A stunning Denver Wedding with pretty teal details and a Nature and Science Museum theme

Today I am thrilled to share this stunning Denver Wedding with pretty teal details and a Nature and Science Museum theme.

Images were captured by From the Hip Photo.

From the Hip Photo was founded in 2009 by Nina de Zayas and her husband Danny. It remains a woman-led, immigrant-owned, small, family business.

Its name is a nod to the style of their images: candid, spontaneous, fresh, playful, and vibrant.

Since then, the From the Hip Photo family has grown into the most accomplished crew of visual professionals in Colorado. Julia, Makaila, Kelly and

Shannon are a talented trio of gifted lead photographers, bringing energy and artistry to every session they photograph.


Beautiful Bride Lauren (L.P) tells us all about their special day..


How did you meet?

We met playing ultimate frisbee — I was the captain of a co-ed team that Brad joined.

We spent the summer trying to hide our interest in each other for the sake of “team chemistry,” but really only hid it from each other. All of our teammates knew.

 Tell us about the proposal…

We did the proposal thing a little backwards…

We bought a house together in May, realized in August that if we wanted an Autumn wedding (which we did) we needed to act fast, picked out the ring in October, picked out the venue in November, and then in December Brad proposed at the spot where our ceremony would take place.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your day…

We knew that it would involve teal (my favorite color), a killer playlist, a personalized ceremony, and lots of nerdy details.

Let’s talk wedding decor and special touches…

We really leaned into the Nature/Science Museum theme — we designed our own Gobo slide with a T-rex on it, had toy dinosaurs and animals scattered around tables, and made coasters with the view of Denver from the museum (+ a dinosaur + our cats as astronauts) as wedding favors.

At other weddings, we had seen tables labelled as important places to that couple’s relationship.

We are big pop-culture nerds, so we stole the idea but used locations from our favourite movies, comics, & television shows.

Our sweet heart table was the dot over the “i” in Jeremy Bearimy.

We also had a Lil Sebastian plush doll on our table, because we *are* Ben and Leslie.

Since teal was the wedding colour, we spray painted vases and crates either brown or teal.

We made the small geometric centrepieces and hand cut all of the wine bottles we used as candle holders.

There was a lot of DIY, and we were fortunate to have crafty & helpful friends!

We don’t know much about florals, so were incredibly lucky to work with an amazing florist who took our vague preferences and turned them into gorgeous bouquets and centerpieces!

The playlist was meticulously crafted to include our favorite songs, our parents’ favorite bops (mostly disco), some crowd pleasers, and some songs that were tailored to specific guests.

Since I go by the nickname “LP” and love music (hence the many hours spent on the playlist), we asked our guests to sign records instead of a guest book. We’ve now have these framed in our house.

Our first dance was “Come and Get Your Love,” the opening song to the movie we saw on our first date (“Guardians of the Galaxy”).

In our wedding programs, we included the vows shared by Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope on Parks & Rec — and made “I love you and I like you” part of our vow exchange.

Neither of us are big cake people, so our desserts were chocolate covered strawberries, mousses, cheese cake bars, and mini creme brûlées.

We “cracked” a creme brûlée instead of cutting a cake, and we managed to get a Star Wars cake topper to stand up in it!

Let’s talk Wedding fashion..

Funny story: on the day that we intended to get Brad’s wedding suit, we gave up and instead adopted two cats!

They were six-month-old brothers and have been amazing additions to our family. (We did eventually find Brad a suit.)

I just wanted something with pockets. “I Do Weddings & Photography” in Boston (where I’m from) had some amazing original designs, so you can really personalize the dress.

What was the most anticipated or special moment of your wedding day?

A lot of our guests were looking forward to the dance party, and it was great.

Both Brad and myself are writers (sports journalist and rhet/comp professor, respectively), so there was anticipation with our vows.

Our officiant is a poet and colleague of mine, so just high expectations all around for the ceremony.

But everything about our ceremony was absolutely perfect and felt special to our relationship.

Do you have any wedding planning or marriage advice that you’d like to share with other couples planning their day?

Everyone is going to have opinions during the planning stage, and it can occasionally feel overwhelming to try to be receptive to advice, keep guests and family happy, and maintain your vision.

Decide together which are the “important decisions” and which really aren’t.

Picking a venue that came with catering & bar meant fewer decisions for us to fret over.

It left us with more time for the things we cared about — all of the inside jokes & references built into the decor, the music, and (of course) the photography.

Add personal details wherever you can — it makes your day truly unique and memorable. And fun for the people attending!

The wedding also flies by just as fast as people say it does. Though we did take most of our photos before the ceremony begin, we ran out to the park right after to take some photos during the sunset.

It was a nice moment to spend together between the ceremony & reception. It’s good to build in some alone-time during the big day.

Also, this is a good pitch for a good photographer. Since it all flies by, the photographs are *key* for preserving memories.

Also, if your mother is willing to sing “O Danny Boy” to ease everyone’s nerves because she had just started watching “Schitt’s Creek” and then your sister-in-law finds a disco version of the song… let that moment play out. Cherish it forever

Wedding Vendors

Venue & Catering : Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Photographer: From the Hip Photo

Wedding Dress: I Do Weddings Boston

Floral Designer: Kimball Floral

Beauty: Divine Beauty Artists

DJ: A Music Plus Entertainment


To Contact From The Hip Photo

Website: https://fromthehipphoto.com/

Email: chat@fromthehipphoto.com

Be Social: Facebook  Twitter Instagram


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