wow, you’re a relaxed bride”.

Any special touches/DIY?

I did most things myself.

Taught myself calligraphy for the invites; turned into a horticultural kleptomaniac and drunkenly stole hydrangeas from people’s front gardens, which then turned our downstairs bathroom into a drying room for buttonholes and bouquets and the left overs were used to make confetti; made additional bunting, mostly so there wasn’t too much white!

Used the workshops at University to make our wedding rings, my official ring is Tom’s great grandmothers but I have one that I wear everyday which I made.

The most special, for me, my Best Man (who was known as my Best Bitch) made my dress.

Alexander Huck and me have been friends for about ten years and I think my indecisive nature nearly brought an end to those.

I went from big tulle skirts, to prairie skirts, to linen suits, almost landing on a jumpsuit until I found a very simple floor length t-shirt dress and decided that was it.

What was the theme /colour palette of your Big Day?

We didn’t intentionally fall on either really. Thanks to our wedding outfits, it ended up as almost timeless.

We could have been in the 20’s or any other decade. But my love of all things grey and white till seep into it at many points.

What was the best bit of your day?

I’m torn between first seeing him as I came in through the doors and our first kiss as a married couple.

We hadn’t seen each other for about 5 days before the wedding, so I was so excited to see him and that kiss is the best kiss. Nothing can win over that kiss.

Is there anything you would do differently?

I really don’t think there is. Maybe having a few more people there, but it was so amazing feeling so much love in one day let alone in one place!

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

Prepare yourself to be exhausted, and that you won’t feel like you are drunk from the adrenaline that pumps all day.


Wedding Suppliers

Venue –  Ceremony: Islington Town Hall – Council Chambers and Reception: The Canonbury Tavern

Photographer: Birgitta Zoutman Photography 

Wedding Dress – Handmade by Alexander Huck

Cake Maker : The Hummingbird Bakery

Floristry: All done by the Bride

Rings: Made by the Bride/ Groom’s heirloom

Make up/Hair stylist: Done by the Bride


To Contact Birgitta Zoutman Photography 

Website: https://www.bzoutmanphotography.com/

Email: birgittazoutmanphotography@outlook.com

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