A Stylish London Micro Wedding in Chelsea

Like a lot of couples this past year, Zeni and George experienced a rollercoaster when it came to planning their stylish London Micro Wedding, but they got there in the end.

Celebrations of love may remain small right now but the joy is every bit as special, and the love is large.

Images were captured by Claire Wakefield Photography.

Claire Wakefield is a professional photographer specialising in intimate weddings and portraiture based in London.


Beautiful Bride Zeni says of the couples gorgeous London micro wedding…


How did you meet?

We met at the birthday party of our mutual friend. Both George and I were going through a patch of lacking interest in the dating scene.

I had gone to the birthday party with my friend, Michal, who in fact initiated conversation with George.

The story of which made a great speech at our wedding.

In short, Michal (who is gay) was the one originally interested in George, but 5 minutes into a conversation with George, Michal says to me “he is all yours”:).

We started to chat and found out we had been neighbours for over 2 years and never met.

It made for a fun chat and was a great icebreaker. I remember I asked George what he did professionally and he immediately brushed me off asking to leave the interview questions for another time. I found that very refreshing.

We all had a little too much to drink that night and ended up having a night cap at George’s flat with all of us passing out, me on the sofa.

Not my most glamorous moment, but regardless, he was a perfect gentleman.

I woke up to what I would call the worst hangover of my life, with panda eyes and in no way able to do “walk of shame”.

He made me breakfast at 7AM (I know now he is not a morning person, so he must have been dying inside making breakfast so early on the weekend). I became the guest that never left.

I was too hungover to move or even call a cab. He stuck with me through the day while I recovered on his sofa and it turned out to be a great day of getting to know each other.

We talked and talked, even after I recovered.

It wasn’t until later that week that we met again for an official date.

Tell us about your engagement…

If you are expecting balloons, roses, the “bride to be” all dressed up with full on makeup – this is probably not for you.

It was during the first Covid lockdown. George had always had his heart set on a night out with family and friends to pop the big question but Covid didn’t allow for that.

One evening, we were on Facetime with his mum and his sister having a very casual conversation.

I was wearing my covid-glam-look of the year: sweats, T shirt, no makeup, dry-shampooed hair.

Mid conversation he stood up and walked away leaving me alone talking with his family.

When he got back he said to his mum and sister, “guys I need to tell you something and I need you to listen very carefully”.

Now we have a very fun relationship where we like to take the piss out of each other. I jumped in and said “oh here we go…” where I started to take the piss out of him.

He promptly shoosh’d me, went down on one knee (I wasn’t sure if he had to rest or of he is feeling sick), and he popped the question.

I was not expecting it, he made me speechless (which is a miracle in its own right).

He decided at that moment he wanted to do it with the woman that meant the most in his life around to see it, and considering Covid and that they live overseas he felt it was now or never.

Even if I wasn’t the most glamorous moments, it was perfect….

How did Covid change your wedding plans?

Covid changed it several times for us.

We had been trying for a child for quite some time and been wanting to get married before having getting pregnant.

At the start of Covid our original plan was to have a small gathering in the winter (with just our immediate family) and have big party in the summer with our extended families all of whom have to travel from different corners of the globe.

Covid made us change these plans 3 times over.

The final change ended up in the middle of the UK Covid restrictions allowing wedding receptions outdoors only and we chose to just go with it.

We knew our summer plan for a wedding with our family was never going to happen in 2021 and of course between all of this I fell pregnant.

We had to make a very hard decision and choose to get married without our families around, which was the hardest part to digest.

So although Covid kept delaying our wedding, our dream of falling pregnant helped us to put our foot down and make a decision.

Your favourite bit of your London Micro Wedding

There were so many nice moments. We decided that George and I would spend the day and night before the wedding apart with him at his best friend and me with my best friend.

We wanted to keep this one tradition but what was unusually such a great feeling was that this was our first time we were apart since Covid started. Until then we had been together 24/7, so that feeling of missing your partner was actually quite nice.

Also, we hadn’t socialised with our friends for such a long time and seeing them all together, dressed up and having fun was just amazing.

Our families joined via Zoom, who also dressed up for the occasion. We had people from Slovakia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, France… it was just amazing!!!

It was a rainy day too and running around the our photographer Claire to take some great shots around Chelsea and The Phene (where we had the wedding reception) was so enjoyable (as you can see in the photos she took).

Another one of my favourite part of the day was, that for the first time I didn’t experience morning sickness (or “all day sickness” in my case).

My wedding morning and day was stress free mainly because I felt like a human after 4 months of being constantly sick.

I know this may not sound glamorous, but all pregnant ladies out there know what I am talking about.

Advice they would give to couples getting married now….

If you would asked me 5 years ago, I would have said…bigger the better!

However I can honestly say with as little as 13 people, but 13 of the right friends, friends who have known you the longest, and a venue with staff as friendly and lovely as The Phene, you are set for an amazing day.

We missed our families no doubt but technology allowed for them to not feel left out.

My advice is to take it easy. It is easy when preparing for a wedding to worry about pleasing other people.

Just focus on yourself and your other half. A London Micro Wedding like ours allowed for that.

Wear whatever you feel like wearing, we chose what we chose because we wanted everyone to have an excuse to finally dress up for something after being in lock-down for so long.

Don’t read too much Do’s and Don’ts. I originally wanted to do my own makeup and hair for simplicity sake, don’t do this.

Get someone to do this for you. The morning of your wedding, no matter how small the wedding, you are stressed.

You don’t want to be putting more pressure on yourself.

I very much appreciated when my hairdresser who is also skilled in wedding make-up pushed me to do this. It was a massive weight off my shoulders

London Micro Wedding Suppliers

Photography: Claire Wakefield Photography

Ceremony venue: Chelsea Old Town Hall

Reception Venue: The Phene – Chelsea

Groom tux: Massimo Dutti.

Groom shoes Kurt Geiger

Flowers (bouquet and decoration): FloJo Flowers

Cake: Cutter and Squidge


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