A relaxed Yorkshire Wedding at Fishlake Mill with hints of blush pink and blue

Today I am thrilled to share this gorgeous relaxed Yorkshire Wedding at Fishlake Mill with hints of blush pink and blue.

I have known the Bride Sarah for many years through Twitter and its my honour to share her and her Groom Jon’s Big Day.

Images were captured by Captured Life Photography.

relaxed yorkshire wedding

Captured Life Photography is the bespoke photography business of Charlotte Heather-Cray, a Sheffield wedding photographer.

Her first camera was given to her by her parents at the age of 6 on a family holiday in Norfolk in the hope it would keep her entertained enough to keep her out of trouble.

Little did they realise that that camera sparked a passion inside her which would lead her into the world of professional photography.

She describes her photography style is natural and relaxed.

Whether it be at a wedding or during a corporate shoot she always tries to blend in and be unobtrusive, capturing events as they happen and using my informal approach to create a natural response from people.


I hand over to gorgeous Bride Sarah…


How did you meet? 

“We met through Twitter, we both used it a lot for our businesses and had mutual acquaintances.”

“I think the first time we spoke was when we were both talking to Becki aka @ScarlettParties.  So you could say she brought us together.”

“We would talk off and on and then one day Jon said he had a business idea he’d like to run past me so we agreed to meet up half way between Chester and Sheffield, which just so happens to be Mcdonalds in Hyde.”

” So we met up and that day  was born which was a social media marketing agency teaching sme’s how to use social effectively, (This was in the early days of social) now working with businesses as JonCovey.com and Hundredth Monkey.

“Thank you Twitter, our romance bloomed from there.”

Tell us about the Engagement? 

“Jon’s daughters Jade and Alicia live in Canada and we went over to spend a few weeks with them, which was amazing.”

“What I didn’t know at this time was that Jon was sneakily showing my ring to security to make sure the alarm didn’t go off.”

“I am obviously the most unobservant person on the planet. He then spent 2 frantic weeks hiding it in pockets and fretting I would find it.”

” From spending time with the girls we then went to Niagara Falls, somewhere we have both wanted to go since watching Superman as children.”

“It was so magical and amazing and Jon nearly blew it by popping the question while we were on a cruise around the falls, swept away by the moment.”

“However he managed to hold it together and stick to his plan, I found out later.”

“From Niagara we headed back to Toronto for 4 days before our flight home.”

“Jon surprised me with a shopping spree where he treated me to a stunning pair of Laboutin’s, something we had searched the length and breadth of the UK for and hadn’t been able to get my size, and I remember skipping back to the hotel saying ‘This is the best day ever’.”

“Unbeknownst to me at the time that he was smirking away knowing what was yet to come.”

“That night another surprise, we were eating at the top of the CN tower where the revolving restaurant allows you to see the beautiful sunset over Toronto whilst enjoying delicious food and wine.”

“On my way back from the bathroom as I sat back at the table the waiter tapped me on the shoulder and said
‘Excuse me I think you have dropped this’ And he handed me a bit of tissue.”

“I felt embarrassed at first thinking I’d dropped a tissue then Jon took my hand, as I realised there was something in the tissue and started to open it.”

“He began saying how much he loved me, what an amazing person I am, and lots of other personal sentiments that make me all teary just thinking about.”

“He then asked me to marry him and spend forever with him as I opened up the tissue and saw the most beautiful diamond ring I have ever seen, which I later found out Jon had picked the stone and then designed and got the ring made by Taylor, Jones and Co.”

“I screamed and said yes and everyone started clapping and rushing over to take pictures and see the ring. It was a beautiful moment and the only time I’ve ever known Jon to be nervous.”

Tell us about your wedding planning journey  

“Believe it or not we are both really indecisive and a common question heard in our house is ‘what do you think’, and for something as big as this we were constantly going around in circles.”

“We decided early on we wanted a beach wedding but had so many objections that we put that one away.

“We had many discussions about what we wanted and agreed that all that was important was that Jon’s daughters were there with us, and our families shared the day with us too.”

“So that then meant did they come to us or did we go to them and we agreed they would come to us.”

“This didn’t get us any closer to any decisions though as time was ticking along and we had not decided anything.”

“One Friday night I said ‘right let’s play Don’t tell the Bride’.”

“I explained to Jon he had to plan the whole thing and I’d plan the whole thing and we’d see what we came up with.”

“Funnily enough we actually got the wedding venue from this game as Jon had managed to find Fishlake Mill in Doncaster which fitted us perfectly.”

“We could have an outside wedding with everyone sat on hay bales and we would get married in the pagoda. There was also a back up plan of the Mill if the weather was off.”

“Now I mentioned earlier that we are indecisive, I will prove this now by explaining what happened after we had visited, loved and booked the mill.”

“We booked for a Wednesday wedding the following year as it had to be in peak time for Jade and Alicia coming over and all weekends were booked.”

“We then made the mistake of attending a wedding fair and finding out that you can have an outside wedding anywhere by a celebrant conducting it and you have your legal marriage in a registry office.”

“For some reason I then decided this opened up a whole new world of venues and we would have a romantic secret wedding with our parents and the girls the week before we got married!”

“I have no idea why, other than I obviously like to live on the edge.”

“We went on to book another venue, then I found another one which we went to see and loved also before we had a serious talk with ourselves and reminded each other of what we had said was important.”

“We didn’t want a formal meal and I think that was why I had gone on a mad mission to find a picnic venue.”

“We went back to our original venue and I said we would really like picnic baskets brought to each table, full of yummy sandwiches, pies and other scrummy picnic food (there has to be vol-au-vents), and bottles of fizz on the tables so everyone can get stuck in and get to know each other.”

“And for the evening we want a hog roast.”

“Graham at the venue said yes, not a problem. So I could have saved us a lot of time if I had just asked this to start with, lesson learnt.”

“We had several Pinterest boards full of all the aspects of the wedding we wanted to cover, and I found a picture of the bridesmaids dresses really quickly and then just had to hunt them down.”

“Eventually finding them on ebay.”

“Lots of people told me of potential horrors of ordering this way but someone told me her wedding dress was from there and it was beautiful.”

“Also by having 2 bridesmaids in Canada, 3 in Wirral and 2 in Sheffield it really was a good solution for us and they were beautiful.”

“I made a few alterations to Jade and Alicia’s when they got here for the length etc but it all added to the fun build up of the day.”

“During the build up to the wedding we bought a new house and with it being a new build originally we were supposed to be moving in June and getting married in August but time went on and it wasn’t happening.”

“We got an update that we would be moving the Friday before our wedding so to say it was a stressful build up is an understatement.”

“We would like to thank all our friends and family for all their help and support during this time as it was very emotional and hard to remain focused on the good things to come.”

“We eventually moved at the end of September.”

What was the best bit of your day? 

“This is a tricky question as every part of the day was perfect, the best thing though has to be the people and it is so easy when planning to get swept up with table centre pieces, table cloths etc but it is the people that make the day.”

“A lot of our friends had travelled a very long way and it meant so much to us that they came and had such a good time.”

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

“I have a couple of snippets of advice.”

“Firstly this would have to be relating to your photographer, our photographer Charlotte was incredible.”

“One of our best friends is a photographer and we thought it would be lovely for him to do our pictures as he knows us etc.”

“When he refused we actually assumed he was joking, (he’s like that) but as the wedding day got closer he was not budging and had said I will recommend a photographer who’s work is awesome.”

“So we looked at her work and were very impressed.”

“This has to be up there with the best recommendation of all time.”

“Not only was she a complete fit as soon as she got there but for a tiny little person to organise and get everyone looking in the right direction (especially knowing how rowdy some of our friends our) was outstanding. ”

“When our pictures arrived the attention to detail blew us away, memory stick with her logo on, bottle of wine, fudge, polaroid images of the day and disc all beautifully boxed and packed tied with string and filled with straw.”

“We loved it, and can’t sing Captured Life and Charlotte’s praises enough.”

“Secondly don’t under estimate how long everything takes to set up and seriously consider getting the professionals in.”

“We had help from Claire Else of Kurly Bird Events & Party to go and we agreed what bits we would do and what she would do before hand so we still felt involved but didn’t have tons to do and could relax and enjoy the day before the wedding.”

“Claire also arranged all the lawn games for us which were a great hit, we all know there is a lot of sitting / standing around at weddings  but all these touches kept everyone engaged and having fun.”

“Final advice is also a massive thank you to our friends Alan and Amanda Fenn who had the genius idea of hiring Tom Wright who has to be the most amazing magician I have ever seen for us as a wedding present.”

“Our guests loved him and everyone keeps saying your magician was amazing how does he do that etc. So think about wowing your guests and although it’s your day make sure everyone feels involved.”

Thank you so much to Sarah and Jon for allowing me to share their stunning relaxed Yorkshire Wedding and to Charlotte for her incredible images.

Love the delicate blush in the styling and the fact Srah added a very personal touch by making her bouquets.

Love also the laidbackness and fun of their day and how it is focused around on what who truly matters.

There is a huge sense of togetherness and celebration with friends and family and that’s really important.


Wedding Suppliers

Venue – Ceremony and Reception  – Fishlake Mill Doncaster

Photographer  – Charlotte Cray – Captured Life Photography

Dress – ebay  (After seeing how amazing the bridesmaids dresses were I sent my measurements and ordered my dress from ebay and it fit me perfectly.)

Bridesmaid Gowns – ebay

Suit Hire – Moss Bros

Wedding Cake – Chief bridesmaid Paula Wynne. (Again we set up Pinterest boards and kept sending images back and forwards until we found the one we liked.)

Florist – I made all of the heirloom bouquets myself as that is what I used to do and I knew I had to have them for our weddng, as they are a mix of silk flowers and vintage and new brooches I was able to make them far in advance and keep them in a safe place. I wanted everyone to have flowers to keep after the day.

Rings – Jon’s was from Etsy with a wooden centre as he wanted something different.

Brrides wedding band – Goldsmiths – Engagement ring – Taylor, Jones and Co

Stylist/Wedding Planner  – Clare Else – Kurly Bird Events

Stationery  – Designed by Jon

Make up/Hair stylist – Made Hair and Beauty Sheffield

Magician – Tom Wright


To Contact Captured Life Photography

Website – http://www.capturedlifephotography.co.uk/

Email – charlotte@capturedlifephotography.co.uk

Phone – 07856 747 585

Be Social – Facebook  Twitter Instagram



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