A stunning Harry Potter Herbology Styled Vow Renewal with green and gold details

Today I am thrilled to share a stunning Harry Potter Herbology Styled Vow Renewal with green and gold details.

Styling is on point being subtle and elegant giving beautiful inspiration without being twee or overdone.

Images were captured by Jenny Thai Photography.

Bride Naomi shares about her stunning Harry Potter Herbology Styled Vow Renewal…


Why did you chose to have a Vow Renewal…

When my hubby Aaron and I were married Spring of 2014, we were young, on a very low budget, and had no idea how to plan a wedding.

Everything was DIY, and our wedding photographer was a good college friend of ours.

The day of course will never be forgotten (& we wouldn’t trade it for the world!), but the amount of things that went wrong is truly laughable.

A table caught on fire, my wedding dress didn’t fit me correctly, half of the bridal party got lost on the way to the photo location, I forgot my vows (rewrote them just before I walked down the aisle) etc.

I will always cherish the grainy and rushed photos that I have from our wedding, but as more of our friends got married and I saw how their weddings panned out and the beautiful photos that followed, I wished deep down that I could have that too! I just wanted one quality picture of me and my husband to hang in our hallway.

So we decided to hire Leviosa Events to help us coordinate an intimate vow renewal for our 7 year anniversary, and they walked with me every step of the way in planning the PERFECT little event.

Tell us about the Inspiration for your day…

Inspiration was drawn from our favourite colours of green & gold, our love of Harry Potter, natural elements like wooden tables and bistro chairs, and florals that included potted herbs, romantic trailing greenery, roses & eucalyptus in our tablescapes.

Please share your recollections of the day…

We wanted this day to reflect our nerdiness, but to still be romantic so we requested help in incorporating it into our day in subtle nods.

Leviosa Events did NOT disappoint. When we walked through the doors of the Prado, both of our jaws dropped.

The scene was stunning and so incredibly magical.

The photos will speak for themselves, but our favourite crafted detail was the way they surprised us with the cake cutting – we love the world of Herbology in the Harry Potter series, so they had arranged a hoe/spade for us to cut the cake with, as well as had our wands nearby.

Everyone thought it was hilarious and we couldn’t have loved it more.

AsĀ  I said my original wedding dress from 7 years ago didn’t fit me correctly. I felt uncomfortable in it, and even though it I still loved it because it was made from parts of my mother’s wedding dress, it wasn’t flattering on me.

This time around, though, I wore a white dress that Aaron had surprised me with for my birthday, did my own hair and makeup, and surprised my husband with a new dark green suit to wear.

As soon as we saw each other, it felt like a wedding day all over again.

Jenny (our amazing photographer) led us around the Prado after our vow renewal to take photographs, and we just felt so comfortable and more in love than ever.

When we saw the photos for the first time, we both smiled so big that I started to tear up.

We finally had wedding photos that I had always dreamed of, and I have my cookie cutter wedding photo hanging in my hallway at last, thanks to the wonderful team that made my dreams come true!!

What Advice would you give to couples getting married?

There are a lot of ways to save money and cut corners with your budget, but trust me, it is WORTH IT to invest in an experienced photographer to capture every precious moment, and an event planner to work with you to remove stress and help you reach your vision.

We learned our lesson a bit late in the game, but our vow renewal made up for some of previous mistakes!

Wedding Vendors

Venue & Caterer: The Prado at Balboa Park

Photographer: Jenny Thai Photography

Event Planner: Leviosa Events

Floral Designer & Equipment Rentals: Raphael’s Floralworks

Hair and Makeup: Bride


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