A relaxed and stylish same sex Buckinghamshire Country House Wedding at Stoke Place

Today I am thrilled to share this relaxed and stylish same sex Buckinghamshire Country House Wedding at Stoke Place.

Images were captured by Paola De Paola Photography.

Buckinghamshire Country House Wedding

Paola is a creative, fun, but totally unobtrusive London wedding and same-sex photographer.

She believes in celebrating originality, diversity and embracing life in all its forms.

Through her photographs, she aims to capture the energy, essence and magic of the people she meets – all the little things along the way that have made the who they are.

She want to empower clients to express yourselves – how they feel, what they love, bringing them out of their shell.

Helping them shake off any fears or worries and empowering them to step forwards as themselves.


Paola says of the couple and their Buckinghamshire Country House Wedding day…


Catherine and Charlotte first contacted me via the Gay Wedding Guide a truly wonderful site supporting the LGBQT+ community.

They then decided to come to see me in London at the Chosen Wedding Fair in Islington where I was exhibiting.

It is not always easy to chat when events like this are on full swing, but I was able to explain in more detail about my wedding coverage and my approach to the day.

A few days later I was happy to receive the email with the request to book me as their wedding photographer.

How they met…

The couple met in Oxford at an International Research Conference.

Walking across the lawns from a Book Launch, Charlotte approached Catherine and engaged in conversation.

This led to talking over lunch and agreeing to meet up to discuss mutual work interests.

Catherine is Canadian and the topic of skiing came up, with Charlotte suggesting that maybe they should go skiing’ as she was looking for a ski buddy.

This caught Catherine’s attention. Being an amputee, most people would not make such a proposal but Charlotte did, choosing not to see disability as an obstacle nor a challenge.

9 months later, they hit the slopes and have never looked back!

Their Journey as a Couple…

It was an interesting and colourful experience getting to know each other.

They committed to relating with authenticity, integrity and consideration and this was the most important part of their journey together; just to be themselves in relationship to each other.

They made time to confront emerging hurts and/or difficulties to discover better, mutually beneficial ways that would be comfortable for them both – that process has been negotiated and co-created, requiring flexibility, adjustments and understanding.

They had a lot of dialogical discourse in between though!

They also worked hard on introducing respective friends and family to them as a couple and this has created a supportive and loving network all around them, and as their Wedding neared they felt that this effort and engagement with respective connections paid off.

Going forward they continue to prioritise adventures, travelling to interesting places in order to explore new horizons, nourished and refreshed by their interests and socialising with their friends!

Arts are central in their life and they also both love music from Opera to Rock and everything in between.

Their appreciation for Bruce Springsteen and Joni Mitchell cemented their relationship and to that end brought them to their beautiful Wedding Day.

The Wedding Day…

Their wedding day was a beautiful Saturday at the end of July 2019. The weather was bright and pleasant but not overwhelmingly hot.

Stoke Place was buzzing and there was a tangible excitement in the air as the guests started to arrive, and a beautiful Scottish piper played in the background.

There were also many lovely canine guests, and amongst them, Codie, Catherine’s assistant support dog and loyal family companion.

Catherine and Charlotte chose to have a Humanist ceremony, and the lovely and very kind Susan Dobinson was the celebrant,

I was particularly touched by her style, her approach is very personal and gentle which basically mad me cry tears of happiness the whole time. Everybody was so friendly and welcoming, and I really felt part of the celebration with guests and family.

Their Advice to other Couples…

Communicate, communicate, communicate from a place of love and consideration.

Just be yourself and articulate your feelings without fear as you explore and negotiate your journey together.

Greet the path you create as an adventure, exploring with curiosity all the joyous opportunities along the way.

Even the most mundane can be made into a moment of harmony when met with thoughtful intention.


Wedding Suppliers

Photography – Paola de Paola Photography

Venue – Stoke Place

Celebrant – Susan Dobinson


To Contact Paola De Paola Photography

Website: https://paoladepaola.com/

Email: paola@paoladepaola.com

Phone: 07966 191977

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