A striking Gothic inspired Worcestershire Wedding with spooktacular details

Today I am excited to share this striking Gothic inspired Worcestershire Wedding with spooktacular details, an incredible black gown and a skull suit at Martley Memorial Hall.

Images were captured by The Dignums.

Worcestershire Wedding

The Dignums are a husband/husband team of two fun and friendly wedding photographers, based in Wolverhampton.

They shoot all over the Midlands, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, and beyond.

Their work is colourful, expressive, moment driven, and a little bit different.

If you want two guys photographing your wedding day who feel like a couple of mates, chatting to your guests, and busting some moves on the dance floor, all the while taking amazing photos that show the awesome couple that you two are, and what an amazing wedding day you had, then there’s a strong chance they’re the right wedding photographers for you!


Phil says of the couples Worcestershire Wedding day…


The Autumn 2018 E.W.E. show is where we originally met Hannah, and her wedding day to Paul featured lots of their vendors.

The day started wit me dropping Toby off at Hannah and Paul’s home, where Paul and Peanut the dog were getting ready. Peanut had a special ring-bearing flower collar which was spectacular.

I headed over to Hannah’s mum’s house to capture the bridal preparations.

When I arrived, Lydia of LJRmakeup was working her magic in the conservatory watched by another of the couples pooches,  Jet the Black Labrador.

Hannah’s amazing dress, Lolita, by The couture Company was gothic in theme, with autumnal tones, black accents, skeletal leaves embroidered, with layers of soft tuiles and silk organzas forming a gorgeous blend of tones and a quirky hi-lo hemline.

It was an unpredictable day weather-wise, and  after a lot of morning rain there was respite from the downpours as Paul and his groom’s party walked the short distance from the house to their local church: St Peters in Martley.

Before Hannah and  her bridal party, and I set off to St Peters we stopped off at St Kenelms Church where Hannah’s dad is buried.

She wanted to spend a little time with him before exchanging vows with Paul.

Their church ceremony was led by Auntie Barbara who was a guest reverend at the church that day, adding a lovely personal touch to the day.

It stayed dry long enough so we were able to capture a confetti shower outside the church before we headed over to Martley Memorial Hall.

Safe inside the village hall from the downpours, Hannah, Paul and their guests enjoyed an impressive spread laid out by Rob which included  cheeses from Broome Cheese, and a pile of pies from The Wire Pie Company.

Their theme was suitably gothic for the time of year, with skulls and bats adorning every corner of the hall, pretty much all of which had been thought up, organised, and placed by Hannah and Paul themselves.

A friend; Amy Momo created their wedding cake, topped with awesome horror art dolls by Pins & Needles, another great person from E.W.E.

All in all it was a very relaxed and authentic reception party, rounded off with The Best Men (yes you guessed it, another brilliant E.W.E supplier) DJing a great playlist for Hannah and Paul’s dance floor.


I hand over to stunning Bride Hannah…


How did you meet?

We met what feels like a lifetime ago in 2012.

At the time I was working as a Kitchen Manager for a large pub chain and Paul was one of the external maintenance contractors.

He would sweep in and fix anything that was broken, like my knight in shinning armour. Shortly after we both left the chain but stayed together, the rest is history…

Tell us about the Proposal…

Well let’s start at the beginning. It was 2017 and Paul’s brother’s Chihuahua Shadow had just had litter of puppies.

I had really wanted a dog since moving into our first home together. Paul kept putting me off the idea unbeknown to me that he was planning the best proposal ever.

Paul arranged with Mark that if she had a puppy that was not white (all previous puppies had been white) that he would have one as he had a plan.

Paul then went to collect Peanut with my sister. Paul managed to keep all this quiet for months, much to my disappointment at my birthday party as my sister left before she got too drunk and spilled the beans.

Finally, one day after work I came home to find the kitchen door shut and Paul standing guard at the door, I then heard some tiny noises coming from the kitchen. I was completely clueless!

He opened the door and there was little Peanut sat in a box with an engagement ring around her collar.

I have to admit I was so distracted by the gorgeous lit-tle puppy I missed the ring at first!

Of course, as soon as I noticed I was speechless. Hands down the best proposal I ever could have imagined.

Tell us about your wedding planning journey…

I started collating ideas early on in a wedding planning scrapbook. This helped us to get an idea about what we felt was important to us.

We then went to explore suppliers by visiting all the nearby wedding fairs we could find. We quickly realised that the wedding we wanted did not really fit into anything we had seen at these fairs.

I kept saying to Paul we need to forget what we think we ‘should do’ as expected at a ‘traditional wedding’ and focus on what we wanted to do, what was important to us.

I then found The Eclectic Wedding fair through a friend and fell in love.

These were the supplies I had in my head and was thrilled to find out I could plan the unconventional Worcestershire wedding that was us without breaking the budget!

Any special touches/DIY?

Our ceremony was held at the local church decorated beautifully by my Mum G and Uncle S, using flower arrangements and ribbons all loving crafted by Mum G.

Our Worcestershire wedding reception was held at our local village hall which we decorated ourselves with the invaluable help of both our family and friends.

We created flower pumpkin displays, fishbowl canter pieces, a coffin post box, signs, decorative trees and a family photo montage on trellis.

We really enjoyed taking the time before the wedding to create all the special touches ourselves, it made the day so much more personal.

We also bagged up our own confetti and created our own favours.

One of my favourite DIY projects was making the flower bou-quets and button holes, they felt so much more personal.

What was the best bit of your day?

As cheesy as it sounds, we can’t specify a single part of the wedding as the best. We both had the most amazing day and enjoyed every minute of it.

Arranging the whole day ourselves and ensuring we had all the little details planned meant that every part of the day was amazing.

Is there anything you would do differently?

On the whole we had a fabulous day and would not really change anything.

We had a minor hiccup with our ring bearer Peanut when she stood on the bow holding the rings to her collar as she went down the aisle. The bow came undone leaving the rings halfway, if we did it again, we would double knot the bow!

However, it may also have been helpful to ensure the DJ’s had the right address (they rang us lost during the reception).

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

Don’t get swept up in all the wedding fever.

Keep focused on what is important for you as a couple, have the day as you want it to be not what you think it should be. Break the planning up into smaller chunks to stop yourself feeling like your becoming overwhelmed.

Above all remember it is your day so do it your way!

Our day wouldn’t have been the same without all our fantastic Worcestershire Wedding suppliers.

We would like to thank…. Karlus and Jo who made our wedding outfits, The Dignums our photographers that felt just like guests with big cameras, The Best Men for keeping the dance floor full and to Lydia for ensuring the Bridal party looked there best.

We would also like to thank Rob for the amazing buffet spread, to Jon the perfect bar man, to Croome Cuisine whose cheese is the best and to Wyre Pie Company for the amazing pork pie, to Butty for the cake stand and Amy for the best wedding cake ever!


Worcestershire Wedding Suppliers

Venues: St Kenelms Church and Martley Memorial Hall

Photography: The Dignums

Dress: The Couture Company 

Suit: Karlus G Tailor 

Ties: Tiestory – Etsy

Cake: Amy Momo – friend and Cake Stand: Steve (Butty) Butler – friend

Cake Topper Dolls: Pins & Needles

MUA: Lydia Repton of LJRmakeup

Cheeses: Croome Cuisine 

Pies: The Wyre Pie Company

Catering: Rob Finch

Bar: Jon Small – friend

Entertainment: The Best Men


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