A Rustically Styled And Handcrafted Steampunk Same Sex Wedding In Germany

Today I am excited to share this stunning rustically styled and handcrafted steampunk same sex wedding in Germany.

Images were captured by Gemma Clarke Photography.

steampunk same sex wedding

Gemma has been an AIPP Accredited Photographer since 2010.

Although she is based in Sydney, Australia she regularly travels for weddings.

This includes the Southern Highlands, NSW South Coast, Tasmania, Rural NSW, Finland, the UK and Europe.

She describes herself as reliable, professional, and fun and her imagery style as candid, relaxed and artistic.


Gemma says of the couple and their day…


Joana and Maria’s wedding was my first same sex wedding and it just happened to be in Germany!

It also had an incredible steampunk vintage style theme, old stone buildings, a barn and the brides made their own outfits and decorations! I think that is a pretty impressive!

The barn was decorated beautifully with chandeliers and other lighting made by the ladies, and a steampunk themed cake which was a surprise by Joana’s parents was well received!

Speeches were not really a focus on the night and instead there was a beautiful song performed by Joana’s father and sisters along with a balloon release and sparklers amongst the guests.

The day was absolutely incredible, heartfelt and filled with laughter, with exceptional attention to detail and love radiating from Joana and Maria!


I hand over to Bride Maria to share her story….


How did you meet?

When we met 14 years ago on New Years Eve our boyfriends were best friends

It took a few years for us to recognise each other as anything more than the girlfriend of our partners.

We lived quite far apart at that time but in 2010 when we moved to Joanas home city we started to meet without our boyfriends and became closer and closer.

Then Joana broke up with her boyfriend and more than a year later I did the same.

We were best friends at first before taking our relationship further.

Tell us about your Wedding Inspiration and theme…

We do cosplay in anime style, but we also enjoy designing and sewing fantasy cosplay that doesn’t reflect to any known character.

We also visit a lot of medieval festivals in outfits, drinking wine out of horns and dressing in steampunk outfits, and we wanted that little bit of everything we do in life to be reflected in our wedding.

With this in mind we added some steampunk details in our styling with the little place cards, the brownish color palette and our hats..

We also injected a little bit of fairy-tale with the rose arch and all the little lights on it and the decoration in the barn.

The barn as a setting was really rustic and a little bit medieval, and that brought everything together.

Tell us about the Wedding Day…

We got ready at Joanas sisters house using different levels so we wouldn’t see each other.

At one point we had a little non-look by talking to each other around a corner, and exchanged gifts which was very emotional.

Our ceremony was in the grounds of the venue underneath our handmade rose arch, and we were walked in by someone special to us.

The celebrant told everybody the story how we met, then there were some words from Joanas sister, and we drank wine from goblets before the medieval tradition of the “Handfasting”

We exchanged vows and wedding rings which were in a chest for which our maid of honours had the keys.

We said some personal words to each other (with tons of tears) and had  another emotional song, before the ceremony itself was over and we danced into the inner courtyard to have some sparkling wine before the reception.

What was the Best Bit of the Day?

For Joana it was the surprise song by her family in the evening.

We thought we were done with crying for the day, but then this amazing and beautiful surprise came and we started all over, when they started with “Now that I can see the light” (Rapunzel).

For me (Maria) it was when I was getting ready, as I got a very unique gift from my wife with a family emblem.

That was when the floodgates opened and I had to walk away from everybody so not fall apart.

My parents did not take it well, that I would marry a woman, and did not come so this gift was very special to me.

What do you wish you’d known about planning a wedding before you began?

Don’t start too late. We thought we were really on it with planning but it turned out to be quite late for some things, especially looking for the venue.

We also found it surprising how costs went up with buying the small stuff.

Another important thing to note is to always budget for extra people, the guest list has a habit of going up.

What was the best thing about planning your wedding?

One of the best things was definitely sewing the outfits.

We wanted to surprise each other, so I would sew when Joana was not at home and she would sew when I was not at home.

Keeping our outfits secret was a little complicated, but fun at the same time because we would tease each other with it.

Also there would probably be nowhere traditional that would create the wedding outfits like we had so making our own was the best choice and also saved us money.

The other fun part for me was creating the DIY decorations in the evenings and the weekends, as it was important to us to have our day styled in our own unique way.

Anything you found difficult about planning your wedding?

The worst part was definitely right at the beginning, when we didn’t really know where to start and what kind of wedding we wanted to have.

The other part was deciding on the seating plan.

My family live quite far away so the wedding ended up being the day where everybody would meet for the first time. That took lots of thought..

Do you have any advice for future couples?

Apart from planning early, remember to tell those closest to you about timelines and what is supposed to happen when at the wedding.

Delegate jobs and trust your closest ones with handling any situations on the day. You want to relax and have fun.

Also plan the wedding for nobody else but the two of you. Your day is a reflection of who you are so each decision should make you feel good.


Wedding Vendors

Photography: Gemma Clarke Photography (with assistant Richard Verdegaal) / Officiant: Lars Wierum / Ceremony & Reception Venue & Catering: Gut Hebscheid / Bridalwear: Made by Brides / Shoes: ABC Schuh Center & Joanas Shoes: Mirapodo / Hats: Bought at a medieval festival and customised / Bridal  jewellery: Bijou Brigitte / Hair & Make Up: Nicole Bräkling / Cake: surprise from Joanas parents / Flowers: Götzkes Aachen / Stationery: Design by Joana and Maria, printing and paper by Aliexpress / Rings: Wedding rings: Paula Beißel / Ceremony Singer: Rafaela Kloubert / DJ: Daniel Wackers (DJ Wack Daniels) / Reception Decor/Props: All DIY / Photo Booth: KRUU  https://kruu.com/de-de/fotobox/


To Contact Gemma Clarke Photography

Website: http://www.gemma-clarke.com

Email: info@gemma-clarke.com

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