An amazing DIY Superhero Wedding with splashes of purple and a nerdy reception

Today I am very excited to share this amazing DIY Superhero Wedding with a fabulous purple and black colour palette and a fantastic nerdy reception.

Images of the day were captured by Peacock Obscura Photography.


Super Hero wedding, peacock obscura photography, batman wedding ring shot


I had a wee chat to Derbyshire based Andy Pickard of Peacock Obscura…


“I love working in the moment taking unique photographs, those magical fractions of a second that are precious and fleeting but when taken endure forever.”

“I capture the emotion of the day, the connection between people, the humour, the tears, the laughter all the things that make a weddingday special and unique.”

“Wedding photography comes with lots of labels such as documentary, reportage or editorial; I specialise in beautifully creative, natural wedding photography.”

“I’m there for the whole day, from bridal preparations to the party after the first dance, I stay all day because it’s a privilege to be part of one of the most important days of couples lives and I don’t want to miss any of it.”

“I just love weddings, from traditional romantic white weddings to Stonehenge Pagan hand-fastings.”

“I bring a lifetime of experience in photography and wedding photography in particular so you can be assured of beautiful natural wedding photographs, whatever the venue, weather or style of ceremony.”

“To me no wedding is typical; couples are individuals and the choices they have made for their wedding day are uniquely theirs and I work hard to capture the personality and individuality; the essential “you-ness” of the occasion.”

“I love telling their wedding story in a sumptuous mix of contemporary documentary photos & stylish portraiture influenced by the glamour of the cinema.”


“I met Becky and Steve at a wedding fair at Wollaton Hall, I only do a few wedding fairs a year but really enjoy meeting couples and making the connection.”

“I feel it’s vitally important that a couple and their wedding photographer are relaxed with each other as this leads to much a more creative experience and nicer images.”

“Becky and Steve’s day was a wonderfully relaxed family day packed with fun.”

“They were so obviously in love and genuinely excited to be getting married.”

“The Venue was the church where Becky works and unusually the whole day was based in the Church building including the inspired fancy dress evening party with brilliant Super man themed band.”


I now hand over to gorgeous Bride, Becky…


How did you meet?

“We met 4 years ago, through a mutual friend while at the pub for a World Cup match.”

“We got on but didn’t really think about each other in that way till we met up alone.”

“We met up as friends but it became a date.”

“We went to the cinema and walked around Burton for ages talking, realising we had a lot in common.”


When did you get engaged?

“We got engaged on the 14th February 2012.”


Tell us a wee bit about your Wedding plans

“We had a long engagement and our plans were always nerdy.”

“We wanted a Batman wedding to start with then it turned in to a Superhero Wedding.”

“We had many ideas and it was just a case of making it happen.”

“We were originally having a 4* hotel wedding but due to me losing my job we had everything at the church.”

“Which was actually the best thing that could have happened to us cause we could do everything we wanted.”

“We made all our decorations ourselves and just bought all the supplies off eBay and other sites.”

“We planned a traditional wedding then had a nerdy reception and evening do.”

“Our Wedding day was the 5th April 2014.”


What was your favourite bit of the Wedding Day?

Groom – “My favourite bit was seeing Becky walking down the aisle and how beautiful she looked and knowing she was about to become my wife.”

Bride – “My favourite bit was when I got to the church and the minister told me Steve was there and he was calm which calmed me. It was about to happen.”


Our Advice to anyone getting married

“Life may get in the way of the wedding plans, like one of you losing your job, but remember why you’re getting married and that nothing else matters.”



Super Hero wedding_0002

Super Hero wedding_0004

Super Hero wedding

Super Hero wedding_0011

Super Hero wedding_0012

Super Hero wedding_0013

Super Hero wedding_0014

Super Hero wedding_0015

Super Hero wedding_0016

Super Hero wedding_0017

Super Hero wedding_0018

Super Hero wedding_0020

Super Hero wedding_0021

Super Hero wedding_0022

Super Hero wedding_0023

Super Hero wedding_0024

Super Hero wedding_0025

Super Hero wedding_0026

Super Hero wedding_0051

Super Hero wedding_0055

Super Hero wedding_0029

Super Hero wedding_0030

Super Hero wedding_0032

Super Hero wedding_0034

Super Hero wedding_0036

Super Hero wedding_0037

Super Hero wedding_0038

Super Hero wedding_0039

Super Hero wedding_0040

Super Hero wedding_0042

Super Hero wedding_0044

Super Hero wedding_0045

Super Hero wedding_0046

Super Hero wedding_0049

Super Hero wedding_0059

Super Hero wedding_0063

Super Hero wedding_0061

Super Hero wedding_0066

Super Hero wedding_0067

Super Hero wedding_0069

Super Hero wedding_0070

Super Hero wedding_0071

Super Hero wedding_0072

Super Hero wedding_0073

Super Hero wedding_0075

Super Hero wedding_0078

Super Hero wedding_0079

Super Hero wedding_0084

Super Hero wedding_0085

Super Hero wedding_0104

Super Hero wedding_0107

Super Hero wedding_0109

Super Hero wedding_0110

Super Hero wedding_0087

Super Hero wedding_0089

Super Hero wedding_0095

Super Hero wedding_0096

Super Hero wedding_0097

Super Hero wedding_0113

Super Hero wedding_0115

Super Hero wedding_0116

Super Hero wedding_0118

Super Hero wedding_0120

Super Hero wedding_0122

Super Hero wedding_0125

Super Hero wedding_0127

Super Hero wedding_0128

Super Hero wedding_0130

Super Hero wedding_0132

Super Hero wedding_0133

Super Hero wedding_0138

Super Hero wedding_0139

Super Hero wedding_0140

Super Hero wedding_0141

Super Hero wedding_0145

Super Hero wedding_0146

Super Hero wedding_0147

Super Hero wedding_0148

Super Hero wedding_0149

Super Hero wedding_0150

Super Hero wedding_0152

Super Hero wedding_0153

Super Hero wedding_0154

Super Hero wedding_0155

Super Hero wedding_0156

Super Hero wedding_0157

Super Hero wedding_0158

Super Hero wedding_0159

Super Hero wedding_0160

Super Hero wedding_0161

Super Hero wedding_0162

Super Hero wedding_0163

Super Hero wedding_0164

Super Hero wedding_0165

Super Hero wedding_0166

Super Hero wedding_0167

Super Hero wedding_0169

Super Hero wedding_0170

Super Hero wedding_0171

Super Hero wedding_0172

Super Hero wedding_0173

Super Hero wedding_0174


Thank you so much to Andy for sharing this incredible Superhero Wedding.

There is so much to love from the outstanding wedding cake to the love heart wall decor to the aptly name superhero couple place names, to the subtle touches like their awesome shoes.

And how fun do the Band and reception look.

So much to inspire from the Bride and Grooms creativity and expression of themselves as a couple.


Wedding Suppliers

Venue – Wedding and Ceremony – Littleover Methodist church

Photographer – Peacock Obscura Photography

Dress and chair covers –  Tiffany Jordan

Suits – Moss Bros

Cake – Made by a Friend

Wedding Catering –  Helens Café – Burton upon Trent

Wedding Rings – H Samuels

Hair  – Archers – Littleover – Derby


To Contact Peacock Obscura Photography



Phone: 07462383701





UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow


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    Thanks for featuring Becky and Steve’s fabulous Superhero wedding it was a real blast working with this wonderful couple on their special day.

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    This really does tell the story of their wedding day in pictures. Lots of details, special moments and personality. I’m a sucker for special couple portraits and the one of bride and groom in the theatre setting is SUPERB!

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      Agree, this wedding has it all and that image is exceptional x

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