A Vibrantly Colourful & Fun Great Yarmouth Wedding Shoot

Today I am thrilled to share this vibrantly colourful & fun Great Yarmouth Wedding shoot with a hint of a rock n roll feel.

After an intimate private ceremony Agnes and Nick took a trip around the arcades and beach of this nostalgic British seaside town.

Images were captured by John Woodward Photography.

John is a Cambridgeshire based UK wedding photographer that captures those moments that make you smile.

He likes to shoot the slightly different, the fun aspects of weddings, and looks at things with a slightly sideways glance to get creative.

It’s a relaxed style, energetic and less formal, but capturing moments that you wouldn’t normally see.

Different, unconventional, friendly, helpful and always going the extra mile, laid back and hopefully creative and a bit awesome too!


Groom Nick says of the couples love story and their Great Yarmouth Wedding shoot…


How did you meet?

After university Agnes moved to my home town and got a job working with my best friend.

He was convinced we would be perfect together, and he set up a date by tricking me to go to the pub with him, but  didn’t tell me she would be there.

Well, on seeing her I instantly knew she’d be my wife and embarrassingly told all my friends I’d end up marrying her.

It’s safe to say I came on a little strong because at first she wasn’t interested.

I gave her a lot of room though, and after a cheeky date at Wetherspoons she dropped the guy she was dating and 8 years later my prophecy was fulfilled

How Covid changed our wedding plans?

Honestly not too much, we had always planned a private ceremony with just close friends and family, and then were planning on having a big blow out party with everyone after, because that’s kind of just our style.

However we decided to cancel the party even though we could have had 30 people, and put the money towards a property.

In both families we have high risk people so it didn’t seem worth the risk this year.

Why the location for the wedding shoot?

Great Yarmouth is such a unique place, originally we weren’t going to have photos there but decided to get some as we didn’t have a party.

We wanted to have our personality in and get something a bit different for our Great Yarmouth Wedding shoot.

I’ve worked in design and the creative industries so it was fun to apply that in some way to my own wedding, John was great but I think even he was a little confused at first, but once he got it he totally got what we were going for.

And unsurprisingly a lot of people have asked us why Great Yarmouth beach front?

Its quite run down, but it’s very nostalgic for Agnes as it’s where she spent some of her childhood on family day out.

In her words “I like it because it’s shit” but it’s more then that there is something quite artistic and complementary about a fashion/rock and roll wedding shot on a run down British holiday beach, It had bit of a cyber punk feel in a strange sense and that was really appealing to me.

Wedding Suppliers

Photography – John Woodward Photography

Dress – own dress

Bridal Accessories – Hat – H & M / Shoes – Doc Martens

Grooms wear – Leather jacket – Leather shop – Norwich / Shirt & tie & tie clip – Moss Bros /Trousers – Black jeans – Levi’s / Shoes – Doc Martins

Flowers – The Artisan Dried Flowers Co

Makeup – Bride


To Contact John Woodward Photography

Website – https://www.johnwoodwardphotography.co.uk/

Email – enquiries@johnwoodwardphotography.co.uk

Be Social – Facebook  Twitter Instagram



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