A Seamill Hydro Wedding with a 50’s Vivien Of Holloway Dress, Vivienne Westwood shoes and a First Look

Today I am thrilled to share this incredible Seamill Hydro Wedding with a 50’s Vivien Of Holloway Dress, Westwood shoes, paper bouquets,  a humanist service and a  First Look!

Images of the day were captured by Tandem Photography.


Vicki & Colin_264


Tandem Photo are Audrey & David a couple who love travel, music, cooking with a glass of vino in hand, scooters and above all else we have a passion for photography.

They photograph weddings throughout Scotland and the UK and also relish the opportunity to go further a field.

Audrey has been a photographer for many years and is established in her own right having set up Audrey Russell Photography over 7 years ago.

David  fed up being left to carry Audrey’s camera bags  decided to learn how to use one himself and discovered he had a natural talent and hasn’t looked back since.

Having worked together now for the last 4 seasons they decided to join forces officially, and after much banging of heads they finally agreed on a name and Tandem Photo was born.


Audrey says of the couple “We met Colin and Vicki at a wedding we covered the year before and hit it off straight away.”

“With Vicki and Colin deciding to get married at night and in March we knew we’d miss out on the stunning views so we suggested that we could do a photo shoot before the service.”

“Couples in America often have what is called a First Look which unless you’re having a really traditional wedding just makes perfect sense.”

“You still get to have that nervous, excited feeling of seeing your partner for the first time wearing your dress but you get to do it in a more intimate setting.”

“Having your couple portrait session and photographs with your bridesmaids and groomsmen before the service just means you have more time to spend with your guests after you are married.”

“We were over the moon when Vicki and Colin were up for it and we also really lucked out with the weather especially since it had been snowing the week before.”

“The Seamill Hydro is one of our favourite venues to photograph at with really helpful staff and the views over Arran are second to none.”


Vicki & Colin_003

Vicki & Colin_006

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Vicki & Colin_357

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Vicki & Colin_378

Vicki & Colin_385

Vicki & Colin_386


I had a wee chat with Bride Vicki about her and Colins Wedding Plans and their Big Day….


How did you meet?

“One evening my friend Corinne called me for a natter whilst she was at a house party, during the call she had to go re -fill her drink so handed the phone over to Colin, who I had never met or spoke to before.”

“I think Corinne got sidetracked as Colin and myself ended up chatting away for about an hour about music, festivals and general nonsense before my phone battery gave up.”
“I thought nothing of it really, just that I had a sore hand from holding the phone, oh yeah and that he sounded pretty cool..”
“About 6 months later in 2005 Corinne invited me into Glasgow for a few drinks before she headed home.”
“When I arrived she introduced me to her boyfriend Murray and his friend Colin.. Then we realised we had chatted before and got on amazingly!!”
“We all ended up going out for the night and having the best time ever!!”
“At the end of the evening, after swapping numbers with Colin, the three of them jumped in a taxi to West Kilbride and I headed home to my flat in Shawlands.”
“The following day in work I was described as “utter mush” by my boss who had never seen me like that!!”

When and how did you get engaged?
“As we both have a major love of rock music we decided to go to Download Festival at  Donnington Park in 2006!!!”

“Metallica were headlining on the main stage..”
“During the song “Nothing else matters” (our song), Colin turns round on the big hill in front of everyone, down on one knee and asks me to be his wife!!!???”
“Totally shocked and emotional (probably to do with the cider) I obviously agree… then I proceed to tell everyone we meet for the rest of the weekend that I am going to be a wife!!”


Tell me about your Planning journey.

“Well that was 2006 and not a lot really happened for quite sometime, through university, moving home and work commitments.”
“It kind of got put on the back burner as there was soomuch pressure with weddings to go big.. not really our thing.”
“Then we found out we were expecting out first child.. “
“Isla was born in June 2008 and then all our time and attention was now directed towards our wee one.”
“When we finally bought our family house in 2010 I start to think “Oh yeah we are engaged!!” but with new houses there comes decorating and buying lots of new things so again it was forgotten about.”
“It wasn’t until Colins birthday last year in July that I decided to take matters into my own hands.”
“As it was a leap year I had a ring engraved saying “Marry me 2012″ on the inside, so it got the ball rolling again and I started investigating suppliers and caterers etc…”
“We never told a soul (except my two bridesmaids and two best men)..  andinstead started planning alone.”
“I was due to turn 30 in March so we decided that we could surprise everyone by inviting them to “my surprise 30th” that I apparently never knew about then just surprise all of our guests by appearing on stage in our wedding attire!!!!”
“With this idea we were able to do everything we wanted without unwanted opinions and input…we just wanted everyone to be relaxed and arriving ready to party”
“We were not interested in any gifts or all the usual stuff that normally goes along with weddings, we just wanted everyone to be there to enjoy our day with us.”
“As the day grew closer shortly after new year, we found that some people could not make it, and would not be traveling that far for “my birthday” as we have quite a few relatives down south.”
“So we  told my mum  and she was so excited about it, but then quickly changed her mind as she wanted to “shout from the rooftops” that I was getting married and not keep it a secret.
“So inevitably we had to quickly get the invites sent out to everyone at the beginning of February!”
“The shock factor still happened and the phone calls to follow were hilarious.. but I was still in the same frame of mind that we wanted everyone relaxed and not to go over the top with anything.”

“My bridesmaids (my aunt) Fiona and (best friend )Lisa and I got looking for dresses.”

“I was looking for a 50’s theme and managed to find an amazing site Vivien Of Holloway where I could get the perfect dresses and also not spend a fortune.. (my pet hate with weddings).”

“Colin was obviously going to be wearing a kilt but we let the best men decide suit or kilt.. they both looked fantastic in their suits.. Again we never wanted to make anyone wear or do anything they never wanted.”

“I knew a girl who had started a cake business so I asked her if she could do me a cupcake tower, I also ordered a whole load of retro sweeties online and made up old school jars with red polka dot lids.”

“Our favors were little jars with sweets and personalised love heart sweets with Mr & Mrs Shaw on the label.”

“For our photographs we wanted the best and had Audrey Russell recommended to us by quite a few friends.”

“My friend Marion Kane is a silversmith so she made our rings for us and was able to put my great grans wedding band round my own ring, it was just perfect.”

“My shoes ended up costing me more than my dress but I had to have the Red heart Vivienne Westwoods.”

“And for my bouquet I wanted something I could keep forever.. Something a bit different.”

“My bridesmaid Lisa put me in touch with Dionne Hamilton. I put my idea of a paper bouquet to her and she set to work having never made one before.”

“She also made mini bouquets for the maids,  the button holes for the guys and a gorgeous wand for Isla.”

“She added a little sparkly skull and cross bones to the bouquet which was perfect.. The colours were amazing and just what I had imagined.”

“We decided we were  going to have our photos taken during the day at Kelburn castle and gardens and on the beach at Seamill and be married in Seamill Hydro at 6pm that evening with a buffet and lots of dancing to follow.”

“It did mean seeing each other before we actually got married but we are not really ones for tradition anyway.”

“Our fantastic photographer Audrey Russell suggested we do the “First Look” at Kelburn, which was amazing and so much fun.”

“Climbing a tree in a pair of Vivienne Westwoods has got to be a first!!”

“It was also great to get a giggle and a cheeky drink with our maids and best men when our guests were probably still getting ready or making their way to venue.”

“The ceremony itself was a humanist ceremony and completely personal, it was beautiful and also very funny.”

“It had everything about how we met, things that make us US and lots of little funnies that all our guests found amusing.”

“it was great to be part of a wedding where I looked out and saw everyone smiling and laughing at points, it was so different to any wedding I had ever been to and it was OUR wedding! Awesome!”

“I think the best man and my bridesmaid forgot that they were both doing readings as we had so much fun earlier on that day it completely went out their minds, so at least they weren’t nervous…”

“It was also beautiful having our daughter Isla (4) there to hand over the rings and be part of the ceremony, it was meant to be this way and not any sooner.

After the ceremony we met all the guests and headed off to get the family photographs done.. after a few pics of each of the parents all the lights went out in the Hydro! I walked outside and it was pitch black!!”

“The whole town and surround had a power cut!! I spent a good 10 mins outside looking at the stars!!”

When I went back in the staff at the Hydro had quickly got candelabras out on the table and had started serving the buffet!! The hall looked stunning in candlelight.. Strange enough but it was amazing!!

“The Wedding co-ordinator Martin came over to me looking extremely worried asking if I was ok?”

“He couldn’t quite believe my reaction “this is the best thing ever!!!” “Its beautiful!!!” and Audrey and David had loads of ideas for unusual candle lit pictures!!”

“As there was no music it meant all our guests got to chat and meet each other which was lovely.”

“Looking round at everyone they all looked soo chilled out and relaxed and having fun.”

“After about an hour or so the electricity came back on and the DJ started playing and everyone got up dancing..  So even in the dark it really was the best day EVER!!”


Vicki & Colin_401

Vicki & Colin_408

Vicki & Colin_416

Vicki & Colin_423

Vicki & Colin_425

Vicki & Colin_427

Vicki & Colin_429

Vicki & Colin_434

Vicki & Colin_444

Vicki & Colin_455

Vicki & Colin_464


Our wedding date

“We got married on the 1st March 2013. It was the sunniest loveliest day without a cloud in the sky!!”


Tell us about the Wedding Wardrobe
“For Colin, he wanted to have his own tartan being so patriotic so was able to use his own kilt, he wore a gillie shirt and the traditional Scottish waistcoat.”
“For myself I love 50s style and found the perfect dress and most amazing red petticoat from Vivien of Holloway. I matched it with a red waist cincher belt and also a red corsage on all dresses, the bridesmaids were in similar style dresses but black with red petticoats.”
“My shoes I somehow found online by chance, I cannot even remember the site.. and my accessories were made up of bracelets from friends and funky little sparkly cherry hairclips.”

What was the best bit of your day?

“Its really difficult to say what the best bit was as we loved every part.”

“We knew what was going to be in the ceremony so that’s the only part we knew for definite.”

“Everything else just fell into place perfectly, there were no stresses, no falling out, just giggles all the way and huge smiles from all.”

“Every wee thing about our day was the best part.. ”

“From the laugh with my bridesmaids, Isla and Audrey whilst getting ready, to having some Jack Daniels up a tree at Kelburn, to swinging Isla down the beach when we were all holding hands and to the unexpected powercut meaning buffet by candle light?? ”

“We loved absolutely everything….. loved it all.”


What advice would you give to other Brides and Grooms ?

“My advice would be have fun!! Take it all in..”
“Yes you have spent months planning your perfect day but only you know those plans and no one else is expecting anything.”
“If anything goes wrong (powercut in my case) make the best of it.. dont let anything bother you on the day, the guests look after themselves, they do know how to find the bar and food so they will be happy!”
“We never bothered with chair covers or anything like that as a personal preference as at the end of the day thats not going to be the lasting memory for anyone, what colour of sashes were on the chairs?”
“Remember its a celebration and it really does not have to cost the earth to be the best day in your lives.”
“We saved a fortune by shopping around, making things our own and cutting out the, in my eyes pointless overlooked stuff.”
“Choose your photographer wisely, choose someone who you will feel comfortable with on the day, someone you can laugh and have a right giggle with, as these pictures are going to be your lasting memories and you want the best to be able to capture every magical moment.”
“Lastly remember to relax and take time to just look around, breathe and take it all in.”

Vicki & Colin_360

Vicki & Colin_361

Vicki & Colin_362

Vicki & Colin_363

Vicki & Colin_365


Vicki & Colin_487


Vicki & Colin_495


Vicki & Colin_502


Vicki & Colin_514


Vicki & Colin_516


Vicki & Colin_521


Vicki & Colin_522


Vicki & Colin_530


Vicki & Colin_531


Vicki & Colin_591


Vicki & Colin_619


Vicki & Colin_631


Vicki & Colin_635



Thank you so much to Tandem Photo for sharing this fantastic Seamill Hydro Wedding and their extraordinary images, and to Vicki and Colin for sharing their epic Big day and their love story.


I am a huge fan of colour so the amazing colour palette is a winner with me.


What I love more than anything about this wedding even more than all the details is how their little family is so so central to the day. Isla is a total scene stealer and probably one of the cutest flower girls ever.


I also really love the fact that even though the lights went out, love shone bright and the show went on, the sign of a fantastic celebration.



Supporting Cast 
Venue: Seamill Hydro, West Kilbride
Humanist: Andy Mcsorley– Carluke
Music: Pat Turner DJ -Carluke
Cake: Katy Reed – Glasgow
Hair: Jennifer Brown
Make-up: Elaine Strain @ Helen Armstrong West Kilbride
Rings: Marion Kane Silversmith, West Kilbride
Photographers: Audrey Russell and David Elliot Tandem Photo
Stationery, bouquets, button holes and wand – Dionne Hamilton – Cards by dezign



To Contact Tandem Photo
Phone: 07989 894597 (Audrey)  or 07791 861211 (David)


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow


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