An amazing eclectic Steampunk and Carnival Theme Wedding at Ironbridge Gorge Museum

Today I am thrilled to share this amazing eclectic Steampunk and Carnival Theme Wedding at Ironbridge Gorge Museum.

Fay and Michael threw convention to the wind with a vibrantly colourful, eclectic wedding with huge personality.

Images were captured  by Lisa Carpenter Photography.

Lisa Carpenter is an award winning wedding and portrait photographer, based in the West Midlands who shoots amazing, natural, fun and creative weddings and family portraits.


Lisa says of the couple and their day…


Fay and Michael found me at The Birmingham Vintage Fayre a few years ago.

I knew as soon as I met them that their wedding would be pretty memorable (they’re both re-anactors and travel the country dressed as various kings, knights and peasants!) but I had no idea just how much fun it would be!

How colourful, how spectacular, how crazy (in the best possible way!)

There was so much to shoot – Fay’s amazing dress that she made herself, yes, you read that right – every bit of lace insert, every strip of corset boning, every detail covered!

Michael managed to match Fay’s effort spectacularly in the outfit stakes as you’ll see below.

The carnival theme was beautiful with huge hot air balloon sculptures on each table and they finished up with a ceilidh band and threw themselves around the dance floor for the rest of the evening where a whole lot of other shenanigans ensued.


I hand over to gorgeous Bride Fay…


How did you meet?

Michaels been married previously and we thank his Ex whom I also knew, she passed my details on to Michael encouraging us to get together.

The rest they say is history.

In our case it was living history as Michael was re enacting Saxon and Medieval periods at the time and I would see him as a visitor to events so it seemed like fate. I am now also part of the re enactment community.

Tell us about the Proposal…

I would ask which one?

As Michael technically asked twice, but neither time remembered the next day.

The third time he classed as an arrangement.

We had gone on holiday to Whitby, and in one of the jewellers he asked if I liked the Whitby Jet rings as he wanted to buy me one.

I was delighted and after I jokingly asked which finger he placed it on my wedding ring finger he kept insisting it was an arrangement rather than call it an engagement…

I told him arrangements had to be made by our 10th year of being together.

Later on that night we went and took some Art Style photos near Whitby Abbey.

We did get Married within 2 weeks of celebrating 10 years together.

Tell us about your wedding planning journey…

Everyone seemed to expect we would have a re enactment wedding.

As reenactors we spend a lot of time during the summer camping in fields, fighting on battlefields and then socialising with friends in the beer tent.

We wanted to share the atmosphere and feelings we get at reenactment shows with all our friends and family including good live folk music, dancing, food, drinks and a lot of fun.

But we also have many other hobbies and interests including; Art, Steampunk, Theatre (Michaels a volunteer Backstage Crew Member and we have both been performers years ago), Dance (Ballroom and Lindy Hop) I also did ballet, tap, Acro and musical theatre.

We also love Circus performances, Tim Burton Style, Vintage Fashions and Sugar Skulls.

So rather than one theme we combined all our passions and artistic craft skills together and amazingly they complemented each other.

Any special touches/DIY?

Most of the wedding was DIY and was very much a family affair.

I made my wedding dress, Michael’s cravat, all the circlets, posies and buttonholes.

Michael made the ring box, my Dad made the hot air balloon centrepieces, my Mom made the bunting, Michael made a signpost for outside the venue, I made the table plan and all the stationery and posters, and many family made the cakes including Michaels Aunt who made our Corpse Bride Wedding Cake!

I also decorated chocolate sugar skulls with fondant flowers and my sister helped put the rose arch alter together with fake foliage ,butterflies and jewels.

Both our families helped decorate the venue the day before.

Making my wedding dress meant it was unique to me, but it definitely took blood, sweat and tears.

Since the wedding I have started my own business for accessories, art and some wedding items ~ The Moustache and The Muse.

What was the theme /colour palette of your Big Day?

I would say the theme could have so many titles; Alternative, Festival, Re Enactment, Vintage, Victorian, Circus, Steampunk, Fairy, Rustic, Berries.

It was an eclectic mix individual to us.

What was the best bit of your day?

I loved walking down the aisle to A Thousand Years by Christina Perri with all the lanterns and fairy lights lit.

When I saw Michael waiting for me all my nerves just melted away and I felt so blessed with all our family and friends around us.

The funniest moment was when the registrar asked me to take Michael as my wife. It definitely broke the tension, we couldn’t stop laughing.

Now I refer to him as my ‘wifey for lifey!’

Michael loved the ceremony, having our photos taken by Lisa who was amazing at keeping things so natural as well as dancing to a favourite band of ours ‘Greenman Rising‘.

My brother in law and a couple of friends also played some music for us too. Everything was so relaxed.

Is there anything you would do differently?

I would have started the DIY making much earlier, as some things didn’t go to plan or how I imagined first time and took time to get how I wanted.

I also had weekends I was unwell or things came up unexpected so there wasn’t as much time available.

I also kept coming up with new ideas so the to do list kept getting longer.

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

Don’t feel you have to do what others expect of you and make sure the day represents who you are as a couple, that way it will be a day to remember as a celebration of joining the two of you together.

Also try and keep calm as much on the day as possible even if things go a bit wrong because you want to look back and remember the day as amazing not remember any problems that arose.

We only had a couple of minor hiccups and I was determined it wasn’t that big a deal and remember so many positives instead.


Wedding Suppliers

Venue: Ironbridge Gorge Museum – Shropshire

Photography: Lisa Carpenter Photos

Bridal Gown: Made by Bride (My own design and made by myself. My Aunt paid for the fabric for my wedding gift. It was made of beautiful beaded lace and raw dupion silk. I love vintage styles and tried to combine a 50s style tea length dress with Victorian corsetry and bustle. I made the dress as a number of separate pieces and have since worn the skirt on honeymoon with a plain top. I had felt a little embarrassed being fitted for dresses in stores and they never had designs just right for me. There were a lot of blood sweat and tears in this dress, it was a pure labour of love having never made a corset before and I nearly got to breaking point a few times. But I do not regret the decision at all as I am so proud of my achievement.)

Bride Shoes: Ruby Shoo

Bridal Jewellery: Liliia

Grooms Attire: Darcy Clothing

Grooms Waistcoat: The Jacket Shop

Bridesmaid Dresses: Lindybop

Florist: Bride… (My first make was my own Circlet which then continued to the other circlets, Posey’s, Corsages, Button holes and my Bouquet. I love dried flowers and have developed many more colourful styles since.)

Flowergirl Dress: Monsoon

Page Boy Suit: Matalan

Rings: Clogau

Stationery: Bride  (Our own designs using engagement photos from Lisa Carpenter and printed through Vistaprint.)

Catering: Jenkinsons Caterers

Band: Greenman Rising


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