A spellbinding Slytherin inspired Vow Renewal with gorgeous black and emerald green detail

Today I am excited to share a spellbinding Slytherin inspired Vow Renewal with gorgeous black and emerald green detail.

Incorporating aspects of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and an impactful green and black palette Carly and Timmy celebrated everything Slytherin.

Images were captured by William Avery Photography at The Harper  in Meadville, Pennsylvania.

William Avery is a Wedding & Engagement Photographer based in Charlotte, N.C


Stunning Bride Carly says of the couples spectacular Slytherin inspired vow renewal…


How did you meet?

My husband Timmy and I met through Facebook and a mutual friend. I noticed him when my friend posted a picture of him.

I made the bold move to friend him and start talking to him but not until a mutual friend was at a party did we have the opportunity to meet a few months later.

From the moment we met in person, we had not been apart until after we were married.

Tell us about the original Proposal…

My grandfather was very ill when we met and he was diagnosed with mesothelioma lung cancer a few months after we were together.

Timmy (my husband) took the ring to my grandpa first and asked for his permission to marry his granddaughter.

He was very happy and very tearful because he knew that he would not see the day we were married or get the chance to see the ring on my hand.

My grandfather asked when he would pop the question, to which Timmy replied he would propose on his birthday (Timmy’s) on 31st July..

He made that promise to him that he would not change that date. On June 12th, my grandpa lost his battle with cancer.

.After a birthday dinner with our friends on 7/31, we were on our way back home and Timmy said to me “lets go see your Grandpa, I haven’t seen him since the funeral”.

I was extremely emotional and it was difficult to make that drive. When we had arrived, it was dark and Timmy said “I know I cannot bring him back, but I wanted him here when I did this” and Timmy proposed in the cemetery at my grandpas grave.

As you can imagine, I was a bawling mess and it was very difficult to say yes. I cannot tell this story without crying and even now, I am crying as I type this out .

How did you both choose your wedding day look? 

Our fashion theme and look was a dark, elegant, high-fashion, couture beauty look.

The groom was in an all black tux, black shirt and emerald tie and vest., and I wore an all black beaded and stoned bodice with black striped full skirt wedding gown designed by MoriLee.

To accessorise I had a custom made bridal belt, custom dyed emerald green Badgley Mischka shoes, custom made ear crawler earrings, black necklace.

We wanted the look to be a dark, romantic, intimate look without being a “goth” or over-done Halloween vibe.

What was the inspiration behind your Vow Renewal?

For our 10 year anniversary we wanted to do something that was very meaningful to us and incorporated our personalities.

My husband and I are big Harry Potter fans, and my house is Slytherin so our theme was a Couture Slytherin inspired vow renewal.

For years we talked about a really fun themed vow renewal, and had seen a lot of Harry Potter themed weddings, but nothing with Slytherin style or colours.

We had planned and dreamed of this theme for over 3 years with everything being emerald green, black, and silver to capture that feel and look, but done in a high fashion style.

Inside our wedding and engagement bands we have “Always & Forever” and “Always” is a big theme in HP with 2 of the characters.

Our favourite tale from Harry Potter is the Deathly Hallows so that was incorporated in all aspects (our floral arch, bridal bouquet, boutonniere, grooms cufflinks, grooms tie clip, the signs on the tables, guest table décor, acrylic invitations and velvet invitation boxes).

Other details included custom invitations, our wedding cake was a black and emerald green geode style, wands at bride and grooms place setting, and a Lego Hogwarts table.

The decor was decorated 99% by myself! The only elements that were not created by me were the florals that were done by Meant to Bee Flower Farm, and the cake.

The linens, vases, candlesticks, silverware, plates, placemats, legos (built by the bride), wands, signs, couches, wardrobe were all obtained, and coordinated, and styled by me, with my husband helping with all of the set up except for the florals.

All of these pretty details as well as the amazing green couches were indoors setup, utilising the space and background and natural lighting to our advantage to focus on the aesthetics of tis brand new venue.

The ceremony space was outdoors to overlook the man-made lake at the venue which was spectacular.

Our florals were black, white, silver, and green in nature and were also poisonous floral to go along the theme of Harry Potter, Slytherin house and elements in potions and herbology classes contained in the Harry Potter world.

We also used owl feathers in the bouquet, table florals and the couch floral setup.

The ceremony arch was made of fabric and white florals to make the Deathly Hallows symbol that was throughout all the details.

This was the only standout Deathly Hallows symbol that was evident, while the rest of the Deathly Hallows symbols were hidden or subtle as to not be overdone or be “obnoxious / cliché”.

The boutonniere was made to match the bridal bouquet with a small Deathly Hallows charm.

The florals did play an important role to continue telling the story of a darker, more intimate wedding couple that was more high fashion in nature.

We are BIG Lego people and we have a very large Lego City in our office that was part of our 5 year renewal. 10 Lego Buildings, cars, a street and an individual Lego person for each person in attendance as their seat assignment they could take home.

We also had a cake that the Lego builders were on and building and had been using fondant to cover up the “Lego cake” underneath.

So Lego Hogwarts was an homage to our hobby, our renewal and our theme.

What was the most anticipated or special moment of your vow Renewal?

The most anticipated moment of any wedding day is the moment you are walking towards the love of your life and speaking your vows.

Timmy and I wrote and spoke our vows to each other and they made us laugh, made us cry and renewed all the promises we made 10 years before.

We don’t always get to hear enough what we mean to someone and what the other person means to us so its always incredibly emotional to be able to put into words what our hearts truly feel.

All of the obstacles and hardships we have faced in the 12 years of being together melt away and its about the love, the commitment and the fun we have had, still are having and will continue to have as we grow old together.

Do you have any wedding planning or marriage advice that you’d like to share with other couples planning their day?

Wedding Planning Advice – DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!!!! The wedding day is about you two and the love you have for each other.

It is not about making guests happy, its not about pleasing this person or that person with food choices, its not about choosing a dress that others want you to wear, ITS ABOUT YOU TWO!

Marriage Advice – Never be afraid! Never be afraid of an argument, because they will happen and it will happen more often than you think.

Never be afraid to ask for what you want or need out of the other person. Never be afraid to speak your mind. Never be afraid of the future.

If you are too focused on your fears or the “what if’s”, you will never live in the moment and treasure what you have and where you are in your journey.

Take a look at the beautiful cinematic wedding film…

Slytherin inspired Vow Renewal Vendors

Venue – The Harper, Meadville, PA

Photography / Cinematography – William Avery Photography

Event Design – Carlations

Wedding Dress – Morilee

Earrings – Crown Jewel Designs

Belt – Sabina KW Designs

Shoes   Badgley Mischka

Stationery – Ivory & Fine

loral Designer – Meant to Bee Flower Farm

Equipment Rentals – Grand Rental Station

Bakery – Icing on the Lake


To Contact William Avery Photography

Website – https://williamaveryphotography.com/

Email – info@williamaveryphotography.com

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