A stunning woodland inspired Suffolk Wedding at Granary Estates

Today I am thrilled to share a stunning woodland inspired Suffolk Wedding at Granary Estates.

The couple are Inge and CJ and their magical forest reception was a true representation of some of the most special times of their lives.

Images were captured by Lina and Tom.

Lina and Tom are an award-winning husband and wife team based in Cambridgeshire.

They specialise in documentary wedding photography, destination weddings and fun lifestyle photography.

They love telling stories and we believe photography should be there for life.

Their work includes engagement shoots, weddings, natural family photography, small business promo photos, theatre and destination photo shoots.


I hand over to gorgeous Bride Inge…


How did you meet? 

“CJ and I met at school – although don’t be fooled we weren’t childhood sweethearts.”

“We lived in villages next to each other and used to hang out a lot in school holidays.”

“Then when we were around 19 we started dating and living together and the rest happened as it happens!”

Tell us about the Engagement…

“I had been away on holiday with my friends and the kids and on my return CJ told me to meet him at one of my favourite restaurants the next day for a child free breakfast.”

“When I got there he hadn’t arrived but the waitress came over with a glass of bubbly a yellow rose and a letter.”

“In the letter he told me he would meet me at the spa later on but to enjoy a relaxing breakfast and that he had it covered. I had my suspicions then!”

“After breakfast I went off to the spa expecting to meet CJ but instead at reception I was greeting with a white rose, a glass of bubbly and another letter.”

“The letter said that he couldn’t make the spa but that he had booked me in for some treatments and to meet him at home later on that day.”

“The receptionist explained what he had booked in and I turned around to see my friend waiting and to hear the he had booked us both in together for a spa day together!”

“I had such a great time catching up with my friend and enjoying the relaxation and expected to find CJ when I got home.”

“But no, he had filled the house with red rose petals and had left a letter on our bed telling me to put something nice on and meet him ‘at our spot.”

“I knew exactly where he would be. When we were younger we carved our names into a tree in the forest which was halfway between his and my childhood houses.”

“Sure enough when I got there he had filled the spot with fairy lights and was down on one knee waiting for me.”

“He had sent me on a trail of my favourite places and had built suspense all day only to propose to me in our most special place.”

“It was honestly the most memorable day of my life! And he gave me three roses to represent; yellow for friendship, white for trust and red for love.”

Tell us about your wedding planning journey…  

“As a wedding planner I had a very strong vision as to what I wanted from the day.””

“I have seen a lot of wedding styles in my time and was determined to make sure our wedding was truly representative of who we are as a couple and what we enjoy.”

“So I rallied around my favourite suppliers and got to work creating a candlelit forest. We wanted to recreate our spot where he proposed.”

“CJ kept track of the spending – I nearly spent a good 3k on a snow machine! – and I pulled the plans together. We made a great team!”

What was the theme /colour palette of your Big Day?

“We didn’t go for a set theme but instead wanted to make sure the day was full of fun and unique quirks and aspects.”

“We bought in live trees to make the forested reception and the drew inspiration from my scandi background and hire in bronze geometric candle holders and succulents for the tables.”

“We also came up with networking games for the drinks reception and supplied nerf guns to make  sure that everyone was mixing and getting to know each other right from the get go.”

“I hate segregated and split up weddings. They are about coming together as friends and family and we totally achieved it!”

What was the best bit of your day? 

“The best bit of my day was when I saw CJ in the church. I walked up the aisle and was so overcome with emotion that we just stood at the alter hugging each other until I could compose myself.”

“The service didn’t start for a good 5 minutes because of it. And I knew from that moment that I was marrying the man who would hold me for the rest of my life and that we would always be okay.”

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

“Being a ‘Real Bride’ has made me better planner, I now understand the day from all angles and can enlist on my own experience to run the day.”

“I wrote a blog piece after being married with my own ten top tips which you can find on my website. But in all honesty in hind sight the things I most remember are the laughs, the enormous amount of love and the feeling I had in my heart for the whole day.”

“If you’re planning to get married – don’t forget that the most important thing that happens is that you marry the one you love.”

“The frills and fancies are great and make for a spectacular day. But if you can walk away from it feeling fantastic and in love then it was a huge success. ”

“But my one top tip and wedding gripe is to make it your own! Don’t get suckered into one type of theme or style if it doesn’t reflect you two as a couple.”

“You need every penny to work for you and to be spent on reflecting you, your relationship and your love. So put down the Pinterest and look deep into yourselves to find your  own wedding inspiration.”



Wedding Suppliers  

Ceremony – St Mary’s Church Burwell / Reception – Granary Estates

Photographer – Lina and Tom

Dress – Coast

Suit – John Lewis

Cake Maker  – The Linton Kitchen

Florist – The Tayler Studios

Rings – H Samuel

Stylist – Elizabeth Hall / Planner – Inge Louise Events

Stationery – Self made

Make up/Hair stylist – Dani Roberts MUA


To Contact Lina and Tom

Website: http://www.linaandtom.com

Email: lina@linaandtom.com

Be Social: Facebook Twitter Pinterest  Instagram


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