A Stunning Manor House Wedding in Surrey with a Morilee Dress and splashes of pink

Today I am thrilled to share this stunning Manor House Wedding in Surrey with a Morilee Dress and splashes of pink.

Images were captured by Jason Leaman Photography.

Alexander Leaman (Jason) is a professional full time Wedding Photographer based in Godalming in Surrey who works alongside his wife Carrie who is production manager for the Business.

Jason uses natural & available light & an engaged immersive approach to capture a unique mix of premium editorial photography & hi-art portraiture bound by a quintessence of documentary storytelling.


I hand over to gorgeous Bride Gemma to share the couples story…


How did you meet?

Gemma: We met at a Halloween party – Mike was dressed as a Reservoir Dogs mobster and I was some sort of winged devil!

From then on, our friendship grew and we’d spend a lot of time together – going out with friends, talking on the phone, we each ended up being the first person the other wanted to talk to or see… until one day, Mike asked me if I’d like to go on a date with him.

At first I was hesitant to say yes – what if something went wrong and I lost my best friend?

But it turned out that that was exactly why it was such a great idea.

Tell us about the Proposal…

Michael: It was our 2nd anniversary and I’d planned a surprise trip to St Paul’s Cathedral.

I’d had the ring for 4 months by this time – an oval cut Tanzanite, with diamond shoulders, set in white gold.

After walking around the central hall, we went up to the Whispering Gallery.

I’d had this elaborate fantasy about proposing through the ‘talking holes’ and it would be like a romantic scene from a movie… however, when we got there the amount of tourists made that an impossible feat.

I decided I would have to propose in the more conventional down-on-one-knee method.

So there I was, on one knee, trying to get the ring box out of my rucksack without Gemma noticing, and she would not stop staring at me – along with almost 100 tourists!

So in a nervous panic I re-tied my shoelaces and went to look over the gallery railings.

After a few moments of composing myself, I bit the bullet, got down on one knee and asked “Gemma Rebecca Stevens, will you marry me?”

Thankfully she said yes!

Tell us about your Wedding Planning Journey…

Gemma: Michael and I were engaged for 5 years before we started planning our wedding properly.

I went off to university shortly after our engagement and we knew we wanted to wait until I had finished to get married.

One Sunday in June 2015 we had the dilemma of picking somewhere to go for a walk.

We decided on Loseley Park and when we arrived I realized that it was the venue I had downloaded the wedding brochure for many years ago, but had forgotten about.

We both knew instantly that this was where we would have our wedding and it was the only venue we looked at.

My sister and I attended the Loseley wedding fair and whilst I was talking to the florist, my sister had found my photographer!

I went over to join the conversation and to my surprise she and Jason already had it all sorted.

Coincidentally my wedding date fell on his wedding anniversary and he said that despite this (and possibly a telling off from his wife!) he felt compelled to shoot our photographs.

Michael and I booked in to have a pre-wedding ‘together shoot’ the following year and I can’t begin to say how much of a difference it made to how comfortable we became in front of the camera.

Jason was fantastic, he just got ‘us’, and he was genuinely interested about our story.

There were times during the planning that was difficult.

I don’t know what I would have done without Michael, my sister Katie and my best friends Megan and Mirena, but I missed my mum massively.

It helped that I’d had such a close relationship with her though and I felt her influence in many of the decisions I made.

There were a few long nights (fueled by chocolate and alcohol!!) cutting, sticking and hand stitching details onto stationery.

There were also a few worrying moments where the blue dye from the trial cakes covered anyone who dared to eat a piece and made it look like a smurf massacring, or when the hotel that we were all staying in the weekend of the wedding went bust 3 months before!

But there were also some amazing moments, like when my dad gave me my mum’s engagement ring to have sewn into my wedding dress as my ‘something old’, or when one of my mum’s friends (who had planned to come to an advance wedding dress appointment with me and my mum, had my mum been well enough), took me to have my final dress fitting.

Oh and I managed to create the perfect consistency for the cake dye’s – not one blue or yellow smudge made it onto my dress!

What was the Best Bit of the Day?

Gemma and Michael: Everything. From getting ready, to travelling in the amazing carriage and vintage car, the ceremony, the photographs, the wedding breakfast and finally the reception…

We were high on the magic that rippled throughout the day.

It’s so hard to describe the euphoria that felt as though it would surely burst from our chests at any moment, but I can honestly say that it was the most emotional day we’ve ever experienced.

Gemma: The first dances were quite something though.

Our first dance was to Barry White’s “Just the way you are”, which was a song that Michael used to sing down the phone to me when we first got together.

It remained ‘our song’ for the next 9 years until we finally got to share the sentiment of it with our nearest and dearest.

My dance with my dad caused a bit of a stir too.

My mum passed away 5 years ago and although she influenced many details throughout the wedding, I thought what better way to include her than to dance with my dad to their song – “Waiting for a star to fall” by Boy Meets Girl.

Well…I was in bits before the song had even started!

By the end of the dance my brother and sister had been pulled into the emotional wreckage and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room!

Were there any surprises on the day?

Michael: Not really…

Gemma: No…because I planned it so well!

There was the best man’s speech that was SIX A4 PAGES long, but my dad putting his buttonhole in his mouth just before our dance and throwing his hat and glasses across the room was brilliant.

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

Gemma: Don’t be afraid to do a bit of DIY – I absolutely loved designing and planning the intricacies of our wedding, making all the stationery and making our wedding cake.

People thought I was crazy and made that scrunched up, concerned face when they found out how much I was taking on but I knew that I was capable of pulling it off and we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

It was perfect and we had so many compliments from our guests.

Don’t be bullied into inviting people that others say you should invite.

You’re not obligated to invite your entire extended family just because you share a family tree!

We stood our ground with our guest list and only invited the people who were important to us.

Michael: Check the length of your best man’s speech!! If it’s more than a page long (or a few cue cards), it’s got to go back to the drawing board…

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Wedding Suppliers

Venue – Loseley Park

Photographer – Jason Leaman 

Dress – Mori Lee from Bromley Brides

Shoes – Irregular Choice

Bridesmaid Gowns – Ebony Rose Designs  from Bromley Brides

Suit Hire – Moss Bros

Cake Maker  – Bride

Florist – Eden Blooms 

Harpist –  Nicola Veal

Entertainment -Stevens Boys / First Dance DJ 

Rings – Flawless Jewellery

Stationery – Bride  (and her minions)

Make up/Hair stylist – Hanna Wildman & Jo Spary and Elisa Drummond (through Hanna)

Lighting – Oakwood Events 

Transport – Madgwick Carriages and Classic and Vintage Cars


To Contact Jason Leaman Photography

Website – http://jlphotography.co.uk/

Email – enquiries@jlphotography.co.uk

Phone – 07738 413599

Be Social – Facebook  Twitter  Instagram


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    Wow – thanks for posting this. The story of this wedding was amazing and then the sheer style and energy really took it somewhere special. It was just one of those weddings that was pure joy to photograph, and I just wanted to say thanks for sharing it here. Jx

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