An awesome teal and mustard Sheffield Wedding with incredible Lego details

Today I am excited to share thisawesome teal and mustard Sheffield Wedding with incredible Lego details.

Images were captured by Mylo Photography.

Kieran Collins is the lead photographer and creative editor at Mylo Photography, which he runs alongside his wife, Joanne.

Joanne works behind the scenes and manages the social media side of Mylo Photography

Keiran specialises in relaxed, natural, reportage-style wedding photography.

He believes that your wedding photos should tell the story of your wedding day and reflect you as a couple.

He avoids awkward posing or making you feel uncomfortable, instead he will blend into the background, capturing candid and unexpected moments, along with any specific shots you’d like taken of family and friends.

Natural light is a real feature of his work and he enjoys making the most of all light conditions – although ‘golden hour’ is a personal favourite as you can see from his portfolio.

His style is all about capturing real moments between real people, full of genuine emotion and feeling, resulting in creative, honest and timeless reminders of your wedding day.


I hand over to gorgeous bride, Kim…


How did you meet?

“It’s our best kept secret! It was in October 2013.”

“Our first date was in a lush pub that sells the best pies in Sheffield, our third date was Chester Zoo in the November rain and we go back every year to celebrate.”

“Hiding from the rain, goggling in the reptile house- we both knew we had come across something really special.”

Tell us about the Engagement?

“It was on a hotel balcony overlooking Ullswater Lake in the Lake District. We stayed in the same hotel on our first ‘mini break.”

“It was March 2015, we made a hot drink and sat out on a balcony, pretending it wasn’t too cold to be out there! Nathan was messing around trying to move the patio furniture and spilt coffee everywhere.”

“Eventually he knelt down in the spilt coffee and proposed- Kim thought he wanted a ginger biscuit and proceeded to repeatedly offer him one until Kim realised what had happened.”

“It was perfect and we loved telling people the story. We brought the ginger biscuits home with us and still have them to this day.”

“Nathan proposed with a 3d printed ring (he is a product designer and he made it at work!) It had with words ‘love’ and out nickname ‘busby’ imprinted round the edge.”

Tell us about your wedding planning journey

“We only looked at two venues and we both really knew in our hearts that we wanted to get married at Kelham Island Museum.”

“It’s an industrial museum in the heart of Sheffield- we had both previously visited and it’s in one of our favourite areas in Sheffield. It’s also where we took Nathan’s parents the first time they came to visit us when we moved in together.”

“Kim is a planning freak so wedding planning was always going to be her thing. She had come up with the guest list before we had left the Lake District.”

“We both got involved in the process, Nathan is extremely creative and a lot of the ideas are his.”

“The process was fun and crazy and stressful (including finding out the nation grid were updating the substation the day before the wedding so we set the room up the day before with no power!)”

“The favours were also one of the first things to be organised- it took us a year to find bespoke little Lego people to fit each of our guests.”

What was the theme /colour palette of your Big Day?

“It was quite eclectic. The colour palette was teal and mustard.”

“The colour palette and flowers for the day started with a wildflower called a Billy Button, Kim’s parents use the nickname Billy and the flowers were on her mum’s kitchen window sill when we came home from getting engaged. It just felt right.”

“We are both Lego fanatics, during our relationship at significant events Lego was always the go to gift so it felt right to carry on the theme.”

“Nathan being a Jurassic park nut just had to get the dinosaurs in there somehow!!”

“There were a lot of children at our wedding and given the theme and the venue we just wanted the day to be fun.”

“Weddings can be so dull for guests so we tried to bring as much fun to the day as we could – including not having a cake but a Lego sculpture, made by one of my oldest friends from School, that we could smash to pieces and everyone could enjoy!”

What was the best bit of your day?

“For Kim, the best bit of the day was the moment Nathan turned round to face her when she got to the end of the aisle.”

“Her other best moment was in the car with her dad on the way to the wedding, she was sweating in the June sun panicking and stressing, just looking over to her dad and seeing him smile with pride and having a last ‘father daughter’ moment meant the world to her.”

“For Nathan it was the moment that Kim got to the end of the aisle, he was overwhelmingly nervous but seeing Kim smile and holding her hand made it all go away!”

“It was also when his dad, who was driving him and the groomsmen to the wedding, started the car and all manner of different warning lights came on with a reassuring ‘don’t worry that happens every time’.”

What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

“My big thing would be- do what you want, no matter how weird people think it.”

“We didn’t have a cake or proper flowers and married in a museum but who cares because it was our perfect day.”

“Also make sure you make time in the day just for you two- we had a sweetheart table set just away from the guests.”

“We could watch all the goings on and could speak to people as they popped past but we had an hour of ‘just us’- just having time to say I love you quietly to each other and sneakily hold hands under the table was perfect.”


Thank you so much to Mylo Photography for sharing this outstanding Sheffield Wedding with a gorgeous colour palette and outstanding Lego details.

This incredible Wedding ticks all of my boxes and then some.

Wild colour, great fun theme (the guests must have had an absolute blast), and an out of the ordinary location that reflects Sheffields rich heritage.

What a way to stamp some personality right all over a Big Day… A – Mazing!


Wedding Suppliers

Venue – Ceremony and Reception – Kelham Island Museum

Photographer – Mylo Photography

Wedding Dress – Amie B – Bespoke Designer

Shoes – Irregular Choice

Bridesmaid Gowns –  Debenhams

Suits – Groom – Ted Baker and Groomsmen – Burton

Chcocolate sculpture –  Chocally

Florist – Bouquet made by Bride

Rings – Tiago (Nathans ring is Sheffield Steel)

Stationery – Style & Joy

Hair- Loaf Sheffield

Makeup – Stacey Fletcher


To Contact Mylo Photography

Website –

Email –

Phone – 07725012470

Be Social –  Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  Instagram


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