A relaxed and intimate Glasgow Wedding at the Bothy

Today I am thrilled to share a relaxed and intimate Glasgow Wedding at the Bothy.

Images were captured by Fotomaki Photography.

Fotomaki Photography is ran by Sarah, a fox loving, cake scoffing photo ninja who resides in Glasgow.

She loves nothing more than to capture joy & colour on wedding days and make you look at your wedding photos and smile.


She says of the couple…


I was referred to the couple by a photographer friend who could no long make a rescheduled date.

As it turned out that date got rescheduled too thanks to the January lockdown of 2021 but I was able to make their new date in May 2021, yay!

Their wedding day was full of so much joy and gratitude. These two, you can tell, are soulmates.

Anne-Marie was nervous about walking around Glasgow in wedding attire but when Ashton Lane erupted into applause and they were both grinning ear to ear it was the BEST thing ever!


Gorgeous Bride Anne-Marie shares the couples love  story, and tells us about their fabulous day…


How did you meet?

We met online! I sent the first message, a simple ‘Hey there J’ and made him a favourite, and Javi thought it was a mistake.

We started talking, then had our first date a week later and never looked back.

Its like we knew each other the moment we met, and it all fell into place. We still call each other our favourite and included it in our vows.

Tell us about the Proposal…

We went on a trip to New Zealand, where I am from, for a holiday and so Javi could finally meet my parents.

We decided to spend the first week adventuring around the North Island first, then spend time with my family afterwards.

We stayed at a hill top glamping tent in Waitomo at the end of the week away, it was an anniversary gift to ourselves and it was absolutely stunning – surrounded by only green fields, cows and stars.

So after an amazing day of visiting caves to see glow worms, we relaxed in our glamping tent.

I was running the outside baths and had a bath bomb in one hand and a glass of prosecco in the other, Javi had put on one of our favourite songs and all of a sudden I turn around and he was on one knee asking me to marry him.

I was too shocked to say anything!

After crying for what felt like a few minutes, I said ‘are you serious?!’ then followed by the biggest ‘yes’ possible.

It turns out that Javi had been planning this awhile, and actually asked my parents for their blessing not even 24 hours after meeting them.

They of course said yes, and welcome to the family!

We spent that night in Waitomo sitting under the stars just enjoying our engagement and celebrated with a few too many wines.

As soon as we were able to call Javi’s Mum in the UK, I called and just told her ‘I said yes!’

She had known where this was going to happen and had been asking for days if we were in Waitomo yet.

It was the perfect proposal and I love that we got to celebrate with my family in NZ as well, before returning to Scotland.

Tell us about your wedding planning journey…

We had a very rough journey and the circumstances around us getting married when we did were very sad.

Javis Mum was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in Dec 2020, so we made the decision to get married as soon as possible so she could be there with us.

She was our biggest supporter and we wanted her to be part of everything.

We had the wedding organised in 3 weeks thanks to a very good friend helping us, but the Christmas lockdown happened and that changed everything.

Unfortunately Javi’s Mum couldn’t hold on for the rescheduled January date and we lost her before she was able to see us get married.

We decided to go ahead with the plans and still have our small intimate wedding, pushing it back a few more months, it felt right to honour her and continue on with what she knew we were planning.

It was quite difficult to organise everything during lockdown, lots of zoom calls, pictures of dresses sent to friends, organising everything back and forth via email and not being able to get to shops but we made it work with a lot of support from our friends and family.

Our wedding was restricted on numbers due to guidance, but we had 16 of our closest friends and family in person and we were joined by my Mum and Dad via zoom, plus more guests from around the world. It was perfect.

Any special touches/DIY?

Before her passing Javis mum had organised a few mementos for Javi and I to carry with us on our day.

We were given these days before our wedding from his Aunt and this meant so much to us.

Javi carried his Mums picture in his sporran and I had a charm attached to my bouquet.

It was so special to be able to honour her and have her there with us in spirit.

Also due to lockdown we weren’t able to have my parents with us, so they attended via zoom but we made sure to have our special moments with them too.

After our first look we gave them a call, just before the ceremony.

I love looking back on this, and being able to have our private moment with them before it all started.

What was the theme /colour palette of your Big Day?

We didn’t really have a theme, we knew we wanted it all very simple and to just focus on what the day was about.

We wanted to celebrate life and love with our closest people and to not worry too much about the small things.

The Bothy have done an amazing job at decorating their private room and we felt like that was enough for us.

We are beyond thrilled with how it turned out and we even had an amazing day weather wise!

What was the best bit of your day?

Apart from the ceremony itself, I think the best part for us was walking around Glasgow having people cheer and clap for us.

It was an amazing experience and really made us feel so special. People were thrilled to see weddings taking place again.

I wanted to get some specific pictures in Ashton lane, but hadn’t realised how many people would be out drinking on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

It was packed full and we will never forget that experience, people cheering for us, congratulating us and taking pictures of their own.

The photos we got from this are incredible and really capture the spirit of Glasgow in this moment.

Is there anything you would do differently?

No. We had the best wedding possible and I wouldn’t change anything apart from us being able to have our parents with us.

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

Try to stay in the moment.

Organising a wedding can be overwhelming and feel like a lot, but at the end of the day you are marrying your best friend, your favourite person and that’s all that matters.

Do what you want with your day and what makes you happy.

Wedding Suppliers

Venue –  Bothy Glasgow

Photographer – Fotomaki Photography

Wedding Dress – Online

Kilt supplier – Junes Bridal Wear & Kilt Hire

Cake Maker –  Mamas Wee Bakery

Florist – Wild Petals

Hair & Make up – Pamper & Polish Bridal

Celebrant – `Allison Blackett Humanist


To Contact Fotomaki Photography

Website – https://fotomakiphotography.com/

Email – hello@fotomakiphotography.com

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