An edgy rock and roll inspired wedding with a love motel vibe at The Line in Melbourne

Today I am excited to share this edgy Rock and Roll inspired wedding with a Love Motel vibe at The Line Melbourne.

Pepe and Sams colourful Australian wedding day was the culmination of a competition organised by group of mallrats called The Matrimonials.

They formed a music-less band, and came together to offer a $40k package as a wild and creative kickstart to 2020.

Images were captured by Briars Atlas Photography.

Oli Sansom of Brairs Atlas is a Melbourne Wedding Photographer.

He turns up, mixes a dash of art with a dollop of anarchy, always focused on capturing the best of things, just as they are.

He photographs weddings and elopements in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and Worldwide.


Bride Sam says of the couples colourful rock and roll inspired wedding…


How long have you been together?

We met at a dirty old dungy warehouse party on the wharf front in Dunedin put on by a couple of old rock and rollers.

Someone asked if we were together and I was like ‘get real he is only 18!’ I was 30 at the time.

He turned around and said ‘actually I’m 23’. Haha – baby faced with a leather jacket and full-blown mullet styles, won me right then and there!

He tells me he spotted me before that though, and knew the first time he saw me that I was going to be his wife.

We have been together just over 10 years.

Tell us a little bit about the proposal…

It was on a trip back to New Zealand after only 8 months of living together.

It was on a beach overlooking a glacier on the West Coast of the South Island near Fox Glacier.

Any funny stories from the lead up to the wedding?

We won this extravagant package and only found out around the beginning of December.

The date was already set for the 9th of January.

It took a few phone calls and reassurance to my family in New Zealand that it wasn’t a hoax and that they should book their tickets asap as we really had no plans in the near future to marry either.

Tell us about your Venue…

The venue was already chosen for us. It was amazing. A huge canvas to work with.

It is down a gorgeous little laneway next door to a super cute bar for after drinks and a stones throw from the train station.

What was the inspiration behind your day? 

The theme was also chosen for us. It was a ‘rock and roll, love motel’ vibe.

This encapsulated us perfectly. It was a wild evening.

What are some of your favourite details from the day?

I was obsessed over the flowers! They were just magic.

Our bright pink neon upside down cross at the head of the table was nuts and the blue and pink velvet touches were amazing.

We had a ‘love motel’ bed with a projector in the background playing an old 80s skateboard movie, there was also a retro sitting area with a vintage sink with ice and bubbly wine in it also.

On the wall was another neon sign saying ‘it was all a dream’.

Our cake was black with a skeleton hand coming out of it. It was carrot with layer upon layer of cream cheese goodness through it. It was divine.

The food!! unbelievable! A modern take on junk food with fried chicken and mash and gravy and tacos and mini burgers (vegan options also).

The caterer sourced some pecorino which my dad (who has passed) used to make with sheep milk in New Zealand and had won international awards for.

It accompanied spaghetti which we used as part of the prop for photos on the love motel bed draped with pink velvet.

Oh yes…… we also had a tattooist set up behind the ceremony with a flash sheet displayed in an old television set.

Our daughters covered themselves in the stick-on ones and most of the vendors got their first tattoos!!

Talk to us about your dress…

My dress was from ASOS! With minimal time to source the right one it had to be done quickly and this site is a great go to.

Linda Jane Doble in Northcote Melbourne altered it for me (at very short notice) and did an amazing job.

Favourite moment / memory from the day?

Leaving the hotel room after getting ready and looking and feeling like stars and jumping into our old girl (1971 Valiant) with our bridesmaid, our groomsman and our two daughters and driving though the city and to the venue with the windows down and black Sabbath turned up!

 Any traditions incorporated into your day or special ways you included friends or family who have passed?

My (Pepe) dad had passed away suddenly and quickly in April of 2018. He absolutely adored Sam.

I have some of him in an urn which we brought with us and he was on a table with a crystal and incense burning throughout the entire shenanigans,

What does marriage mean to you? 

Pepe: Means a commitment to each other. Means teamwork. Becoming a family with our girls. Love party with all our loves.

Success means honesty, lots of laughter, not taking life too seriously. Encouraging the other keeping their light bright when they are feeling dull

Sam: Commitment, honesty and love.

To bring up our girls in a safe and loving environment.

 Any funny stories from the day?

Just as I was about to begin and gather strength to say my vows our youngest daughter fell over and broke a glass. It completely threw me so I just ended up saying “I love you” and that was it!

Our other daughter also couldn’t be bothered being a flower girl so she threw her basket of petals away.

Another memory is of the Conga lines that were formed whilst dancing around the venue, weaving in and out of the tables.

What were your aisle, recessional and first dance songs?

Recessional song: Black Sabbath – Warning

Isle song: Pixies – La la love you

First dance song: Dr hook – You make my pants want to get up and dance

Advice for other couples planning a wedding?

Source vendors that support what you want for your day – get their creative juices flowing all over your vision.

Being with them is like hanging out with old friends.

Slow the day down, be present, limit your guest list to those nearest and dearest.

Anything you are really glad you did? Or wish you didn’t do?

Our day was just magic and we wouldn’t have changed a thing.

I really didn’t believe marriage would change us after being together this long but it has brought such a lovely comforting vibe to our family.


Wedding Vendors

Venue: The Line

Photographer: Briars Atlas

Event Design / Styling/ Furniture/ Graphic Design: Good Day Club

Officiant: Nat Sproal

Dress Store: Asos

Jewelry: Midnight Kiss

Makeup Artist: Killer Queen Creative

Design and Decor: The Arbourists and Bangin Hangins

Tableware: Betty May Vintage

Floral Designer: Babiana Botanic

Cake: Designer: Torte by Mirjana

Caterer: Fat and Skinny

Drinks: Proximo Spirits / Moon Dog Brewery / Minim Wine

DJ: DJ Hotwheels


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