An Alnwick treehouse Wedding with rustic touches and many twinkling lights

Today it gives me great pleasure to share this lovely Alnwick treehouse Wedding with rustic touches and many twinkling lights.

Images of the day were captured by Jamie Penfold of Memories and Emotions Wedding Photography.

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Jamie Penfold is an award winning Photographer based in Tyne and Wear with a reputation for creating stunning, eye catching images.

He creates images that reflect the soul, emotion and magic of the day and delivers across a range of styles.

His approach puts people at ease which allows for natural looking images that have the “wow” factor, and he has affectionately become known as the Converse behind the camera in the Wedding Industry.


Jamie says of the day…


“I grew up close to Alnwick and spent a lot of my childhood there, so it’s somewhere close to my heart.”

“I’ve been fortunate in my job to revisit this beautiful part of Northumberland on many occasions, shooting weddings at Alnwick Garden and Alnwick Castle.”

“But these form part of a stunning trilogy of venues in the town when you include Alnwick Treehouse.”

“The enormous and beautifully crafted Treehouse is built from sustainably sourced Canadian cedar, Scandinavian redwood and English and Scots pine.”

“It sits high in the treetops in a copse of mature lime trees and looks as if it’s been there forever.”

“There are walkways in the sky and wobbly rope bridges for bouncing on, all accessible by wheelchair and buggy.”

“On the Treehouse’s deck there’s the Roost, one of The Garden’s education rooms, which shows films and hosts activities at certain times of the year.”

“At the heart of the Treehouse is one of the most beautiful and unique restaurants to be found anywhere in the world.”

“There’s a roaring log fire in the center of the room, trees growing through the floor, handcrafted furniture and screens created from fallen branches.”


“So when Steph and Mark called to ask me to shoot their wedding there I was over the moon.”

“So here is the story of their wedding along with a selection of Alnwick Treehouse Wedding Photography.”

“Steph and Mark are like so many of my couples…they don’t live in the North East but got married up here.”

“Living in Yorkshire they wanted a treehouse wedding…and what better treehouse to choose!”

“Now from day one I knew this would be a challenging job. This would go down as my most challenging shoot as the wedding would take place, in November, at 5pm; after dark essentially!”

“But this is what I train to do! I couldn’t wait. And I knew that the treehouse would look amazing as it is adorned with fairy lights!”

“I was also working with a very chilled and laid back couple so that helped massively.”

“They put their full trust in me stipulating that they didn’t want to go over the top with posed shots and wanted to enjoy the day. They just wanted lots of atmospheric and mono shots.”


“So on the day we all met up at the Hogshead on the edge of Alnwick.”

“Some traditions went out the window; Mark and Steph were chatting in the bar ahead of getting ready in separate rooms. Steph didn’t want him to see the dress until she met him at the Treehouse.”

“At the Treehouse, the light was fading and the place was really coming to life. Fairylights, candles and a roaring log fire lit it up.”

“Mark back from the pub was waiting in the “potting shed” on the Treehouse, having a another quick sneaky pint.”

“Ushered into the main part of the Treehouse, he met the registrar and then waited.”

“Outside, Steph arrived. Her niece and nephew who were flower girl and pageboy respectively ran about excitedly. For a November evening it really wasn’t that chilly.”

“Steph made her way slowly along the walkway to the Treehouse. Inside there were only seats for the grandparents and parents. All the guests stood and formed an aisle.”

“Steph walked in and silence fell as everyone turned to welcome her in. Mark turned, smiled, gave her a cuddle and then composed himself.”

“The registrar was superb. Very funny and lighthearted. I’ve worked with her so many times in the past.”

“So, why was this such a challenging shoot. Well, for starters it was extremely dark in the Treehouse and secondly I was asked not to use my flash.”

“I’ve worked in many dark venues but nothing with this level of light.”

“I was really nervous but I am so pleased with the shots that resulted from the ceremony and resulting celebrations. It really is such a romantic venue! It looked magical.”

“After the ceremony I took Steph and Mark to Barter Books.”

“I’ve shot there before and it really is a special venue for photos.”

“It was close to 6pm when we arrived so we virtually had the place to ourselves.”

“I really do appreciate the management there allowing me in there. It’s such a peaceful place and it must be off-putting to customers seeing a photographer, bride and groom waltz in.”

“Back at the Treehouse everyone sat down for the meal before the speeches.”

“Recently I’ve attended weddings where the speeches were long drawn out affairs. Not tonight. Short, sweet and to the point!”

“And that led to the party afterwards. The kids were running up and down the rope bridges, their yells echoing through the trees.”

“The band played and guests chilled out both inside and outside the treehouse. It was a lovely night and their was a slight breeze.”

“Through the hubbub you could hear the wind whistling through the branches. Eerie and stunning all in one.”

“When I first met Mark and Steph they said they wanted a relaxed chilled day. That is exactly what they got.”

“Not a bad intro to Alnwick Treehouse for me and I hope it’s the first of many weddings I shoot there.”

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Thank you so much to Jamie for sharing this gorgeous Alnwick Treehouse Wedding, what a unique place to have a celebration.

Love all the leaf and wooden rustic touches that compliment the surrounding so well.

The low light against the twinkling of the lights makes for a special  romantic ambience too.


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