A stunning Botanical inspired Wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead with beautiful seasonal tones and Art Deco elements

Today I am thrilled to share this stunning Botanical inspired Wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead with beautiful seasonal tones and Art Deco elements.

Images were captured by Sophie Baker Photography.

Sophie Baker is a Weddings, Family and Lifestyle based in the Gold Coast but covering Australia wide.


Choosing to get married on a stunning Autumn’s day at Gabbinbar Homestead Lucy and David’s dress code was originally  ‘Modern Black Tie’ with an Art Deco element’ but after much planning, a postponement and more consideration they moved into a more ’natural and botanical inspired wedding style.’

Their florist/stylist crafted an incredible Autumn inspired arbor with warm and jewelled toned hues with the reception space styled with an abundance of candles, fruit and of course, their gorgeous pear cake.

Their day started with a romantic garden ceremony held beneath the Himalayan Cedar, a sophisticated garden party and then on to a lavish reception.


Gorgeous Bride Lucy says of the couples love story and their botanical inspired wedding day…


How did you meet?

We met on New Years Eve at one of Toowoomba’s iconic pubs, The Spotted Cow, and it went from there.

Tell us about the Engagement…

Dating a few years and fast forwarding to the proposal… David arrived home from work one Friday afternoon looking exhausted.

He walked into my home studio where I was working carrying a tray of cupcakes. I thought it was super cute that he remembered our anniversary and we were about to enjoy these sweet treats.

To my surprised David suddenly dropped to one knee, holding out the cupcakes and asked me to marry him.

Shocked and so very surprised I managed a yes and then we were off on our wedding planning journey.

Tell us about your Wedding Planning journey…

Throwing our wedding plans into complete chaos and stress was only 3 months before our wedding was Covid 19.

This meant our Wedding that was planned for May 2020 had to cancelled and we made the decision to postpone our day to May 2021.

This then brought along many challenges and so much stress not knowing if our day would actually happen or not.

It was hard to fully get excited for the day seeing as things with Covid had been changing so rapidly.

It wasn’t until I was walking down the aisle seeing all of our family and friends looking back at me that I realised this day was actually happening and we were going to be married.

This felt like the biggest relief for me and I was so excited to meet my handsome groom at the end of the aisle.

What was the most challenging part of planning your wedding? How was your wedding affected by Covid?

The most challenging part really was not being able to plan and have an expectation of how they would turn out.

When we moved our wedding date we moved our venue to Gabbinbar as their Covid Plan was the best I had seen and experienced.

With lockdowns constantly happening and things changing at the drop of a hat I found myself really stressed leading upto the wedding and also not allowing myself to get excited.

In weeks leading up to the wedding I had to shut out all the news reports of Covid with my mum only reporting to me what I needed to know.

How did your job help you manage the wedding planning experience?

I am a wedding photographer and have been capturing love for over 10 years.

The thing that has always drawn me to weddings is the story of the day. Capturing the day as it unfolds naturally so that my couples remember what happened and how the day felt each time they look at their photos.

As you can imagine the most common question I was asked in the lead up to our wedding was “so who photographs the photographers wedding?”

If I had a dollar for each time I have been asked this I’d be able to retire in a fancy beach house.

Being a part of so many weddings it made things a little easier when it came to wedding planning and sorting our all of our vendors and timeline for the wedding.

It was really important to us that we supported as many local vendors as possible.

What was the most important investment for you for your wedding day?

As a photographer of course photography is my answer. For us it was all of our vendors.

We hand picked each of them based on the vibe and energy they would bring to our day and they all excelled.

Booking experienced vendors that actually care about your wedding is a must, hands down.

Can you tell us what the theme and colour palette of your Wedding Day?

Our dress code was Modern Black Tie and initially we were throwing back to a 1920’s theme with an art deco element.

My engagement ring and wedding dress to give a nod to the Art Deco style.

Then when I met with our Florist Kimmy we moved into more of a natural/botanical inspired wedding style and incorporated fruit which you see displayed on the tables and also our gorgeous pear cake! Oh and candles, LOTS and LOTS of candles!

I love candle light, I feel it adds a beautiful atmosphere to any room.

Why did you choose Gabbinbar as a venue?

Gabbinbar Homestead was always a favourite venue for us. Having been on both sides of a wedding day at Gabbinbar and the service is second to none.

One of my favourite memories from the day was walking into the conservatory where the reception would later be held to see Issac the owner helping with the set up.

Each and everyone of our guests couldn’t rave about how attentive the staff were all day and how amazing the food was!

Even now months later people are still complementing us on how great Gabbinbar was.

I think a lot of finer details can be overlooked and missed yet the Gabbinbar Team never miss a beat here.

We loved our wedding day experience and often talk about how having our wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead would not have been the same if they didn’t host us for our special day.

We also chose the venue because the homestead itself feels homely and welcoming and the grounds are beautiful.

I always think there is a little bit of a New Zealand feel with the big tress and moody light. David’s Dad’s side of the family are from New Zealand so it was lovely to have a slight nod to this as part of our day as well

What was your and David’s most memorable or enjoyable part of your wedding day?

As we are both pretty sentimental people we enjoyed the vows we wrote for one another and the speeches shared by our nearest and dearest

Were there any surprises on your wedding day?

I arranged for David’s Pops old blue Ute to arrive the morning of to take him and his groomsman to the wedding. This was a big highlight for him as his Pop had passed away and wasn’t able to attend the wedding.

Keeping this secret for over 2 years from him was really tricky. As the car was gifted to David’s cousins it meant I had to also rely on them not to slip
up and accidentally tell him.

The boys (who were also David’s Best Men) were worried because David being a car man that he might arrange one for the day. I was so relieved when David’s sister messaged me on the day of the wedding to say the car had arrived and he loved it!

For me David surprised me with a beautiful vintage necklace that dates back to the early 1900’s and is a sign of marriage.

Looking back what advice would you give to couples planning a wedding and on their wedding day?

Give yourself time before your wedding to be prepared. For me the lead up to our wedding was not how I originally planned and going back would have loved more time off beforehand.

There was so much last minute running around that takes time that I didn’t account for. This made things more stressful than they needed to be.

Print out your run sheet and give it to as many people as possible. So many questions can be answered and it helps to keep everyone in the loop.

Hand write or print out on paper your speeches, don’t read them from a phone. The blue light that reflects on your face from a phone light doesn’t always look great in photos. This goes for all those speaking.

Set the tone for your day right from your ceremony.

Choose a celebrant who you feel will make your guests comfortable and ready to get the party started. I think it also helps to have everyone share your story so having a personalised ceremony is a great way to do this.

This also leads into writing your own vows. It’s nerve wracking but SO worth it!

Music is such a great part of a wedding day. I cannot recommend live music enough as it creates the vibe and feel for your wedding.


Botanical inspired Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Sophie Baker Photography

Venue & Wedding Planning: Gabbinbar Homestead

Wedding dress: Wendy Makin

Shoes: Loeffler Randall

Grooms suit: MJ Bale

Florist: The Little Flower Stall

Cake: Jillicious Cakes

Celebrant: I am Celebrant Sam

Hair: Sarah Neill Hair 

Makeup: Mirror Mirror

Rings: Hogans Jewellers

Earrings: Amelie George Bridal


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