A stunning Essex Wedding with a Tim Burton Film Theme & a purple wedding dress

Today I am excited to share this stunning Essex Wedding with a Tim Burton Film Theme & a purple wedding dress.

The couple are Emily and Kenny and they were married at The White Hart Gt Yeldham.

Images were captured by Pengelly Photography.

pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress, essex-wedding-10jpg

Kevin Pengelly is an award winning photographer noted for his unique talent for capturing stunning moments in the most captive and special way.

He specialises in reportage, creative and contemporary wedding photography in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk.


I hand over to Kevin and Sabrina of Pengelly Photography…


“We had photographed Kenny’s Sisters wedding a few years before so it was great to see all the family again.”

“We arrived at  Essex Wedding Venue The White Hart Gt Yeldham where Emily and her Bridesmaids were having hair and make up with the lovely and very talented ladies, Emma Quin of Pretty Faces Make Up and Tina Crossley of Beautiful Hair 4 Weddings.”

“Emily looked stunning in her purple dress and Kenny had a purple suit to match, we love different and Kenny’s cane and hat worked so well with the suit.”

“The theme for the day was Tim Burton’s films and Emily and Kenny’s attention to detail was fabulous with all the table decorations along with their super cake to fit in with the theme.”

“Unfortunately the weather was not playing ball so all the group photos had to be taken inside but we had a lovely area to do photos.”

“Emily had prior to the wedding organised for us to go to Colne Valley Railway to do some photos and even though it was still raining we made our way and took our chances, and boy were we glad we did.”

“The rain stopped and even the sun came out for a short while so we were able to get some really creative shots, then we made our way back to the venue where we quickly got everyone outside for the large group before the rain started again.”

“After speeches Kenny and Emily had arranged for a magician and caricaturist to go around the tables keeping everyone entertained while tables were cleared ready for the evening entertainment.”

“The happy couple had arranged some special entertainment for their guests so after the first dance we all made our way outside to be entertained by fire eaters doing a display.”


I hand over to the beautiful Bride Emily…


How did you meet?

“We met 7 years ago on a night out with mutual friends at a pub.”

“We hardly spoke that night but a couple of days later I added him on Facebook and we hit it off straight away and been inseparable ever since.”

Tell us about the Engagement

This is a long story so bear with me.”

“It was November 24th 2012 and I really wanted to go to a Christmas fayre that day but my mum and step dad invited us for a catch up to a local pub.”

“Hours later and I figured we weren’t going to make the fayre so mum decided we should go window shopping instead.”

“When we returned my step father made up some lame excuse why Kenny had to leave.”

“So I went home and Kenny wasn’t there but I walked in and saw a trail of Ferrero rocher leading upstairs to the living room.”

“There were candles lit and a message on the coffee table explaining there was some treasure that had been hidden somewhere and I had to use clues to find it.”

“My first clue took me to Kennys parents house, in the car Kenny had made a cd of some nice lovey songs.”

“At his parents house I had to construct a jigsaw puzzle to tell me where the next clue was.”

“As I made the puzzle it was a picture of their chimnea so out I go to their chimnea and a map leads me to my dad and step mums House.”

“My next jigsaw puzzle was a picture of their shed, in their shed was a map leading me to my mum and step dad’s house.”

“The next jigsaw puzzle was a vase and that clue took me to the local pub which my nan had run for years but had unfortunately passed away in July that year.”

“Me, my mum and my stepdad made our way to the pub and when we walked in I saw Kenny looking very dapper on a suit and top hat.”

“He walked over to me and got down on one knee. I was a blubbering mess in front of our parents and the customers in the pub who applauded us and got us a bottle of bubbly. We celebrated with a lovely meal.”

What was the best bit of your day?

“There are so many bits to choose from.”

“Obviously I loved getting married. I also loved the special moment waiting with my dad before we walked down the aisle.”

“I loved all of our entertainment. We had a magician and caricaturist and fire performers who were all amazing!”

“Our photos just the two of us was very special too and we got some awesome pictures.”

“I also loved seeing our cake for the first time.”

“We told our cake maker a rough idea but we gave her free reign to do what she wanted and when I saw it for the first time I was speechless, it was like nothing I’ve ever seen, the attention to detail was above anything else I’ve ever seen.”

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

“I know it sounds cliché but it goes so fast so try to take it all in.”

“Also it’s your day so do what you two want rather than what other people want or what you think they’ll want.”

“We didn’t have a traditional white wedding and we loved every single bit of it because it was exactly how we imagined it to be.”

pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-67jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-66jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-65jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-13jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-14jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-16jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-17jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-18jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-19jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-20jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-21jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-22jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-23jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-24jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-25jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-26jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-27jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-28jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-29jpgpengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-1jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-2jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-3jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-4jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-5jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-6jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-7jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-8jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-9jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-10jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-11jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-12jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-31jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-32jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-33jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-34jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-35jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-36jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-37jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-38jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-39jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-40jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-41jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-42jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-43jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-44jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-45jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-46jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-47jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-48jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-49jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-50jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-51jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-52jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-53jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-54jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-55jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-56jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-57jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-58jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-59jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-60jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-61jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-62jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-63jpg pengelly-photography-tim-burton-film-theme-wedding-purple-wedding-dress-essex-wedding-64jpg

Thank you so much to Pengelly Photography for sharing this glorious Essex Wedding.

Love the gentle nod to Tim Burton Films from the lovely handcrafted stationery to the incredible cake.

Also really adore the vibrant colour palette, I am a huge fan of colour and this couple have stamped their colourful personalities all over their celebration.


Wedding Suppliers

Venue – Ceremony and Reception – White Hart Inn Great Yeldham (everyone commented on how well set up it was and how good the food was.)

Photographer – Pengelly Photography

Dress –  eBay. (Only cost me £140)

Bridesmaid Gowns – Also eBay. (I got them to choose their own dresses as long as they were black.)

Suit/Kilt Hire – Marc Darcy for the suits. Moss Bros for the kilts

Cake Maker – Beautiful Tiers (Kathleen Tofts)

Rings –  The perfect ring company made Kennys custom made skull ring. My engagement ring was from Beaverbrooks and my wedding ring was from Diamond Heaven in Birmingham

Stylist/Wedding Planner – Laura our wedding coordinator came with our venue package and she was amazing.

Stationery – All hand made by us from save the dates to invites to table place names

Beauty – Make up/Hair stylist make up – Pretty Faces (Emma Quinn.) Hair – beautiful hair 4 weddings (Tina Crossley) who both made my morning very stress free and enjoyable as I was so nervous.


To Contact Pengelly Photography

Website – http://www.pengelly-photography.co.uk/

Email – kevin@pengelly-photography.co.uk/

Phone – 01787 377503

Be Social – Facebook  Twitter  Instagram



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