A Stunning Outdoor Wedding in London with pretty autumnal seasonal details

Today I am thrilled to share a stunning outdoor wedding in London with pretty autumnal seasonal details.

Images were captured by John Woodward Photography.

John is a Cambridgeshire based UK wedding photographer that captures those moments that make you smile.

He likes to shoot the slightly different, the fun aspects of weddings, and looks at things with a slightly sideways glance to get creative.

It’s a relaxed style, energetic and less formal, but capturing moments that you wouldn’t normally see.

Different, unconventional, friendly, helpful and always going the extra mile, laid back and hopefully creative and a bit awesome too!


He says of the couple and their day…


I met Sarah and Myles at their venue for the first time after we had spoken online.

Due to busy schedules and distance, it was tricky to get a proper face to face meeting after they first contacted me, so we did most of it via emails and phone calls..

It was awesome of them to book me without actually meeting me and we got on even better when we finally did meet.

We had a really fun chat and a couple of drinks well into the evening, so I knew it was going to be an awesome wedding as they were awesome people!

To start the day Sarah and her crew were getting ready at the Andaz Hotel.

From the outset I could feel the very chilled vibe. No rush or hassle, just taking time and taking it easy.

Sarah was, on the outside at least, a model of cool and calm.

Then a quick walk around the corner for the ceremony itself at Devonshire Terrace and the day really started to take off.

People started to arrive pretty quickly, the venue looked absolutely amazing, the sun was shining….it couldn’t fail to be something really special.

Myles was also a picture of cool. most of the time

But the moment that really got me and summed up the day was the image I took of Myles welling up as he looked back and saw Sarah walking in with her Dad.

The veneer cracked and the true meaning of the day was right there. Absolutely fantastic moment.

Not long after that, it was back to normal!

Loads of smiles, lots of laughter, a really chilled ceremony and the speeches were hilarious!

Then on to the evening entertainment after the awesome meal with a live band, The Epics. They blew the roof off the building and it turned from being a wedding into a gig! They were awesome and so were the crowd!

So much fun, Sarah and Myles really letting their hair down and going for it with friends and family, people rolling around on the floor, on peoples backs, jumping up and down with arms waving in the air.

I can honestly say it was a privilege to photograph Sarah and Myles wedding. They were absolutely fantastic, and their day was something really special.


I hand over to beautiful Bride Sarah…


How did you meet?

We met through an online dating app, and it all went from there.

Tell us about the Proposal…

We took a walk in Epping forest, a local spot where we had spent many happy hours escaping the hustle and bustle of London and as the sun was setting through the trees it was the perfect time to pop the question.

With a momentary distraction of “Look a squirrel”, Sarah turned run to find me on a knee.

The rest of the day was a bit of blur but we decided to just have a few hours to ourselves before we shared the news with everyone else.

Tell us about your wedding planning journey …

We had a people coming from lots of different places and realised that we wanted to make the process of getting married as stress free as possible for ourselves and our guests so we decided to get married in London instead of following the more traditional route.

We also knew we wanted an outside space and nothing too formal or stiff, ideally with a forest and a few other things.

Then we realised central London is somewhat light on forests and decided to look at what really mattered. We quickly found a venue with loved at Devonshire Terrace with a large glass roof staring up on the skyline of London whilst at the same time having a snug and personal feeling.

From there we had most of the larger logistical elements done in the first few months.

We used flowers and foliage to bring some of the country/forest theme into the day and had the best of all worlds.

Any special touches/DIY?

We wanted to make sure that the wedding had a feel of us to it.

There were home made candles on every table, roses had been getting dried out and turned into confetti for months in the run into the wedding to allow us to do things with our own stamp.

Family and friends were a big part of helping with things.

A very talented friend who did cakes was amazing and made a beautiful cake for us.

It was decorated with miniature versions of us that Sarah designed and painted herself on some kids pegs.

What was the theme /colour palette of your Big Day?

Outdoor party with friends and family was what we were aiming for.

The colour schemes were autumnal with lots of oranges and browns with meadows of flowers as centre pieces.

What was the best bit of your day?

Getting to marry my best friend.

Everything that went around it was amazing and having our family and friends there was so important to us.

After the partying was done and everything was finished I was still grinning.

Is there anything you would do differently?

No. There were a dozen decisions that could have tuned out differently but the day we had was special for us and we had the time of our lives.

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

Make the day about yourselves and do things because they are what you want to do not because someone said you have to.

It shouldn’t be stressful, the people who come to your day will not talk about colours of the seat covers but they’ll remember the fun and joy on your faces if you have a great time.

Wedding Suppliers

Venue – Devonshire Terrace

Photographer – John Woodward Photography

Wedding Dress – Second hand

Bridesmaid Gowns – Kulayan

Cake Maker – Family friend

Florist – Hiding in the City Flowers

Stationery – Tree of Hearts (Invitations) / Vintage Prints (On the Day stationery)

Make up/Hair stylist – Bride/Groom


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